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Influence of Weakening Groove on Cutting Results of Composites Subjected to Shaped Charge Jet

In situ tomography investigation of crack growth in carbon fiber laminate composites during monotonic and cyclic loading

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Composite Aerospace Structures

Multiobjective optimization of the LASER aircraft wing’s composite structural design

Automated Fiber Placement of Composite Wind Tunnel Blades: Process Planning and Manufacturing

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Modern Aerospace Structures

Delamination detection in aerospace composite panels using convolutional autoencoders

Buckling and stress-competitive failure analyses of composite laminated cylindrical shell under axial compression and torsional loads

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Typical Aerospace Structures

Improving damping capabilities of composites structures by electroactive films containing piezoelectric and conductive fillers

Ultrasonic Guided Wave Dataset for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Images from Compressed Wavefield Acquisition

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Future Aerospace Structures

A Study on Thermal Buckling and Mode Jumping of Metallic and Composite Plates

Topology optimization and additive manufacturing for aerospace components

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Large Aerospace Structures

Modeling-Driven Damage Tolerant Design of Graphene Nanoplatelet/Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Hybrid Composite Panels for Full-Scale Aerospace Structures

Development of a steepest-descent control solution for Multi-Input Multi-Output swept sine testing in a virtual shaker environment

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Flexible Aerospace Structures

Direct adaptive control of non-minimum phase linear distributed parameter models of large flexible structures

Direct Adaptive Control of Non-Minimum Phase Linear Infinite-Dimensional Systems in Hilbert Space Using a Zero Dynamics Estimator

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Primary Aerospace Structures

Structural testing of a shear web attachment point on a composite lattice cylinder for aerospace applications

Assessing the Critical Multifunctionality Threshold for Optimal Electrical, Thermal, and Nanomechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes/Epoxy Nanocomposites for Aerospace Applications

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Variou Aerospace Structures

Baseline-Free Damage Diagnostic Imaging Approach Relying on the Extraction of Converted Modes of Ultrasonic Guided Waves

A novel framework for reliability assessment of payload fairing separation considering multi-source uncertainties and multiple failure modes

Aerospace Structures sentence examples within Performance Aerospace Structures

Geometrically nonlinear aeroelastic characteristics of highly flexible wing fabricated by additive manufacturing

Structural and Aeroelastic Studies of Wing Model with Metal Additive Manufacturing for Transonic Wind Tunnel Test by NACA 0008 Example

Determining the best practice – Optimal designs of composite helical structures using Genetic Algorithms

Узагальнення моделі Голанда і Рейсснера на випадок осьової симетрії

Performance of a Cantilever Energy Harvester under Harmonic and Random Excitations

Mechanically Efficient Cellular Materials Inspired by Cuttlebone.

Additive Manufacturing of Conductive and High-Strength Epoxy-Nanocaly-Carbon Nanotube Composites

External loads identification and shape sensing on an aluminum wing box: An integrated approach

Functional Coatings for Damage Detection in Aerospace Structures

Size-dependent vibration of laminated composite nanoplate with piezo-magnetic face sheets

Impact damage imaging and quantification in composite structures utilizing nonlinear ultrasonics measured by scanning laser Doppler vibrometry

Real-time detection of damage evolution using electrohydrodynamic printing

Vibration analysis and control technologies of hydraulic pipeline system in aircraft: A review

Effects of Micro-scale Corrosion Damage Feature and Local Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Initiation Location

Structural design and mechanical characterization of an auxetic advanced grid structure composite

Novel chip-breaking structure of step drill for drilling damage reduction on CFRP/Al stack


Remotely triggered morphing behavior of additively manufactured thermoset polymer-magnetic nanoparticle composite structures

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Space Structures

A shape sensing methodology for beams with generic cross-sections: Application to airfoil beams

Investigation of Effects of Material Dimensions on Wrinkling in Flexforming Process

Experimental study on CF/PEEK thermoplastic fastener: Effects of fastener matrix crystallinity and fibre content on the strength of single-lap joint

An electromechanical cohesive zone model merging with contact and friction effects for fiber debonding and pushing-out in piezoelectric fiber composites

Biaxial Experiments and Numerical Analysis on Stress-State-Dependent Damage and Failure Behavior of the Anisotropic Aluminum Alloy EN AW-2017A

Shear-buckling of omega-stringer-stiffened panels

Guided wave scattering at a delamination in a quasi-isotropic composite laminate: Experiment and simulation

Wetting and corrosion studies on SS304 material surfaces

Static ultrasonic welding of carbon fibre unidirectional thermoplastic materials and the influence of heat generation and heat transfer

Multi-objective optimization of controllable configurations for bistable laminates using NSGA-Ⅱ

Displacement field reconstruction of structures under thermal and mechanical loading environment

Review on nanocomposites based on aerospace applications

Effect of viscoelastic properties of polymer and wavy shape of the CNTs on the vibrational behaviors of CNT/glass fiber/polymer plates

Nonlinear vibration analysis of a cantilever beam with a breathing crack and bilinear behavior

Nonlinear substructuring in the modal domain: numerical validation and experimental verification in presence of localized nonlinearities

Mode Coarsening or Fracture: Energy Transfer Mechanisms in Dynamic Buckling of Rods.

A Comparison among Different Ways to Investigate Composite Materials with Lock-In Thermography: The Multi-Frequency Approach

Design and Development of High Entropy Alloys Using Artificial Intelligence

19th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology

Virtual testing activities for the development of a hybrid thermoplastic composite material for the NHYTE project

Experimental Damage Evaluation of Honeycomb Sandwich with Composite Face Sheets under Impact Load

Finding the safest planet for carbon structures in terms of thermal life

X-ray Computed Tomography Characterization of 3D Tufted Twill Textile Composite for Aerostructures

Stress fields and effective modulus of piezoelectric fiber composite with arbitrary shaped inclusion under in-plane mechanical and anti-plane electric loadings

Effect of Fly Ash on Mechanical Properties of Compacted Magnesium Reinforced With Sic Particles

Identification of a quasi-LPV model for wing-flutter analysis using machine-learning techniques

Performance and prediction of large deformation contractile shape memory alloy knitted actuators

The development of design guidelines for integrally stiffened panels under compression using surrogate modelling

Latest developments in virtual casting of lightweight metals

Modelling and optimisation of adhesive bonded joint strength of composites for aerospace applications

Autonomous systems thermographic NDT of composite structures

Analytical study of tensegrity lattices for mass-efficient mechanical energy absorption

Investigation on the interface damage in drilling low-stiffness CFRP/Ti stacks

Effect of Thermal Ageing on the Impact and Flexural Damage Behaviour of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Laminates

Construction of Aerospace Bracket Manufactured from Short-Reinforced Composite

Collaborative design of fiber path and shape for complex composite shells based on isogeometric analysis

Influence of patches on stress concentration of polymer composites

Low velocity impact and compression after impact properties of hybrid bio-composites modified with multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Effect of Shear Lag on Buckling Behavior of Hat Shaped Laminated Composite Box Sections

A numerical study on the influence of internal corrugated reinforcements on the biaxial bending collapse of thin-walled beams

Non-Destructive Damage Assessment of Five Layers Fiber Glass / Polyester Composite Materials Laminated Plate by Using Lamb Waves Simulation

Vibration suppression of cantilever plate using nonlinear energy sink

Synergetic improvement of interlaminar fracture energy in carbon fiber/epoxy composites with nylon nanofiber/polycaprolactone blend interleaves

Experimental validation of the vibration correlation technique robustness to predict buckling of unstiffened composite cylindrical shells

Application of Stress Sensing Coatings on Metal Substrates with a Sub-surface Notch

Design, Manufacturing and Testing of an In-situ Consolidated Variable Stiffness Thermoplastic Composite Wingbox for Bending and Torsion

Architected Lattices with Adaptive Energy Absorption

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Multilayer Delamination Detection in Composites

Experimental study on drilling load and hole quality during rotary ultrasonic helical machining of small-diameter CFRP holes

High fidelity analysis to predict failure in T-joints

Study of low earth orbit ultraviolet radiation and vacuum thermal cycling environment effects on epoxy-based shape memory polymer

Dewey Hodges’s Research in Structural Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, and Composites: A Personal Perspective

Continuum Modeling of Nonperiodic String-Harnessed Structures: Perturbation Theory and Experiments

NDE flaw detectability size estimation using smaller number of hit-miss data-points

Molecular dynamics approach on the hygroelastic behavior of epoxy/graphene nanocomposites

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