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Core Characteristics of Student Engagement

Mapping the Terrain

Core Elements of Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavioral Health Problems: Validity Generalization in Community Settings.

Household decision-making for the MenACWY vaccination: How parents and adolescents deal with an adolescent vaccination decision.

How does engagement in society in adolescence affect educational attainment and employment in early adulthood: A prospective cohort study

Exploration of Clinician Adherence and Competency as Predictors of Treatment Outcomes in a School-Based Homework and Organization Intervention for Students with ADHD

Neighborhood-Level Influences and Adolescent Health Risk Behaviors in Rural and Urban Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review

Agency and Empowerment for Adolescent Girls: An Intentional Approach to Policy and Programming

Development and Validation of the Secondary Transition Fidelity Assessment

The Differential Effects of Parental Style on Parental Legitimacy and Domain Specific Adolescent Rule-Violating Behaviors

Use of a Mobile Lifestyle Intervention App as an Early Intervention for Adolescents With Obesity: Single-Cohort Study.

Core Elements of Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavior Problems: Empirical Distillation of Three Manualized Treatments

Does Strength-Based Parenting Predict Academic Achievement? The Mediating Effects of Perseverance and Engagement

Sexting, Mental Health, and Victimization Among Adolescents: A Literature Review

Parent Instrumentality for Adolescent Eating and Activity.

The unheard voice of the clinician: Perspectives on the key features of an adolescent inpatient model of care.

Sensation Seeking and Impulsivity Can Increase Exposure to Risky Media and Moderate Its Effects on Adolescent Risk Behaviors

The Influence of Parent and Parent–Adolescent Relationship Characteristics on Sexual Trajectories into Adulthood

Aspects of the Parent–Adolescent Relationship and Associations With Adolescent Risk Behaviors Over Time

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Adolescent Engagement 청소년 참여

Adolescent Engagement 청소년 참여
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