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The livestock vaccine supply chain: Why it matters and how it can help eradicate peste des petits Ruminants, based on findings in Karamoja, Uganda.

In vitro Antioxidant Properties of Bersama abyssinica Stem Bark Extracts

COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Multi-Institutional Survey of the Impact of the Global Pandemic on Cancer Care Resources

Geospatial Tool and Geocloud Platform Innovations: A Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration Assessment

Malaria and helminth co-infections in children living in endemic countries: A systematic review with meta-analysis

Mobile money and regional financial integration: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Role of Cassava and Sweetpotato in Mitigating Drought in Semi-Arid Makueni County in Kenya

Intimate partner violence and female property rights.

Towards an appropriate ethics framework for Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems (HDSS): learning from issues faced in diverse HDSS in sub-Saharan Africa

Policy considerations for scaling up access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis for adolescent girls and young women: Examples from Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda.

Energy for food, livelihoods, and resilience: An integrated development agenda for Africa

COVID-19 Mortality in Women and Men in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross Sectional Study

The Nature of Technology-Facilitated Violence and Abuse among Young Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa

An Historical Assessment and Analysis of Economic Imperialism in West Africa

Impact of seasonality and malaria control interventions on Anopheles density and species composition from three areas of Uganda with differing malaria endemicity

Building on “Traditional” Land Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Rural Ghana: Adaptive or Anachronistic?

Divergent metabolism between Trypanosoma congolense and Trypanosoma brucei results in differential drug sensitivity

Experimental infections with Zika virus strains reveal high vector competence of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti populations from Gabon (Central Africa) for the African virus lineage

Lithium inhibits NF-κB nuclear translocation and modulate inflammation profiles in Rift valley fever virus-infected Raw 264.7 macrophages

Bioethics in Africa: A contextually enlightened analysis of three cases.

The prevalence of mental health problems in sub-Saharan adolescents: A systematic review

Project Last Mile and the development of the Girl Champ brand in eSwatini: engaging the private sector to promote uptake of health services among adolescent girls and young women

Mating behaviour, mate choice and female resistance in the bean flower thrips (Megalurothrips sjostedti)

Exploration for olive fruit fly parasitoids across Africa reveals regional distributions and dominance of closely associated parasitoids

Money Down the Drain: Corruption and Access to Water in Sub-Saharan Africa

Geographic Monitoring of Insecticide Resistance Mutations in Native and Invasive Populations of the Fall Armyworm

Temperature at conception and pregnancy loss in rural KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa: Implications for climate change policy in sub-Saharan African settings

Predicting Petroleum Fields in Ethnic Regions with Social and Economic Data: Evidence from Africa (Poster)

Male Genital Schistosomiasis Along the Shoreline of Lake Malawi: Baseline Prevalence and Associated Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Among Local Fishermen in Mangochi District, Malawi

Subnational mapping of HIV incidence and mortality among individuals aged 15–49 years in sub-Saharan Africa, 2000–18: a modelling study

Mapping socioeconomic inequalities in malaria in Sub-Sahara African countries

Community and informal care providers at the heart of universal health coverage in sub-saharan africa: A position paper

Determinants of Higher-Risk Sexual Behavior in Some Selected African Countries

Vascularized fibula flap in the management of segmental bone loss following osteomyelitis in children at a Ugandan hospital

Building a Centre of Excellence in Data Management in East Africa

The Crucial Role of Mothers and Siblings in Child Survival: Evidence From 29 Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ecology of Lassa Virus.

The Extent and Impact of Variation in ADME Genes in Sub-Saharan African Populations

Performance characteristics and costs of serological tests for brucellosis in a pastoralist community of northern Tanzania

Testing strategies for couple engagement in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and family health in Kenya: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Quantifying the impact of ozone on crops in Sub-Saharan Africa demonstrates regional and local hotspots of production loss

Contamination of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) with Aspergillus section Flavi communities and aflatoxin at the post-harvest stage

Determinants of Modern Contraceptive Utilization Among Married Women in sub-Saharan Africa; Multilevel Analysis of Recent Demographic and Health Survey

Is push-pull climate- and gender-smart for Ethiopia? A review

Analysis of artisanal and small-scale gold mining accidents and fatalities in Ghana

Elevated alpha diversity in disturbed sites obscures regional decline and homogenization of amphibian diversity

Building on “Traditional” Land Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Rural Ghana: Adaptive or Anachronistic?

Reported Barriers to Healthcare Access and Service Disruptions Caused by COVID-19 in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Nigeria: A Telephone Survey

Microsporidia MB is found predominantly associated with Anopheles gambiae s.s and Anopheles coluzzii in Ghana

Home Birth in Rural Zambia: The Role of Intimate Partner Violence and Autonomous Decision-Making.

Assessment of milling as an alternative to chemical additives in processing of jute mallow (Corchorus olitorius)

The political economy of sugar-sweetened beverage taxation: an analysis from seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa

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