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A broadband acoustic panel based on double-layer membrane-type metamaterials

Fabrication of Acoustic Panel from Composites of Coconut Husk Waste Powder and Styrofoam Resin and its Sound Absorption Performance

Acoustic Panels Inspired by Nature

Development of Sound Insulation Panel From Oil Palm Fiber


From the leather industry to building sector: Exploration of potential applications of discarded solid wastes

Experimental study on the insertion loss of multilayer panels featuring a periodic structure

Additive Manufacturing: A Novel Method for Developing an Acoustic Panel Made of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Enhanced Mechanical and Acoustical Properties

Expansion volume of alkali activated foamed cork composites from tungsten mining mud waste with aluminium

Load characterization on the joints of the A320 engine inlet cowl acoustic panel

Impacts of Casting Scales and Harsh Conditions on the Thermal, Acoustic, and Mechanical Properties of Indoor Acoustic Panels Made with Fiber-Reinforced Alkali-Activated Slag Foam Concretes

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Tooling Cardboard for Smart Reuse - Testing a Parametric Tool for Adapting Waste Corrugated Cardboard to Fabricate Acoustic Panels and Concrete Formwork.

Improving Sound Transmission Through Triple-Panel Structure Using Porous Material and Sonic Crystal

Manufacturing Uncertainties for Acoustic Liners

Natural Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites (NFRP) Fabricated from Lignocellulosic Fibres for Future Sustainable Architectural Applications, Case Studies: Segmented-Shell Construction, Acoustic Panels, and Furniture

Robust Optimization of Acoustic Liners

Photovoltaic System Integrated Into the Noise Barrier – Energy Performance and Life Cycle Assessment

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Acoustic Panel 어쿠스틱 패널

Acoustic Panel 어쿠스틱 패널
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