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An energy based modeling for the acoustic softening effect on the Hall-Petch behavior of pure titanium in ultrasonic vibration assisted micro-tension

Investigation of mechanical and microstructural characteristics of Ti–45Nb undergoing transversal ultrasonic vibration-assisted upsetting

Study on the effects of transverse ultrasonic vibration on deformation mechanism and mechanical properties of riveted lap joints.

Softening mechanisms in ultrasonic treatment of deformed austenitic stainless steel.

Ultrasonic vibration-induced severe plastic deformation of Cu foils: effects of elastic-plastic stress wave bounce, acoustic softening, and size effect

Acoustic induced antifriction and its effect on thermo-mechanical behavior in ultrasonic assisted friction stir welding

Constitutive equation with residual hardening effect for modeling the ultrasonic vibration enhanced friction stir welding process

Investigating ultrasound-induced acoustic softening in aluminum and its alloys.

Microstructure Evolution and Recrystallization of D36 Steel during Ultrasonic Impact Assisted with Electropulsing and Heat

Constitutive equation including acoustic stress work and plastic strain for modeling ultrasonic vibration assisted friction stir welding process

Thermoelectrics of Nanowires.

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Acoustic Softening 어쿠스틱 소프트닝

Acoustic Softening 어쿠스틱 소프트닝
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