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Neurophysiological responses and adaptation following repeated bouts of maximal lengthening contractions in young and older adults.

Postural and muscle responses to galvanic vestibular stimulation reveal a vestibular deficit in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis

Using Control Theory to Characterize Active Sensing in Weakly Electric Fishes

The Inhibitory Tendon-Evoked Reflex Is Increased in the Torque-Enhanced State Following Active Lengthening Compared to a Purely Isometric Contraction

Self-Regulated Force and Neuromuscular Responses During Fatiguing Isometric Leg Extensions Anchored to a Rating of Perceived Exertion.

Perceiving your hand moving: BOLD suppression in sensory cortices and the role of the cerebellum in the detection of feedback delays.

Entrainment and Modulation of Gesture–Speech Synchrony Under Delayed Auditory Feedback

Modulation of Respiratory System by Limb Muscle Afferents in Intact and Injured Spinal Cord

Motor Action Execution in Reaction-Time Movements

Neuromodulation by combined sensory and motor stimulation in the peripheral nerve: tendon organ afferent activity.

Interaction between the muscle metaboreflex and central command – A clearer picture of cardiorespiratory control during exercise

Excitability of Upper Layer Circuits Relates to Torque Output in Humans

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Afferent Feedback 구심성 피드백

Afferent Feedback 구심성 피드백
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