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Adolescent Development sentence examples within Healthy Adolescent Development

Impact of Violent Experiences and Social Support on R-NSSI Behavior among Middle School Students in China

Pathways to Adolescent Emotional and Behavioral Problems: An Examination of Maternal Depression and Harsh Parenting.

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Acros Adolescent Development

An Ecological Perspective of Food Choice and Eating Autonomy Among Adolescents

Associations between brain structure and sleep patterns across adolescent development

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Influence Adolescent Development

Effects of Experiential Learning Programmes on Adolescent Prosocial Behaviour, Empathy, and Subjective Well-being: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Race/ethnic inequalities in early adolescent development in the United Kingdom and United States

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Normal Adolescent Development

Social isolation and connection in adolescents with cancer and survivors of childhood cancer: A systematic review.

A Kalirin Missense Mutation Enhances Dendritic RhoA Signaling and Leads to Regression of Cortical Dendritic Arbors Across Development

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Throughout Adolescent Development

Phase–Amplitude Coupling, Mental Health and Cognition: Implications for Adolescence

EEG-based clusters differentiate psychological distress, sleep quality and cognitive function in adolescents

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Normative Adolescent Development

Addressing Emotional Issues in an Adolescent with Vitiligo and Early Child Sexual Abuse—Therapeutic Challenges

Sexual Minority Youth, Social Change, and Health: A Developmental Collision

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Maryland Adolescent Development

Understanding Disordered Eating in Black Adolescents: Effects of Gender Identity, Racial Identity, and Perceived Puberty

A preliminary investigation of attachment style and inflammation in African-American young adults

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Early Adolescent Development

Context, Development, and Digital Media: Implications for Very Young Adolescents in LMICs

Teachers’ perceptions of middle schoolers’ social concerns: strategies and barriers to supporting students’ social success

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Positive Adolescent Development

Self-Expressive Creativity in the Adolescent Digital Domain: Personality, Self-Esteem, and Emotions


Adolescent Development sentence examples within Late Adolescent Development

Resistance Capital: Cultural Activism as a Gateway to College Persistence for Minority and First-Generation Students

Ego Identity Status, Intellectual Development, and Academic Achievement in University of Freshman

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Typical Adolescent Development

[What Did You Like About the Therapy? - A Qualitative Study on the Evaluation of Mentalization-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Conduct Disorder].

ACTing As Yourself: Implementing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Transgender Adolescents Through a Developmental Lens

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Understanding Adolescent Development

Perception of Sexuality and Body Image among Adolescent Girls

Dopamine-related striatal neurophysiology is associated with specialization of frontostriatal reward circuitry through adolescence

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Affect Adolescent Development

Parents’ Phubbing and Cyberbullying Perpetration Among Adolescents: the Mediation of Anxiety and the Moderation of Zhong-Yong Thinking

The social context of adolescent relationships

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Promote Adolescent Development

Preventing Adolescent Substance Use: A Content Analysis of Peer Processes Targeted Within Universal School-Based Programs

Toward A Greater Understanding of the Ways Family-Based Treatment Addresses the Full Range of Psychopathology of Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa

Adolescent Development sentence examples within Promoting Adolescent Development

Research progress in hypogonadism of patients with β-thalassemia major

Evaluation of a Positive Youth Development Program in Hong Kong: A Replication

Adolescent Development sentence examples within adolescent development could

Phase–Amplitude Coupling, Mental Health and Cognition: Implications for Adolescence

Commentary: On intimate relationships, adult roles, interplay of family adversity and individual vulnerability, intergenerational transmission, and developmental selection – commentary on Vergunst et al. (2020)

Probing the role of reward expectancy in Pavlovian-instrumental transfer

Translating science into policy: mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process method to the selection of dominant factors for adolescents who are prone to insecurity

Risky road behaviours cluster and share predictor variables with smoking and drinking, and anti-social behaviours during early adolescence

A Researcher’s Guide to the Measurement and Modeling of Puberty in the ABCD Study® at Baseline

An interdisciplinary framework examining culture and adaptation in migrant children and adolescents.

Implementation determinants and mechanisms for the prevention and treatment of adolescent HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: concept mapping of the NIH Fogarty International Center Adolescent HIV Implementation Science Alliance (AHISA) initiative

Expression of Oligodendrocyte and Oligoprogenitor Cell Proteins in Frontal Cortical White and Gray Matter: Impact of Adolescent Development and Ethanol Exposure

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure induces sex-dependent divergent changes in ethanol drinking and motor activity in adulthood in C57BL/6J mice.


Faith Development of high school students: Literature study

The Handbook of Rational Emotive Behaviour Counseling to Reduce Senior High School Students’s Burnout

COCON – Swiss Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth


Adolescents take positive risks, too

Educational Outcomes of Adolescents Participating in Specialist Sport Programs in Low SES Areas of Western Australia: A Mixed Methods Study

Adolescent Development

Education in youth‐friendly genetic counseling

Doing Anti-Racist Scholarship With Adolescents: Empirical Examples and Lessons Learned

Ruby N. Takanishi (1946-2020).

Adolescent developmental assets and longitudinal weight status and psychosocial health outcomes: Exploratory analysis from a youth cohort study in Taiwan.

Commentary of Social Media Displays in Young People with Chronic Conditions

Sexual Communication in the Digital Age: Adolescent Sexual Communication with Parents and Friends About Sexting, Pornography, and Starting Relationships Online

Elevated emotion reactivity and emotion regulation in individuals at clinical high risk for developing psychosis and those diagnosed with a psychotic disorder.

What and How We See Matters: Critical Theories for Anti-Racist Adolescent Research

Investigating Adolescent Discourse in Critical Thinking: Monologic Responses to Stories Containing a Moral Dilemma.

Body dysmorphic disorder in children and young people.


Prepubertal and adult male rats differ in the degree and pattern of stress reactive neurons in brain regions that project to the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus

Childhood adversities and mental health outcomes: Does the perception or age of the event matter?

Reconceptualising parental monitoring within a model of goal-directed parental action

Qualidade de vida e diabetes mellitus: autopercepção de adolescentes de uma cidade do sul do Brasil