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Switchable adhesion between hydrogels by wrinkling

Simulation and Experimental Research on Adhesion Enhancement Between Diamond Films and WC-Co Substrates by Employing Amorphous SiC Interlayer

The effect of ambient air plasma generated by coplanar and volume dielectric barrier discharge on the surface characteristics of polyamide foils

Interface adhesion enhancement by condensed aromatic ring expansion of naphthalene imide derivatives for microvia metallization by copper electroplating

Durable superhydrophobic PVDF/FEVE/GO@TiO2 composite coating with excellent anti-scaling and UV resistance properties

Effect of Sputter Deposition on the Adhesion and Failure Behavior between Cu Film and Glassy Calcium Aluminosilicate: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Enhancement of bonding strength between polyethylene/graphene flakes composites and stainless steel and its application in type IV storage tanks

Mucoadhesion of polyamphoteric hydrogels synthesized from acrylic acid and N,N-dimethylaminopropyl acrylamide

Editorial: Bioadhesion

Adhesion enhancement in a dimpled surface with axisymmetric waviness and rate-dependent work of adhesion

Virulence response of escherichia coli O157:H7 to bile salts and short chain fatty acids

Embedding constructed refractive index graded antireflective coating with high abrasion resistance and environmental stability for polycarbonate glass.

Enhancing adhesion performance of sputtering Ti/Cu film on pretreated composite prepreg for stacking structure of IC substrates

The generalized Tabor parameter for adhesive rough contacts near complete contact


Realization of adhesion enhancement of CuO nanowires growth on copper substrate by laser texturing

Enhancement of Adhesion Strength of Perfluoroalkylpolyetherson Rough Glassy Silica for Antismudge Coatings

Effects of Ti transition layers and thermal annealing on the adhesive property of Ag nanorods-based SERS sensors

On the wheel rolling contact fatigue of high power AC locomotives running in complicated environments

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Adhesion Enhancement 접착력 향상

Adhesion Enhancement 접착력 향상
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