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Activation Performance sentence examples within enhanced electric field

Operando Investigation of the Locally Enhanced Electric Field Treatment (LEEFT) Harnessing Lightning-Rod Effect for Rapid Bacteria Inactivation

Bacterial inactivation via microfluidic electroporation device with insulating micropillars

Activation Performance sentence examples within Pm Activation Performance

Anionic ligands driven efficient ofloxacin degradation over LaMnO3 suspended particles in water due to the enhanced peroxymonosulfate activation

Copper in LaMnO3 to promote peroxymonosulfate activation by regulating the reactive oxygen species in sulfamethoxazole degradation.

Activation Performance sentence examples within Excellent Activation Performance

In situ synthesis of FeOOH-coated trimanganese tetroxide composites catalyst for enhanced degradation of sulfamethoxazole by peroxymonosulfate activation

Theoretical prediction and experimental study on catalytic mechanism of incorporated Ni for hydrogen absorption of Mg

Activation Performance sentence examples within Better Activation Performance

Degradation of methylene blue in liquid using high-voltage pulsed discharge plasma synergizing iron-based catalyst-activated persulfate

Accelerated degradation of polyvinyl alcohol via a novel and cost effective heterogeneous system based on Na2S2O8 activated by Fe complex functionalized waste PAN fiber and visible LED irradiation

Activation Performance sentence examples within Good Activation Performance

Electrochemical properties of AB5 type La0.8Ce0.2Ni4Co0.5Mn0.3Al0.2 alloy for unified metal hydride fuel cell

The Effect of Melt spun Treatment on the Properties of La4MgNi17Co2 Hydrogen Storage Alloys

Activation Performance sentence examples within Persulfate Activation Performance

Review on carbonaceous materials as persulfate activators: structure–performance relationship, mechanism and future perspectives on water treatment

Bifunctional Bi12O17Cl2/MIL-100(Fe) composites toward photocatalytic Cr(VI) sequestration and activation of persulfate for bisphenol A degradation.

Activation Performance sentence examples within Oxygen Activation Performance

Efficient photocatalytic oxygen activation by oxygen-vacancy-rich CeO2-based heterojunctions: Synergistic effect of photoexcited electrons transfer and oxygen chemisorption

Recent advances in molecular oxygen activation via photocatalysis and its application in oxidation reactions

Activation Performance sentence examples within activation performance enhancement

10 km performance prediction by metabolic and mechanical variables: influence of performance level and post-submaximal running jump potentiation

Lack of Evidence for Non-Local Muscle Fatigue and Performance Enhancement in Young Adults.

Activation Performance sentence examples within activation performance toward

HPO42- enhanced catalytic activity of N, S, B, and O-codoped carbon nanosphere-armored Co9S8 nanoparticles for organic pollutants degradation via peroxymonosulfate activation: critical roles of superoxide radical, singlet oxygen and electron transfer.

Controlled synthesis of bimetallic Prussian blue analogues to activate peroxymonosulfate for efficient bisphenol A degradation.

Activation Performance sentence examples within activation performance depend

Operando Investigation of the Locally Enhanced Electric Field Treatment (LEEFT) Harnessing Lightning-Rod Effect for Rapid Bacteria Inactivation

Nano-Enhanced Electric-Field Treatment Harnessing Lightning-Rod Effect for Rapid Bacteria Inactivation

Catalytic effect comparison of TiO2 and La2O3 on hydrogen storage thermodynamics and kinetics of the as-milled La-Sm-Mg-Ni-based alloy

Enhanced Antibacterial Properties of Copper Surfaces Using Cold Spray Shot Peening

Phosphotungstic acid immobilized onto ZnO coated zerovalent iron ([email protected]/PW) core/shell magnetic nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic bacterial inactivation under visible light

Studies on Microwave Non-Thermal Sterilization Enhanced by [email protected] Core-Shell Particles

Kinetics and Monte Carlo simulation of UV disinfection of B. subtilis spores and SARS-CoV-2 in dried saliva droplets

Experimental investigations of a remote atmospheric pressure plasma by electrical diagnostics and related effects on polymer composite surfaces

Bacteriostatic impact of nanoscale zero-valent iron against pathogenic bacteria in the municipal wastewater

Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide virucidal efficacy against yellow fever virus 17DD vaccine strain for application in a vaccine manufacturing industry.

A TSK-Type Convolutional Recurrent Fuzzy Network for Predicting Driving Fatigue

Inactivation of pathogens by visible light photocatalysis with nitrogen-doped TiO2 and tourmaline-nitrogen co-doped TiO2

Effect of Sm content on activation capability and hydrogen storage performances of TiFe alloy

Electrocatalytic Mechanism of N2 Reduction Reaction by Single-Atom Catalyst Rectangular TM-TCNQ Monolayers.

High-efficiency degradation of bisphenol A by heterogeneous Mn–Fe layered double oxides through peroxymonosulfate activation: Performance and synergetic mechanism

Activation of Peroxymonosulfate by Chrysotile to Degrade Dyes in Water: Performance Enhancement and Activation Mechanism

Facile synthesis of porous CoFe2O4/graphene aerogel for catalyzing efficient removal of organic pollutants

Effects of adding Nd on the microstructure and dehydrogenation performance of Mg90Al10 alloy

Effect of UV-A-assisted iron-based and UV-C-driven oxidation processes on organic matter and antibiotic resistance removal in tertiary treated urban wastewater

The rapidly reversible processes of activation and deactivation in amorphous silicon heterojunction solar cell under extensive light soaking

Visible-Light-Active CuOx-Loaded Mo-BiVO4 Photocatalyst for Inactivation of Harmful Bacteria (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) and Degradation of Orange II Dye

Sulfidated zero valent iron as a persulfate activator for oxidizing organophosphorus pesticides (OPPs) in aqueous solution and aged contaminated soil columns.

The combination effects of K2O and PbO poisoning on NH3-SCR TiO2-CeO2 catalyst

Kinetics And Monte Carlo Simulation of UV Disinfection B. Subtilis Spores And SARS-CoV-2 In Dried Saliva Droplets

Structured ZSM-5 Coated SiC Foam Catalysts for Process Intensification in Catalytic Cracking of n-Hexane

Silver Nanowire-Modified Filter with Controllable Silver Ion Release for Point-of-Use Disinfection.

Studies of polyphenol oxidase inactivation by means of high pressure carbon dioxide (HPCD)

Persulfate activation with sawdust biochar in aqueous solution by enhanced electron donor-transfer effect.

Study on Activated Carbon Fiber Reactivation Process

Molecular modeling studies on the interactions of 7-methoxytacrine-4-pyridinealdoxime, 4-PA, 2-PAM, and obidoxime with VX-inhibited human acetylcholinesterase: a near attack conformation approach

Prussian blue-encapsulated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for reusable photothermal sterilization of water.

Effects of chlorine disinfection on the membrane fouling potential of bacterial strains isolated from fouled reverse osmosis membranes.

Hydrogen sorption and desorption behaviors of Mg-Ni-Cu doped carbon nanotubes at high temperature

Kinetics of PMS activation by graphene oxide and biochar.

Highly-efficient removal of norfloxacin with nanoscale zero-valent copper activated persulfate at mild temperature

An Electroporation Device with Microbead-Enhanced Electric Field for Bacterial Inactivation

Promoting Effects of Al on Ni-Based Catalyst for the Hydrodeoxygenation Performance of Ethyl Acetate

Continuous flow microfluidic cell inactivation with the use of insulating micropillars for multiple electroporation zones

Kinetic study and performance comparison of TiO2-mediated visible-light-responsive photocatalysts for the inactivation of Aspergillus niger.

Carbon quantum dots sensitized ZnSn(OH)6 for visible light-driven photocatalytic water purification

Construction of Fe2O3/Co3O4/exfoliated graphite composite and its high efficient treatment of landfill leachate by activation of potassium persulfate

Effect of Ce substitution on hydrogen absorption/ desorption of Laves phase-related BCC solid solution Ti33V37Mn30 alloy

Investigations on gaseous hydrogen storage performances and reactivation ability of as-cast TiFe1-xNix (x=0, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4) alloys

[email protected] carbonized resin for peroxymonosulfate activation and bisphenol S degradation.

Airborne disinfection using microwave-based technology: Energy efficient and distinct inactivation mechanism compared with waterborne disinfection

Rapid Aerobic Inactivation and Facile Removal of Escherichia coli with Amorphous Zero-Valent Iron Microspheres: Indispensable Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species and Iron Corrosion Products.

Efficiency of wet mechanoactivation of granite using different milling units

Synthesis of biomass carbon electrode materials by bimetallic activation for the application in supercapacitors

Constructing magnetic and high-efficiency AgI/CuFe2O4 photocatalysts for inactivation of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus under visible light: Inactivation performance and mechanism analysis.

Adsorption and Desorption Characteristics of Deuterides

Inactivation of airborne bacteria using different UV sources: Performance modeling, energy utilization, and endotoxin degradation

Influence of adding nano-graphite powders on the microstructure and gas hydrogen storage properties of ball-milled Mg90Al10 alloys

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