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Adoptive Parent sentence examples within Prospective Adoptive Parent

Putting one’s best foot forward: Finnish prospective adoptive parent’s strategic interaction in statutory pre-adoption services

Rescue, red tape, child abduction, illicit adoptions, and discourse: Intercountry adoption attitudes in Spain

Adoptive Parent sentence examples within Transracially Adoptive Parent

Transracially Adoptive Parents’ Colorblindness and Discrimination Recognition: Adoption Stigma as Moderator

Cultural Socialization in Transracial Adoption: Adoption Support, Multicultural Experiences, Perceptions of Discrimination, and Positive Feelings Toward Racial Minority Groups

Adoptive Parent sentence examples within Interracial Adoptive Parent

“New Racism” From the Perspective of “Quiet Migration”: Interracial Adoption in Spain

El “nuevo racismo” desde la lente de la “migración silenciosa”: la adopción interracial en España

Adoptive Parent sentence examples within Examined Adoptive Parent

Discrimination and Mental Health in Adult Transracial Adoptees: Can Parents Foster Preparedness?

Virtual support groups among adoptive parents: Ideal for information seeking?

Adoptive Parent sentence examples within Among Adoptive Parent

Support, information seeking, and homophily in a virtual support group for adoptive parents: Impact on perceived empathy

Effect of CPRT With Adoptive Parents of Preadolescents: A Pilot Study

Trudne doświadczenia adopcyjnych rodziców dzieci z FAS

Rights Of Inheriting For Second Group (Case Study Karanganyar Religious Court)

Siblings reared apart: A sibling comparison study on rearing environment differences.

Openness in Adoption: Psychological Outcomes Among Birth Mothers [Weber State University]

My Child’s Journey Home: Perspectives of Adult Family Members on the Separation and Reunification of the “Disappeared” Children of El Salvador

DualismeKompetensi Permohonan Pengangkatan Anak Bagi yang Beragama Islam

Assessing the variation of measurement of family structure in studies of adolescent risk behaviors: a systematic review

The myth of origin in adoptive families

The Association Between Genetic Predisposition and Parental Socialization: An Examination of Gene–Environment Correlations Using an Adoption-Based Design

Evidence-based practice in relation to post-adoption support in educational settings

Toward a contextual perspective on the issue of gay fathers and attachment



School responsiveness to adoption among lesbian mothers

Exploring the experiences of birth mothers whose children have been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a qualitative study

The best possible start: A qualitative study on the experiences of parents of young children with or at risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Protection Against Good Intentions: The Catholic Role in the Campaign to Ban Proxy Adoption, 1956–1961

Child Adoption Implementation Without Court Judge Ruling Regarding Law Protection on Inheritance Right in Payakumbuh

Cultural specific attitudes of Batswana people towards adoption

Attachment, Parental Meta-Emotion, and Emotion Regulation in Adoptive Mother–Child Dyads

Normal Speech Should be the Expected Outcome in the Adopted Cleft Child

Culturally Competent Parenting: A Test of Web-Based Training for Transracial Foster and Adoptive Parents.

Triangulating perspectives to inform the development of a smartphone application for foster, kinship, and adoptive parents

Disentangling nature from nurture in examining the interplay between parent-child relationships, ADHD, and early academic attainment.

Parity and Mortality: An Examination of Different Explanatory Mechanisms Using Data on Biological and Adoptive Parents

Improving Access to Trauma-Informed Adoption Services: Applying a Developmental Trauma Framework

Beyond the Childhood Years: Openness in Adoptive Kinship Networks

SUN-LB051 Low Alkaline Phosphatase? Rule out Growth Hormone Deficiency.

The Early Growth and Development Study: A Dual-Family Adoption Study from Birth Through Adolescence.

Nurturing attachments parenting program: The relationship between adopters’ parental reflective functioning and perception of their children’s difficulties

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Resiliencia, transición a la paternidad y adopción: una encuesta exploratoria

Attachment across the lifespan: insights from adoptive families.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Assessment of Children and Adolescents

The internationally adopted child: overview of challenging issues

Heritability of glomerulonephritis: A Swedish adoption study

Parenting and prenatal risk as moderators of genetic influences on conduct problems during middle childhood.

Ethical Considerations in Adoption Research: Navigating Confidentiality and Privacy Across the Adoption Kinship Network

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Adoptive Parent 입양부모

Adoptive Parent 입양부모
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