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Acoustic Method sentence examples within non destructive testing

Assessment of the Influencing Factors Significance in Non-destructive Testing Systems of Metals Mechanical Characteristics Based on the Bayesian Network

Geotechnical monitoring of frozen soils: problems and possible solutions

Acoustic Method sentence examples within space charge distribution

Preparation of Polypyrrole Nanospheres and Their Effect on Space Charge Behavior of Polyethylene

The Impact of Cross-Linking Effect on the Space Charge Characteristics of Cross-Linked Polyethylene with Different Degrees of Cross-Linking under Strong Direct Current Electric Field

Acoustic Method sentence examples within acoustic radiation force

Pulsed vibro-acoustic method for assessment of osteoporosis & osteopenia: A feasibility study on human subjects.

Ultrasound Radiation Force for the Assessment of Bone Fracture Healing in Children: An In Vivo Pilot Study

Acoustic Method sentence examples within partial discharge source

A new technology of GIS partial discharge location method based on DFB fiber laser

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Passive Acoustic Method

Improvement of the Position Estimation for Underwater Gliders With a Passive Acoustic Method


Acoustic Method sentence examples within Electro Acoustic Method

DC Breakdown and Space Charge Characteristics of Mineral Oil Impregnated Thermally Upgraded Paper with Different Ageing Conditons

Simple Method to Visualize Surface and Space Charges by Specially Processed Colour Pigments

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Nonlinear Acoustic Method

Nonlinear Acoustic Detection Method for the Dispersion of Nanocomposite Dielectrics

Experimental study of thermo-acoustic wave modulation in a cracked plate

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Geometric Acoustic Method

A combined sound field prediction method in small classrooms

Adaptive geometric sound propagation based on A-weighting variance measure

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Active Acoustic Method

[Prospects for a passive acoustic research method in otorhinolaryngology].

Methods of Detecting Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Underwater Acoustic Method

An Ice Thickness Measurement Method based on Up-looking Sonar

Bathymetry Mapping in The Batu Ampar Waters, Batam: Using Teledyne Odom MB1 Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES)

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Frequency Acoustic Method

Polydimethylsiloxane Micro-Channels Application for the Study of Dynamic Wetting of Nano-Etched Silicon Surfaces Based on Acoustic Characterization Method

Non-destructive control of panel from composition material by active heat method

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Using Acoustic Method

Study on Acoustic Scattering Characteristics of Fish

Composite fermions in a wide quantum well in the vicinity of the filling factor 1/2

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Complex Acoustic Method

Acoustic waste water clarification practices

On the possibility of using a complex acoustic method for drainage in ferrous metallurgy

Acoustic Method sentence examples within Alternative Acoustic Method

A Speed-Variant Balancing Method for Flexible Rotary Machines Based on Acoustic Responses

A Speed-Variant Balancing Method for Flexible Rotary Machines Based on Acoustic Responses

Acoustic Method sentence examples within acoustic method developed

On the possibility of using a complex acoustic method for drainage in ferrous metallurgy

Data Echoes: Sound, Evidence, and Acoustic Methods in Energy Landscapes

Application Limits of Conservative Source Interpolation Methods Using a Low Mach Number Hybrid Aeroacoustic Workflow

Substantiation of outburst danger automated monitoring on amplitude frequency characteristic median of the operating equipment noise and methane concentration in the mine working medium

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Studies of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Medium

Nondestructive Testing of Defects in Polymer–Matrix Composite Materials for Marine Applications Using Terahertz Waves

First Insight of Meso- and Bentho-Pelagic Fish Dynamics Around Remote Seamounts in the South Atlantic Ocean

Motion-based visual inspection of optically indiscernible defects on the example of hazelnuts

Aerodynamic noise of high-speed train pantographs: Comparisons between field measurements and an updated component-based prediction model

Detection of Early Core Browning in Pears Based on Statistical Features in Vibro-Acoustic Signals

Fundamentals of Passive Seismohydroacoustic Methods for Arctic Shelf Investigation

Research on the Effect of Unipolar Pulse Wave Voltage on Space Charge Characteristics for High-Frequency Equipment Insulation

Comparison of Bone-Conducted Cervical VEMPs Elicited by B71 and B81 Bone Vibrators.

High frequency EMI sensing for detection and location of underground metallic utilities

Performance assessment of correlation methods for the velocity estimation of vibro-acoustic signals propagating in fluid-filled pipelines

Методи діагностування дефектів деталей авіаційних двигунів з композиційних матеріалів

Transient Electromagnetic Method Application for Waterbearing Reservoir Mapping in The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Recent progress of nondestructive techniques for fruits damage inspection: a review.

A Summary of the Latest Research Progress of Pulse Electroacoustic Method

Hydrodynamic/acoustic splitting approach with flow-acoustic feedback for universal subsonic noise computation

Conversion of amplitude modulation to phase modulation in the human cochlea

Using bioacoustics to monitor gibbons

Exploration of Rhenium Volcanogenic Deposit and Technology of Its Development

Acoustic deterrents influence foraging activity, flight and echolocation behaviour of free-flying bats.

Mechanical Impulse Technique Used to determine the Elastique Characteristics of Welded Steel Bars of Concrete Reinforcements Compared with those Obtained by Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Methods

Analytical and empirical models for the acoustic dispersion relations in partially filled water pipes

Applications of the Acoustic Method in Partial Discharge Measurement: A Review

Classification of various algae canopy, algae turf, and barren seafloor types using a scientific echosounder and machine learning analysis

Hydroacoustics for density and biomass estimations in aquaculture ponds

Aeroacoustic noise calculations of non-compact bodies with permeable boundaries

Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction in the p -AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs structure with a square quantum well: Surface acoustic wave study

Community structure of mesopelagic fishes constituting sound scattering layers in the eastern tropical North Atlantic

Acoustic Method for Estimation of Marine Low-Speed Engine Turbocharger Parameters

Patterns of Acoustic Wave Propagation in the Contact Layer of Press Joints

More Acoustic Method 어쿠스틱 방식 sentence examples

Study of the intermittent vowels of the Surgut dialect of the Khanty language through the method of direct digital laryngoscopy: preliminary results

A time-domain inverse method for the localization and quantification of unsteady rotating loading sources

A Review of Diagnostics Methodologies for Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes and Products

The history of hydroacoustic surveys on small pelagic fishes in the European Mediterranean Sea

Training in the prevention of emotional stress as a condition of psychological readiness for the profession of a teacher

Calculation of Phonetic Distances between Speech Sounds

“Playing mysterious”: occurrence of Bio-duck calls in Brazil reveals a complex acoustic behaviour for the Antarctic minke whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis)


Photoacoustic imaging of occlusal incipient caries in the visible and near-infrared range

An Optoacoustic Method for Analyzing Spatial Inhomogeneity of Light Extinction and Its Time Variations in Diluted Magnetic Fluids

Improving the Reliability of Hydrogenerators after an Extended Period of Operation

The utility of different acoustic indicators to describe biological sounds of a coral reef soundscape

Experimental study on the amplitude characteristics and propagation velocity of dynamic pressure wave for the leakage of gas-liquid two-phase intermittent flow in pipelines

High-sensitivity gas leak detection sensor based on a compact microphone array

Analysis of changes in optical properties with time as a way to assess the instability of the structure of diluted aqueous-based ferromagnetic fluids

Optothermal properties of plasmonic inorganic nanoparticles for photoacoustic applications

Location of the Leakage From a Simulated Water-Cooling Wall Tube Based on Acoustic Method and an Artificial Neural Network

Towards Automatically Controlled Dosing for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Working Group on Fisheries Acoustics, Science and Technology (WGFAST)

Digital Acoustic Signal Processing Methods for Diagnosing Electromechanical Systems


Прибор и методики измерения акустической анизотропии и остаточных напряжений металла магистральных газопроводов

Optimization of acoustic coupling for bottom actuated scattering based subsurface scanning probe microscopy.

A new measurement method of crack propagation rate for brittle rock under THMC coupling condition

In vivo liquid biopsy using Cytophone platform for photoacoustic detection of circulating tumor cells in patients with melanoma

Design and laboratory testing of pneumatic devices for the acoustic excitation of water filled plastic pipes

More Acoustic Method 어쿠스틱 방식 sentence examples

Metodologia acústica para análise de óleo de transformador por sensores piezoelétricos

Acoustic Droplet Vaporization in Acoustically Responsive Scaffolds: Effects of Frequency of Excitation, Volume Fraction and Threshold Determination Method.

25 years of biomedical optoacoustics: From idea to optoacoustic imaging and theranostics

Target strength of a common kelp species, Saccharina japonica, measured using a quantitative echosounder in an indoor seawater tank

Influence of microcomposition of solder alloy on the distribution of local thermal conductivities in semiconductor-ceramic solder joints investigated by laser thermal wave and X-ray spectral methods

Local Kramers–Kronig Relations between the Attenuation Coefficient and Phase Velocity of Longitudinal Ultrasonic Waves in Polymer Composites

Effects of temperature and water levels on dynamics of density and structure of the fish population of the channel-floodplain complex of a large river in the period of spring floods

Massive Coral Backscattering Value Detection Using Single Beam Echosounder

Target Strength and swimbladder morphology of Mueller’s pearlside (Maurolicus muelleri)

Research methods for seismoacoustic monitoring of large underground facilities

Use of Acoustically Modified Music to Reduce Auditory Hypersensitivity in Children

Laser-Induced Superintensive Bubble Boiling

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