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An Improved Design of A Bias Tee Using A Modified Radial Stub

Field-Circuit Co-Simulation for Schottky Diode Rectifier Based on Multiphysics

Compact and Low-Phase-Noise Oscillator Employing Multilayer Sixteenth-Mode Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Filter for 5G Applications

Long-term Insulation of Active Electronics Embedded in Compliant Neural Probes

X-Band Slot Antenna Array In Air-Filled Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Audiogenic Seizures in the Fmr1 Knock-Out Mouse Are Induced by Fmr1 Deletion in Subcortical, VGlut2-Expressing Excitatory Neurons and Require Deletion in the Inferior Colliculus

Design and Measurement of a Novel On-Interposer Active Power Distribution Network for Efficient Simultaneous Switching Noise Suppression in 2.5-D/3-D IC

An RF-to-DC Rectifier Based on Tunable Threshold Diodes

Integrated design of active phased array for low-altitude detection radar

Compact CPW-Fed Square Ring Annular Slot Antenna for WBAN Applications

Semi-liquid Metal enabled Highly Conductive Wearable Electronics for Smart Fabrics.

Electronic resistor emulators for ferroresonance damping in MV transformers

Optimization of loosely coupled inductive data transfer systems by non-Foster impedance matching

A Baseband-Matching-Resistor Noise-Canceling Receiver Architecture to Increase In-Band Linearity Achieving 175MHz TIA Bandwidth with a 3-Stage Inverter-Only OpAmp

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Active Circuits 능동 회로

Active Circuits 능동 회로
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