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Measured and modelled effect of land‐use change from temperate grassland to Miscanthus on soil carbon stocks after 12 years

Long‐term impacts of changed grazing regimes on the vegetation of heterogeneous upland grasslands

Agricultural Grassland sentence examples within agricultural grassland soil

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) allow sensitive differentiation of biological soil quality

Impacts of long-term plant residue management on soil organic matter quality, Pseudomonas community structure and disease suppressiveness

Soil microbial respiration, biomass carbon and community composition data induced by substrate quality from an agricultural grassland

Functional and Taxonomic Diversity of Collembola as Complementary Tools to Assess Land Use Effects on Soils Biodiversity

Above- and belowground biodiversity jointly tighten the P cycle in agricultural grasslands

Effects of substrate quality on carbon partitioning and microbial community composition in soil from an agricultural grassland

Heritability and evolvability of morphological traits of Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) breeding in agricultural grasslands

Grassland Management Influences the Response of Soil Respiration to Drought

Larval and phenological traits predict insect community response to mowing regime manipulations.

Evaluation of unharvested refugia for grassland bird conservation within active hayfields

Wind-mediated seed dispersal of invasive forage grasses from agricultural grasslands in Hokkaido, Japan

Extreme flood events at higher temperatures exacerbate the loss of soil functionality and trace gas emissions in grassland

Carbon budget of an intensively grazed temperate grassland with large quantities of imported supplemental feed

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Agricultural Grassland 농업 초원

Agricultural Grassland 농업 초원
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