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Air Intake sentence examples within Outdoor Air Intake

Impact of green and white roofs on air handler filters and indoor ventilation air

Simulation of energy impact of an energy recovery ventilator in Northern housing

Air Intake sentence examples within Fresh Air Intake

A fresh (air) look at ventilation for COVID-19: Estimating the global energy savings potential of coupling natural ventilation with novel radiant cooling strategies

Development of an Indoor Air Purification System to Improve Ventilation and Air Quality

Air Intake sentence examples within Supersonic Air Intake

Evaluation of applicability of various turbulence models for investigation of high-speed flows in air intakes

Simple method for evaluating the efficiency of high-speed air intakes

Air Intake sentence examples within Hypersonic Air Intake

Shock-less Hypersonic Intakes

Hypersonic wavecatcher intakes and variable-geometry turbine based combined cycle engines

Air Intake sentence examples within Different Air Intake

Alternative Methods for Preheating Outdoor Ventilation Air

Characterization of an electrostatic filter prototype for bioaerosol flowmetering for INTA Investigation Aerial Platforms

Air Intake sentence examples within Automotive Air Intake

Design Improvements of Acoustic Response of an Automotive Air Intake System

3-D numerical simulation of an automotive air intake system: A study of the Ford Ka 2015 case

Air Intake sentence examples within Shaped Air Intake

Aerodynamic design optimization of a bellmouth shaped air intake for jet engine testing purposes and its experiment based validation

Blowing–Suction Control in S-Shaped Inlet and Its Impact on Fan-Stage Performance

Air Intake sentence examples within Ambient Air Intake

New Correlations for Flow and Conjugate Heat Transfer With Surface Radiation Characteristics of a Real-Scale Infrared Suppression System With Conical Funnels

Numerical investigation into the influence of air curtain discharge angles in refrigerated trucks

Air Intake sentence examples within Compression Air Intake

Numerical Study of Supersonic Mixed Compression Air Intake With an Array of Air Jets

Parametric Study on Influence of an Array of Air Jets on the Performance of Supersonic Air Intake by Varying the Jet Injection and Back Pressure

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake system

A hybrid model of LSTM neural networks with a thermodynamic model for condition-based maintenance of compressor fouling

A new method for prediction of the acoustic performance and design parameter sensitivity analysis of multi-chamber perforated resonators with an irregular cross-section

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake temperature

Investigation on fog formation of LNG ambient air vaporisers

Effect of Changing in Air Intake Temperature on Engine Performance Using Thermocouple

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake flow

Experimental Overview of Ethanol-Diesel Blends on Combustion of CI Engine

Shock-less Hypersonic Intakes

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake side

Characteristics and Safety of CO2 for the Fire Prevention Technology with Gob-Side Entry Retaining in Goaf

Distribution Law of Three Spontaneous Combustion Zones in the Goaf Area of a Fully Mechanized Working Face under High Ground Temperature

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake value

Study on Soil-Water Characteristics of Expansive Soil under the Dry-Wet Cycle and Freeze-Thaw Cycle considering Volumetric Strain

Simplified Relation Model of Soil Saturation Permeability Coefficient and Air-Entry Value and Its Application

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake pressure

Simulation Study of SOFC/GT Combined Cycle System with Turbine Exhaust Recycled to Heat Fuel Cell Air Intake

Estimation of the COVIMEP Variation in a HCCI Engine

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake manifold

흡기다기관의 플레넘 챔버에 따른 흡입 공기량 및 균일 분배율 특성 연구

Development of Air Intake Manifold Using Alternate Materials by CFD Analysis

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake volume

Analisis Perbandingan Teoritis Performansi Daya Mesin Mobil dan Konsumsi Bahan Bakar Spesifik Berteknologi VVT-i dan Non VVT-i

Research on Cooling Effect of Data Center Cabinet Based on on-Demand Cooling Concept

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake duct

CFD analyses of passive decay heat removal for the Very-Small, Long-LIfe, Modular (VSLLIM) reactor by natural circulation of ambient air

Optimization of S-Shaped Air Intake by Computational Fluid Dynamics

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake velocity

Study on the Influence of Printhead Intake Velocity on Pressure of Sand Mold 3D Printer

Performansi Alat Penukar Kalor Udara-Tanah (Earth-Air Heat Exchanger) dengan Siklus Terbuka di Kota Medan

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake vent

Towards Healthy Levels of Carbon Dioxide in Schools of the National Oil Company of Abu Dhabi

Utilizing Syndromic Surveillance for Hurricane Irma-Related CO Poisonings in Florida

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake device

A Study on The Characteristics Of Miniature Floating Holographic Form And Expression–Focusing On Outdoor Floating Cylindrical Hologram –


Air Intake sentence examples within air intake model

Mixed design of radar/infrared stealth for advanced fighter intake and exhaust system

Design and calibration of intake model for electric supercharged gasoline engine

Air Intake sentence examples within air intake rate

Improving wastewater treatment plant performance by applying CFD models for design and operation: selected case studies.

Energy efficiency and economic analysis of variable frequency drive and variable pitch system: A case study of axial fan in hospital

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Noise Sources of Combined Heat and Power Plants and Methods for Noise Estimation in Adjacent Urban Areas

Fuel Consumption and Emissions Analysis of a Light Vehicle Fuelled with Two Ethanol–Gasoline Blends in Urban Driving Conditions of Lima Metropolitana

Study on the Shape of the Aerator of High-Head Discharge Tunnel with Mild Bottom Slope

Pengembangan Studi Gasifikasi Tongkol Jagung Untuk Meningkatkan Performa Reaktor Downdraft Dengan Masukan Dua Udara Bertingkat

Development of a Highly Portable Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Surf Zone Bathymetric Surveying

More Air Intake 공기 흡입구 sentence examples

Analysis of the Variable Cross-Section Duct and Straightening Device Geometry Effects on the Hydrogen Combustion Process

Cost-effective and performance analysis of thermoelectricity as a building cooling system; experimental case study based on a single TEC-12706 commercial module

More Air Intake 공기 흡입구 sentence examples

Calculation of the optimal diameter of the air intake of the propulsion system for small spacecraft

Mineralogical and Chemical Tracing of Dust Variation in an Underground Historic Salt Mine

Numerical investigation of the effect of air supply on cook stove performance

Wind-Tunnel Measurement of Differential Pressure on the Surface of a Dynamically Inflatable Wing Cell

More Air Intake 공기 흡입구 sentence examples

Oxyhydrogen Power Plant-the next new option to Energy Generation

Study of Urea Treatment of Wheat Straw Fed as Complete Feed on Digestibility of Nutrient of Cross Bred Heifers under Loose Housing System

Features of preparing a validating experiment in a hypersonic aerodynamic shock tube

Evaluation of the Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency of CRAC Equipment through Mathematical Modeling Using a New Index COP WEUED

Numerical Analysis of a Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Engine for Efficient Energy Conversion

Devising a method for calculating the turboshaft gas turbine engine performance involving a blade-by-blade description of the multi-stage compressor in a two-dimensional setting

Formula SAE Power Increment

Online dynamic risk calculator for early detection of stroke

Numerical Research on the Resistance Reduction of Air Intake

Effects of Injection Timing on Combustion and Emission Performance of Dual-Fuel Diesel Engine under Low to Medium Load Conditions

Wearable Olfactory Display with Less Residual Odor

Effective Boundary Conditions and Numerical Method for Flow Characteristics of Aeroengine Compressor at High Mach Flight

Revisiting the benchmark problem of starting control of combustion engines


About Boeing X-32

Air-breathing pulsed detonation thrust module: Numerical simulations and firing tests

More Air Intake 공기 흡입구 sentence examples

Performance characteristics of compressed air-driven free-piston linear generator (FPLG) system – A simulation study

Developers’ willingness to invest in green features in Abuja, Nigeria

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