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Sustainable electronic human resource management systems and firm performance: an empirical study

The impact of debt service costs and public debt on private capital formation in South Africa

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The effects of regional cross listing on firm value and financial performance: drawing lessons for Lesotho

The internationalization of Nigerian firms: motivations and location patterns

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Ways to win: strategic choices, institutions and performance in sub-Saharan Africa

Franchising in African markets: Motivations and challenges from a Sub‐Saharan African country perspective

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Do Productive Capabilities Affect Export Performance? Evidence from African Firms

The implications of financial conservatism for African firms

Responding to COVID-19: Insights from African firms

The financial conservatism of firms in emerging economies

The internationalization of African firms: Opportunities, challenges, and risks

The Effects of Pollution and Business Environment on Firm Productivity in Africa

M&As in Africa – effects of law and governance

Orientation towards social responsibility of North-West African firms

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African Firms 아프리카 기업

African Firms 아프리카 기업
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