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Preparing Health Profession Students for Practice in Complex Real World Settings: How Do Educators Respond to a Model of Capability?

Designing policy mixes for emerging wicked problems. The case of pharmaceutical residues in freshwaters

[Evidence-based public health: perspectives and specific implementation factors].

An Interview with UNWTO’s Executive Director Manuel Butler on the Challenges of Creating Value in Tourism

Framing the concept design literacy for a general public

Water diplomacy and nexus governance in a transboundary context: In the search for complementarities.

Supporting Efforts by Intellectually Disabled Adults to Exit Homelessness: Key Ingredients of a Cross-Sector Partnership.

Introduction: Local Government Reform and a Journey to the Empty Quarter

Lost in translation: A framework for analysing complexity of co-production settings in relation to epistemic communities, linguistic diversities and culture

Timing Is Everything: The Utility of Time-Series Analysis to Capture Causality in Qualitative Case-Based Policy Inquiry

Screening of Cellular Stress Responses Induced by Ambient Aerosol Ultrafine Particle Fraction PM0.5 in A549 Cells

A Computational Model of Myelin Excess for Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Address Complexity 주소 복잡성

Address Complexity 주소 복잡성
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