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Hemopneumothorax detection through the process of artificial evolution - a feasibility study

Units of processing in perceptual normalization for speaking rate

Acoustic Signature sentence examples within Underwater Acoustic Signature

Feasibility of classification of the materials through Laser-Induced Underwater Acoustic Signatures

Evidence for non-Rayleigh characteristics in ship underwater acoustic signatures.

Acoustic Signature sentence examples within Distinct Acoustic Signature

Validating passive acoustic methods for gas flux quantification, offshore Panarea, Mediterreanean Sea

Probing phospholipid microbubbles by atomic force microscopy to quantify bubble mechanics and nanostructural shell properties.

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Vocal drum sounds in human beatboxing: An acoustic and articulatory exploration using electromagnetic articulography.

Scaling Up Coral Reef Restoration Using Remote Sensing Technology

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Intelligent Energy Management System for an all-electric ship based on adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

A design methodology for quiet and long endurance MAV rotors

Acoustic Signature sentence examples within An Acoustic Signature

Automatic detection of tree cutting in forests using acoustic properties

Preliminary Evaluation of Atmospheric Temperature and Wind Profiles Obtained Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based Acoustic Tomography

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Passive underwater acoustic tags using layered media.

Passive underwater acoustic tags with curved symmetry for navigation and information encoding

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Multi-degree-of-freedom liner development: Concept to flight test

Investigations of three over-the-rotor liner concepts at various technology readiness levels

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Near Real Time Satellite Event Detection, Characterization, and Operational Assessment Via the Exploitation of Remote Photoacoustic Signatures

An Acoustic Signal Processing Chip With 142-nW Voice Activity Detection Using Mixer-Based Sequential Frequency Scanning and Neural Network Classification

Acoustic sensor network for planetary exploration

Acquiring photoacoustic signature of hematocrit variation from plexus layer of in-silico human skin phantom

Neural-Network-Based Classification of Commercial Ships From Multi-Influence Passive Signatures

Novel Acoustic Biomarker of Quality of Life in Left Ventricular Assist Device Recipients

Fault Identification and Classification in Motorcycle Engine Using Acoustic Emission Signal and Machine Learning Techniques

Automatic Acoustic Mosquito Tagging with Bayesian Neural Networks

Seafloor Methane Seepage Related to Salt Diapirism in the Northwestern Part of the German North Sea

A Review and Meta-Analysis of Underwater Noise Radiated by Small (<25 m Length) Vessels

Settings of demersal longlines reveal acoustic cues that can inform toothed whales where and when to depredate

Numerical Study on Multiple-Blade-Rate Unsteady Propeller Forces for Underwater Vehicles

Sounding out falsified medicines from genuine medicines using Broadband Acoustic Resonance Dissolution Spectroscopy (BARDS)

Person Identification by Footstep Sound Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Acoustic signatures and bubble entrainment mechanisms of a drop impacting a water surface with surfactant

Hand Gesture Recognition Using Multiple Acoustic Measurements at Wrist

Volcanic Vortex Rings: Axial Dynamics, Acoustic Features, and Their Link to Vent Diameter and Supersonic Jet Flow

Machine Learning vs. Human Performance in the Realtime Acoustic Detection of Drones

Detecting Aortic Valve Anomaly From Induced Murmurs: Insights From Computational Hemodynamic Models

The Feature Extraction through Wavelet Coefficients of Metal Friction Noise for Adhesive and Abrasive Wear Monitoring

Acoustic Signature Analysis and Numerical Simulation on Radiated Noise of Underwater Contra-rotating Propellers

Semi-supervised Monitoring of Laser powder bed fusion process based on acoustic emissions

Distinct petroacoustic signature in heterozoan and photozoan carbonates resulting from combined depositional and diagenetic processes

Recent progress in wearable tactile sensors combined with algorithms based on machine learning and signal processing

Rapid and Scalable COVID-19 Screening using Speech, Breath, and Cough Recordings

On the Sequence of Unmasked Reflections in Shoebox Concert Halls

A review of aircraft auxiliary power unit faults, diagnostics and acoustic measurements

Recurrent networks for direction-of-arrival identification of an acoustic source in a shallow water channel using a vector sensor.

Principal Component Analysis Based Gear Fault Diagnostics in Different Stages of a Multi-Stage Gearbox Subjected to Extensive Fluctuating Speeds

Experimental Characterization of Supersonic Single- and Dual-Impinging Jets

Numerical investigations on solid-fueled ramjet inlet thermodynamic properties effects on generating self-sustained combustion instability

A data-driven matched field processing approach for primary/secondary source localization in plates: proof of concept

Long-term frequency changes of a potential baleen whale call from the central Indian Ocean during 2002–2019

Exploring the Acoustic and Dynamic Characteristics of Phase-Change Droplets

Analytical prediction of the blade trailing edge broadband noise of a plug fan

The instrumental texture profile analysis revisited.

Experimental evaluation of passive underwater acoustic markers

Automated Association of Narrowband Signatures with Broadband Tracking in Passive Underwater Surveillance Systems

Stevens Drone Detection Acoustic System and Experiments in Acoustics UAV Tracking

An adjoint compressible linearised Navier─Stokes approach to model generation of Tollmien─Schlichting waves by sound

Sustainable Road Infrastructures Using Smart Materials, NDT, and FEM-Based Crack Prediction

Spatio-temporal observations of temperature and wind velocity using drone-based acoustic atmospheric tomography

Acoustic monitoring of timber structures: Influence of wood species under bending loading

A Multiscale Approach to Investigate the Biosemiotic Complexity of Two Acoustic Communities in Primary Forests with High Ecosystem Integrity Recorded with 3D Sound Technologies

Liquid metal-based resistive membranes for flow acoustics detection

Genome wide association studies and whole transcriptomic survey decipher the fruit texture regulation in apple towards the selection of novel superior accessions

Acoustic correlates of anticipatory and progressive [ATR] harmony processes in Ethiopian Komo

Cavitation tunnel tests for “The Princess Royal” model propeller behind a 2-dimensional wake screen

Noise and Vibration Control Program for Warship: The New Spanish Frigate F110

Acoustic Signature Based Early Fault Detection in Rolling Element Bearings

The Prediction of Road Cracks through Acoustic Signature: Extended Finite Element Modeling and Experiments

In situ tissue classification during laser ablation using acoustic signals.

Rotor–duct aerodynamic and acoustic interactions at low Reynolds number

The sound of the sand from the Dutch shores

Study on Acoustic Detection of the Working State of Pulse Detonation Engine

Application of Cyclo-Non-Stationary Indicators for Bearing Monitoring Under Varying Operating Conditions

Mapping underwater noise with a SeaExplorer glider at a basin level: Feedback from the first 1000km-long acoustics exploration of the Western French Mediterranean Sea

Maritime Airborne Noise: Ships and Harbours

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Acoustic Signature 어쿠스틱 시그니처
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