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Family cohesion and attention deficit exert an influence on visits to the dentist in early adolescence.

Sociodemographic and health situation of teenage students according to sex.

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Association between domestic violence and oral health conditions among adolescents

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Validation of Asthma Control Assessment Among Urban Adolescents Using the Asthma Control and Communication Instrument.

Negative School Experiences and Pain Reliever Misuse among a National Adolescent Sample

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The Association Between Breastfeeding and Body Composition During Adolescence (P11-123-19).

Adolescent Beverage Intake in Relation to Actigraphy-assessed Sleep Duration, Timing, and Fragmentation (P18-100-19).

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Movement Behaviors and Mental Wellbeing: A Cross-Sectional Isotemporal Substitution Analysis of Canadian Adolescents

Adolescent movement behaviour profiles are associated with indicators of mental wellbeing


Time trends in schoolwork pressure among Dutch adolescents, 2001-2017: Gender and educational differences.

Contextual and individual factors associated with oral health literacy in adolescents: A multi-level approach.

Total remission or persistence of tinnitus and decreased sound level tolerance in adolescents with normal audiograms: A follow-up study.

HIV risk screening and HIV testing among orphans and vulnerable children in community settings in Tanzania: Acceptability and fidelity to lay-cadre administration of the screening tool

Participants’ Preferences and Reasons for Wanting Feedback of Individual Genetic Research Results From an HIV-TB Genomic Study: A Case Study From Botswana

Contributions of Individual, Family, and School Characteristics to Chilean Students’ Social Well-Being at School

Prevalência de sobrepeso e obesidade em escola pública de uma cidade do Pará

Social groupwork for promoting psychological well-being of adolescents enrolled in sponsorship programs

Response to the article: Insufficient physical activity levels and high screen time among adolescents: the impact of associated factors.

Percepciones de padres o acudientes sobre la salud y calidad de vida de sus hijos adolescentes escolarizados

Changes in Adolescents’ Oral Health Status: Responsiveness of the Child Perception Questionnaire11–14

Accuracy of multi-echo Dixon sequence in quantification of hepatic steatosis in Chinese children and adolescents

Opioid Use for Treatment of Acute Pain Among Children and Adolescents Enrolled in the Mississippi Medicaid Program.

Waiting times for diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents referred to Italian ADHD centers must be reduced

Associations between thyroid-stimulating hormone, blood pressure and adiponectin are attenuated in children and adolescents with overweight or obesity

Family Therapy Techniques and One-Year Clinical Outcomes Among Adolescents in Usual Care for Behavior Problems

Mental Health Interventions

Health Outcomes of Youth in Clinical Pediatric Weight Management Programs in POWER

Manifestaciones psíquicas y somáticas de ansiedad en adolescentes de secundaria

Evaluation of Knowledge and Consumption of diet and Light/Zero Foods in Adolescents

Favourable outcome of de novo advanced phases of childhood chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Disclosure and Clinical Outcomes Among Young Adolescents Living With HIV in Kenya.

Eating meals with parents is associated with better quality of diet for Brazilian adolescents.

Monitoring and Evaluation Processes on Performance of HIV Prevention Projects For Adolescents in Kisumu County, Kenya

Adolescent Substance Abuse Risk: A Comparison of Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network Emergency Department Patients and 2 Nationally Representative Samples.

Height-corrected low bone density associates with severe outcomes in sickle cell disease: SCCRIP cohort study results.

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Adolescents Enrolled 등록된 청소년

Adolescents Enrolled 등록된 청소년
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