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Output Feedback Controller Design for LTI Systems with Heat PDE Actuator Dynamics and Periodic Disturbances

Adaptive Harmonic Disturbance Cancellation for LTI Systems with Heat PDE Actuator Dynamics

Actuator Dynamics sentence examples within Whose Actuator Dynamics

Robust saturated dynamic surface controller design for underactuated fast surface vessels including actuator dynamics

Robust Compensation of Delay and Diffusive Actuator Dynamics Without Distributed Feedback

Actuator Dynamics sentence examples within Considering Actuator Dynamics

Variable Cut-Off Frequency Observer-Based Positioning for Ball-Beam Systems Without Velocity and Current Feedback Considering Actuator Dynamics

Platooning of Car-Like Vehicles in Urban Environments: Longitudinal Control Considering Actuator Dynamics, Time Delays, and Limited Communication Capabilities

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Influence of System and Actuator Nonlinearities on the Dynamics of Ring-Type MEMS Gyroscopes

Identification and assessment of a nonlinear dynamic actuator model for controlling an experimental flexible wing

MUDE-based control of quadrotor for accurate attitude tracking

Dynamic Image-Based Visual Servoing of Monocular Camera Mounted Omnidirectional Mobile Robots Considering Actuators and Target Motion via Fuzzy Integral Sliding Mode Control

A non-linear disturbance observer-based cooperative adaptive cruise control for real traffic scenarios

Design of a new pneumatic impact actuator of a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) setup for tensile and compression testing of structural adhesives

Determination of the Function of the Course of the Static Property of PAMs as Actuators in Industrial Robotics

State and Disturbance Estimation Based Sliding Mode Control for Antilock Braking Systems

Sliding-Mode-Disturbance-Observer-Based Robust Tracking Control for Omnidirectional Mobile Robots With Kinematic and Dynamic Uncertainties

Attitude Trajectory Optimization for Agile Satellites in Autonomous Remote Sensing Constellation

Interaction Phenomena to Be Accounted for Human-Induced Vibration Control of Lightweight Structures

Coupling analysis and dynamic stability boundary of spinning missiles considering actuator dynamics and autopilot

Robust Control of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in the Absence of Information About Preceding Vehicle Acceleration

Actuator model for spacecraft attitude control simulation

Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Anti-Lock Braking Systems with Performance Comparisons

Sensing, Actuation, and Control of the SmartX Prototype Morphing Wing in the Wind Tunnel

Force control of electro-active polymer actuators using model-free intelligent control

Launch Vehicle Control Design Using Sliding Mode Control Toolbox

Adaptive Neural Network Control for Full-State Constrained Robotic Manipulator With Actuator Saturation and Time-Varying Delays.

Handling Enhancement of Autonomous Emergency Steering for Reduced Road Friction Using Steering and Differential Braking

Structure Preserving Reduced Attitude Control of Gyroscopes

Pitching Motion Control of a Wheeled Mobile Robot with Variable-Pitch Blades via Backstepping Method

Octarotor Fault Tolerant Control via Dynamic Surface Control

Output-Based Centralized Longitudinal CACC Systems with Wireless Communication Delay and Actuator Delay

Experimental and numerical investigation of the active double wishbone suspension system

Active fault-tolerant tracking control of a quadrotor with model uncertainties and actuator faults

Dynamic Control Allocation through Kalman Filtering

Aeroelastic Modeling and Control of an Experimental Flexible Wing

A study on actuator delay compensation using predictive control technique with experimental verification

RBFNN-based nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode control for robotic manipulators including actuator dynamics

Force/motion control of constrained mobile manipulators including actuator dynamics

Control of Heavy Road Vehicle Platoons Incorporating Actuation Dynamics

Motion/force control scheme for electrically driven cooperative multiple mobile manipulators

Wind turbine control design

Design of reduced-order observers for nonlinear sampled-data strict-feedback systems with actuator dynamics and disturbances

ELOS-based path following control for underactuated surface vehicles with actuator dynamics

Система стабилизации положения тележки крана с использованием сигмоидальной функции

An Improved Approach for Spatial Discretization of Transfer Matrix Models of Flexible Structures

Efficient PID Tracking Control of Robotic Manipulators Driven by Compliant Actuators

Tracking Control of a Single Link Manipulator with Actuator Dynamics under Output Constraints

Acceleration decoupling control of 6 degrees of freedom electro-hydraulic shaking table

Advanced Control for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems

Missile Angle of Attack Tracking Using Integrator Backstepping

Computing stability limits for adaptive control laws with high-order actuator dynamics

Robust tracking control of uncertain nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot incorporating the actuator dynamics

Retrofit fault‐tolerant tracking control design of an unmanned quadrotor helicopter considering actuator dynamics

Robust attitude fault-tolerant control for unmanned autonomous helicopter with flapping dynamics and actuator faults

A novel semi-active control strategy based on the cascade quantitative feedback theory for a vehicle suspension system

Adaptive Sliding Mode Dynamic Positioning Control for a Semi-Submersible Offshore Platform

Probabilistic Control Optimization of Aeroservoelastic Systems with Uncertainty

Finite-Time Attitude Stabilization Adaptive Control for Spacecraft with Actuator Dynamics

Stratified Adaptive Finite-Time Tracking Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Generalized Vehicle Systems and Its Application

Decentralized adaptive partitioned approximation control of high degrees-of-freedom robotic manipulators considering three actuator control modes

Model Predictive Control Allocation of Systems with Different Dynamics

Robust Backstepping Sliding Mode Control with L2-Gain Performance for Reference Input Wheel Slip Tracking of Vehicle

Observer based sliding mode controller for vehicles with roll dynamics

A general vibration control methodology for human‐induced vibrations

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Actuator Dynamics 액추에이터 역학

Actuator Dynamics 액추에이터 역학
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