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Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within optical coherence tomography

In vivo evaluation of laser-induced choroidal neovascularization in rats simultaneously using optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic microscopy

In Vivo Subretinal ARPE-19 Cell Tracking Using Indocyanine Green Contrast-Enhanced Multimodality Photoacoustic Microscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography, and Fluorescence Imaging for Regenerative Medicine

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within high spatial resolution

Long-Term, Noninvasive In Vivo Tracking of Progenitor Cells Using Multimodality Photoacoustic, Optical Coherence Tomography, and Fluorescence Imaging.

Efficient model-based reconstruction framework for acoustic-resolution optoacoustic microscopy

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within non destructive testing

Bessel ultrasonic sensor for large volumetric optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy for based on conical acoustic lens

Characterization Of Copper Sintered Interconnects By Transient Thermal Analysis

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within label free imaging

High-resolution in vivo imaging of rhesus cerebral cortex with ultrafast portable photoacoustic microscopy

Label-free photoacoustic expansion histopathology with enhanced temporal and spatial resolution

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within blood perfusion oxygenation

Comprehensive Characterization of Cerebrovascular Dysfunction in Blast Traumatic Brain Injury Using Photoacoustic Microscopy.

Photoacoustic Microscopy of Cerebral Hemodynamic and Metabolic Responses to General Anesthetics

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within photoacoustic imaging optical

Three-dimensional fusion for large volumetric optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Ultrafast axial-scanning multifocus photoacoustic microscope with extended depth-of-field based on a tunable acoustic gradient lens and fiber delay network

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within photoacoustic computed tomography

Progress of clinical translation of handheld and semi-handheld photoacoustic imaging

Multi-modality photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging based on a commercial ultrasound platform.

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within non invasive imaging

Optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy for monitoring vascular normalization during anti-angiogenic therapy

Handheld High-Resolution Ultrasonic Scanner for Quantitative Assessment of Skin Conditions

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within retinal vein occlusion

Multi-wavelength photoacoustic microscopy for detection of retinal vein occlusion during laser photocoagulation in rabbits

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

Role of supersaturated Al-C phases in mechanical properties of Al/fullerene composites

Die to Wafer Hybrid Bonding and Fine Pitch Considerations

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within Force Acoustic Microscopy

Acoustic subsurface-atomic force microscopy: Three-dimensional imaging at the nanoscale

Band Excitation Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Adapted for Weak Ferroelectrics: On-the-Fly Tuning of the Central Band Frequency

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within Quantitative Acoustic Microscopy

Spatio-temporal compressed quantitative acoustic microscopy

Orientation-dependent anisotropy of acoustic properties of tendons at micrometer scale

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within Frequency Acoustic Microscopy

Noninvasive ultrasound imaging for assessment of intact microstructure of extracellular matrix in tissue engineering.

Modern Methods in Microscopy for the Assessment of Biofilms

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within Impulse Acoustic Microscopy

High resolution ply-by-ply ultrasound imaging of impact damage in thick CFRP laminates by high-frequency acoustic microscopy

Lateral resolution of acoustic microscopy in the visualization of interfaces inside solid materials

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within acoustic microscopy imaging

Optimal design of aspheric acoustic lens based on ray tracing

Investigation of optical absorption induced temperature change and amplification of photoacoustic signal of contrast dye

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within acoustic microscopy system

Towards virtual biopsies of gastrointestinal tissues using photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy.

REAP: revealing drug tolerant persister cells in cancer using contrast enhanced optical coherence and photoacoustic tomography

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within acoustic microscopy image

Deep learning denoising method of photoacoustic microscopy

Deep-learning denoising convolutional neural network for photoacoustic microscopy

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within acoustic microscopy combine

Three-dimensional fusion for large volumetric optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Optimal design of conical concave acoustic lens for large volumetric photoacoustic microscopy based on ray tracing

Acoustic Microscopy sentence examples within acoustic microscopy technique

Spatially resolved acoustic spectroscopy (SRAS) microstructural imaging

Optically Detecting Acoustic Oscillations at the Nanoscale: Exploring Techniques Suitable for Studying Elastic Wave Propagation

Optical fluence-compensated functional optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Photoacoustic-guided photothermal therapy by mapping of tumor microvasculature and nanoparticle

Long‐Term Imaging of Wound Angiogenesis with Large Scale Optoacoustic Microscopy

Applicability of photoacoustic microscopy to quantitative photoaging evaluation

A Long-Term Cranial Window for High-Resolution Photoacoustic Imaging

Development of fast photoacoustic microscopy system for small animal brain imaging

Age-related changes in collagen mechanical properties detected by high-resolution acoustic microscopy and AFM

High-security photoacoustic identity recognition by capturing hierarchical vascular structure of finger.

Photoacoustic microscopy: a novel approach for studying perforator skin flap in a mouse model.

Reconstructing Undersampled Photoacoustic Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning

Improving axial resolution of optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy with frequency domain delay multiply and sum beamforming method

Fiber laser technologies for photoacoustic microscopy

Simulation platform of large volumetric photoacoustic microscopy based on k-space pseudospectral method

Discrimination of nano-objects via cluster analysis techniques applied to time-resolved thermo-acoustic microscopy.

Confocal Visible/NIR Photoacoustic Microscopy of Early-stage Tumor with Structural, Functional and Nanoprobe Contrasts

Five-wavelength optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy of blood and lymphatic vessels

On-Chip Multicolor Photoacoustic Imaging Flow Cytometry.

Dual-modality photoacoustic remote sensing (PARS) microscopy and swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) for in-vivo imaging

High speed super-resolution localization photoacoustic microscopy

Self-fluence-compensated functional photoacoustic microscopy.

Quantitative evaluation of skin photoaging mechanisms using multi-wavelength analysis of photoacoustic images

Ultra-high-speed wide-field photoacoustic microscopy

Photoacoustic microscopy simulation platform based on K-Wave simulation toolbox

Thin Layer-Protected Gold Nanoparticles for Targeted Multimodal Imaging with Photoacoustic and CT

Development of a photoacoustic microscopy technique to assess peritubular capillary function and oxygen metabolism in the mouse kidney.

Hemodynamic and oxygen-metabolic responses of the awake mouse brain to hypercapnia revealed by multi-parametric photoacoustic microscopy

Wide-field photoacoustic microscopy of oxygen saturation at 1-MHz A-line rate

Airy-beam photoacoustic microscope imaging platform based on k-space pseudo-spectral method

Photoacoustic Microscopy Imaging from Acoustic Resolution to Optical Resolution Enhancement with Deep Learning

Deep image prior for undersampling high-speed photoacoustic microscopy

Virtual Airy-beam photoacoustic microscopy for large volumetric imaging based on K-Wave matlab toolbox

Visualization of Airy-beam large volumetric sensing photoacoustic microscopy based on K-wave

Blind-deconvolution optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy for high-resolution imaging of compact capillary

Characterization of tissue-mimicking phantoms for evaluating photoacoustic microscopy image quality

Multi-scale photoacoustic microscopy by integrating optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy and acoustic-resolution photoacoustic microscopy using multi-dimension optical fiber

Recovery of blood flow from undersampled photoacoustic microscopy data using sparse modeling.

Waterproof Galvanometer Scanner-Based Handheld Photoacoustic Microscopy Probe for Wide-Field Vasculature Imaging In Vivo

Air-Filled Bubbles Stabilized by Gold Nanoparticle/Photodynamic Dye Hybrid Structures for Theranostics

Development of a backward-mode photoacoustic microscope using a Fabry-Pérot sensor

The current state-of-the-art in scratch testing of coated systems

A matched model-based synthetic aperture focusing technique for acoustic microscopy

Isometrically resolved photoacoustic microscopy based on broadband surface plasmon resonance ultrasound sensing.

Dual-Modal In Vivo Fluorescence/Photoacoustic Microscopy Imaging of Inflammation Induced by GFP-Expressing Bacteria

Review on practical photoacoustic microscopy

Optical Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy of Ovary and Fallopian Tube

Optimal Generation of Ten Individual Green-to-Red Raman Source for Wavelength-Dependent Real-Time OR-PAM Images

Impacts of the murine skull on high-frequency transcranial photoacoustic brain imaging.

A versatile dark-field acoustic-resolution photoacoustic microscopy system aided by 3D printing.

Lack of association between acupoint sensitization and microcirculatory structural changes in a mouse model of knee osteoarthritis: A pilot study

1064 nm acoustic resolution photoacoustic microscopy.

Reflection-mode broadband photoacoustic microscopy based on surface plasmon resonance

Artifact-free imaging through a bone-like layer by using an ultrasonic-guided photoacoustic microscopy.

Analysis of the influence of deformation effects on the physical properties of the surface layers of metallic materials by methods of acoustic microscope defectoscopy

Deep-learning-based motion-correction algorithm in optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Dual-Polarized Fiber Laser Sensor for Photoacoustic Microscopy

1.7-μm high-power laser generation from a thulium-assisted optical parametric oscillator (TAOPO) for bond-selective photoacoustic microscopy

More Acoustic Microscopy 음향 현미경 sentence examples

[The current situation and prospects of the application of intelligent diagnosis and treatment technology in the general surgery].

Photoacoustic imaging for the evaluation of early tumor response to antivascular treatment.

In vivo three dimensional cuticle intact Drosophila brain imaging using laser scanning optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Noise-reduced optical ultrasound sensor via signal duplication for photoacoustic microscopy

Isotropic-resolution photoacoustic microscopy with multi-angle illumination.

All-optical photoacoustic and reflectance confocal microscopy for melanoma characterization

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