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Influence of binder on the multiscale properties of hemp concretes

‘Butterfly acoustical skin’ – new method of reducing aero acoustical noise for a quiet propeller

Recent Advances in Electrical and Information Technologies for Sustainable Development: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies — ICEIT 2017, Morocco

Ultrathin and durable open metamaterials for simultaneous ventilation and sound reduction

Acoustics vs Psychoacoustics: An Objective and Subjective Analysis of Classroom Acoustics in Singapore

Characterization of Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Performance of Bladeless Fans

Choice of the optimal acoustic design of a school classroom and experimental verification

Building Physics during the Restoration of the Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto

The Renovation of the Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto: Analysis of the Acoustic Quality of an Italian Opera House

A comparison between wireless CROS/BiCROS and soft-band BAHA for patients with unilateral hearing loss

Phase Change Ultrasound Contrast Agents with a Photopolymerized Diacetylene Shell.

Sound proofing and thermal properties of an innovative viscoelastic treatment for the turboprop aircraft fuselage

Sound Absorption Property of Polyurethane Foam with Polyethylene Fiber

Spectral analysis and structural response of periodic and quasi-periodic beams

Numerical analysis of aerodynamic noise from pantograph in high-speed trains using lattice Boltzmann method

Experimental study of compound texture effect on acoustic performance for lubricated textured surfaces

Application of global sensitivity analysis to statistical energy analysis: Vehicle model development and transmission path contribution

LIFE SOUNDLESS: New Generation of Eco-Friendly Asphalt with Recycled Materials

Numerical and experimental investigations on the acoustic performances of membraned Helmholtz resonators embedded in a porous matrix

Characterization of equivalent acoustic sources to reproduce the acoustic field generated by engines on an aircraft fuselage

Eccentric Mass Designs of Membrane-Type Acoustic Metamaterials to Improve Acoustic Performance

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Acoustic Performances 어쿠스틱 퍼포먼스

Acoustic Performances 어쿠스틱 퍼포먼스
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