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A Data-driven Decision-making Approach for Complex Product Design Based on Deep Learning

Modeling the challenges of innovation in the development of complex aerospace products

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A Breakdown of System of Systems Needs Using Architecture Frameworks, Ontologies and Description Logic Reasoning

PLM-systems application in aerospace industry

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Research on Aerospace Product Quality Data Governance for Resource Integration

Study on Standard System of Aerospace Quality Data Resources Integration under the Background of Big Data

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Application of lightweight magnesium alloy in satellite antenna products

Reliability Parameter Optimization of Electromagnetic Relay for Aerospace Products Based on 3D Thermal Stress Field

Development of PLC Program for Multi-Process Parameter and Multi Profile-based Control Logic for Heat Treatment Industrial Applications

Sustainable development of natural rubber and its environmentally friendly composites

The use of ANSYS for modelling the energy distribution in steady mode with electron beam welding

Research on Software Life Cycle Model Suitable for Aerospace System Engineering

Automation of the technology of connecting parts in the manufacture of aerospace products

Knowledge-Driven Software Project Management Based on IDEAL Cycle

Operational parameters of the new gapless planetary roller screw gear

Adaptability of sol-gel anti-corrosion coating on different metallic substrates

Analysis of the Advantages of Laser Processing of Aerospace Materials Using Diffractive Optics

Planning of efficient trajectories in robotized assembly of aerostructures exploiting kinematic redundancy

Evaluation of Aerospace Production Site Management and Control Capability based on F-AHP and BP Neural Network

Research on Intelligent Assembly Modes of Aerospace Products Based on Digital Twin

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Improved Deep Learning for Defect Segmentation in Composite Laminates Inspected by Lock-in Thermography

Research on the influence of ultrasonic on the inner rib’s surface morphology of ribbed cylindrical parts in flow spinning process

High strength impact welding of 7075 Al to a SiC-reinforced aluminum metal matrix composite

Digital Twin-Driven Mating Performance Analysis for Precision Spool Valve

Product maturity of EEE components for aerospace applications

An analysis of automation scenarios in an aerospace environmental testing facility

Modeling and performance analysis of machining fixture for near-net-shaped jet engine blade

Demonstration of Transformable Manufacturing Systems through the Evolvable Assembly Systems Project

Design and Implementation of Spacecraft Product Test Data Management System

Welding strength of dissimilar laser-welded NiTi and NiTiCu shape memory wires

Reliable and Fault Tolerant Systems on Chip Through Design for Testability

An adaptive clustering method detecting the surface defects on linear guide rails

Research on surface quality measurement technology for small surface structure

Evolutionary Algorithm for Aerospace Shell Product Digital Production Line Scheduling Problem

Research on Storage Life Assessment Method of Aerospace Products

Reuse of carbon fiber composite materials in porous hot mix asphalt to enhance strength and durability

Digitalization in economy and innovation : the effect on social and economic processes

Experimental Research on Thermal-Acoustic-Vibration Coupling Effects of Thin-Walled Blades

Structuring a Lean Engineering Ontology for Managing the Product Lifecycle

An investigation into the adoption of automation in the aerospace manufacturing industry

3D Design and Manufacturing Analysis of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine (LPRE) Nozzle

Определение реологических характеристик вязкоупругих конструкционных материалов по значениям деформации ползучести

Superalloys, powders, process monitoring in additive manufacturing

Finite Element Model Updating of Satellite Sailboard Based on Sensitivity Analysis

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Countering Cybersecurity and Counterfeit Material Threats in Test Systems

How Can China Learn from the Experience of the US to Improve the Export Control System of Aerospace Products

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Aerospace Product 항공우주 제품

Aerospace Product 항공우주 제품
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