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Ventilative meta-window with broadband low-frequency acoustic insulation

Low frequency sound insulation performance of asymmetric coupled-membrane acoustic metamaterials

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Analysis of Porous Structure in Autoclaved Materials Modified by Glass Sand

Sustainable Materials with Potential Application as Core Materials in Vacuum Insulations

Acoustic Insulation sentence examples within acoustic insulation performance

Acoustic and thermal performance of sustainable fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite panels for insulation in buildings

Influence of Waste Tire Rubber Particles Size on the Microstructural, Mechanical, and Acoustic Insulation Properties of 3D-Printable Cement Mortars

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A review of glass ceramic foams prepared from solid wastes: Processing, heavy-metal solidification and volatilization, applications.

Electromagnetic and acoustic double-shielding graphene-based metastructures.

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A novel aerogel from thermal power plant waste for thermal and acoustic insulation applications.

A flexible silica aerogel with good thermal and acoustic insulation prepared via water solvent system


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Perforated Steel Stud to Improve the Acoustic Insulation of Drywall Partitions

Surface evolution of aluminosilicate glass fibers during dissolution: Influence of pH, solid-to-solution ratio and organic treatment.

Accurate noise modeling for petrochemical plants - impact of compressor Piping

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Agrofiber nanocomposites for industrial applications

A mathematical model for predicting complete compressive stress-strain curve of plain and short fiber reinforced clay adobes

Analysis of the foam-forming of non-woven lightweight fibrous materials using X-ray tomography

Experimental and analytical study of bio-based epoxy composite materials for strengthening reinforced concrete structures

Study of heat and sound insulation for polymeric composites reinforced with nano clay

A review of recent progress on the silica aerogel monoliths: synthesis, reinforcement, and applications

Evaluation and selection of the quality of internal doors for buildings using building information modeling building information modeling (BIM)

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Flexural performance of reinforced carbon nanofibers enhanced lightweight cementitious composite (CNF-LCC) beams

Rice husk and thermal comfort: Design and evaluation of indoor modular green walls

Acoustic performance of social housings in Brazil: Assessment of lightweight expanded polystyrene concrete as resilient subfloor

Synthesis of intumescent materials by alkali activation of glass waste using intercalated graphite additions

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Use of Textile Waste as an Addition in the elaboration of an Ecological Concrete Block

Numerical Simulation Modelling of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Double-Skin Facades

Resource mattress. The potential of refuse materials

Endüstriyel Üretimde Polipropilen Meltblown Kumaşların Filtreleme Performansının Geliştirilmesi

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A Review on characterization and application of fly ash cenosphere

Quality and Sustainability Indicators of the Prefabricated Wood Housing Industry—A Chilean Case Study

Opportunity of Non-Wood Forest Products in Biocomposites

Utilization and regeneration of waste sugarcane bagasse as a novel robust aerogel as an effective thermal, acoustic insulator, and oil adsorbent

Quasi-static indentation and sound-absorbing properties of 3D printed sandwich core panels

Investigation of the Impact Behavior of Pultruded Hybrid Composite Profiles

Study of Bio-Based Foams Prepared from PBAT/PLA Reinforced with Bio-Calcium Carbonate and Compatibilized with Gamma Radiation

Incombustible, Inorganic Fiber-reinforced Composites for Shipbuilding


Experimental assessment of the sound absorption coefficient of three natural fibers

Environmentally-friendly thermal and acoustic insulation materials from recycled textiles.

Calibration of the ISO tapping machine for finite-element prediction tool on a wooden-base floor

Energy study of the envelope in metal containers for building = Estudio energético de la envolvente en contenedores metálicos para edificación

Manufacture of structural blocks of concrete with waste tire rubbers

Sound Insulation of Dwellings Façades – the Case of Santiago de Chile

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Avaliação das Propriedades Físicas e Mecânicas de Blocos de Concreto Autoclavado e Espumígenos Comercializados em Passo Fundo/RS Brasil

Textiles and Fabrics for Enhanced Structural Glass Facades: Potentials and Challenges

Acoustic Behavior in Three Types of Housing: Brick Social Housing, Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Emergency Housing and Mediagua Emergency Housing

Comparative study of DSF, PV-DSF and PV-DSF/PCM building energy performance considering multiple parameters

Causes and methods of applying building protection from the impact of rail-transport

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Evaluation of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Autoclaved and Foamed Concrete Blocks Marketed in Passo Fundo / RS Brazil

The Validation of New Vibration Measurement to Estimate Sound Propagation in Buildings: Study Cases

Acoustic performance in a lightweight ventilated façade for building refurbishment: analysing the impact of variations in airborne sound insulation according to the ventilation characteristics

A Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) model of a fuselage section for the prediction of the internal Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at cruise flight conditions

Characterization of New Sustainable Acoustic Solutions in a Reduced Sized Transmission Chamber

Dynamic mass based sound transmission loss prediction of vibro-acoustic metamaterial double panels applied to the mass-air-mass resonance

A critical evaluation on the factors impacting the adoption of eco-block as a green construction material: From a Mauritian perspective

Analysis and Improvement Recommendations on Straw Bale Building in Northeast China

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Potential use of waste tire rubber as aggregate in cement concrete – A comprehensive review

Design of a noise reduction passive control system based on viscoelastic multilayered plate using PDSO

Synthetic Polymer Aerogels in Particulate Form

Noise attenuation performance of warp knitted spacer fabrics

Sound Transmission Analysis of Viscoelastic Composite Multilayered Shells Structures

X-ray Computed Tomography for Characterization of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam

Applications of Coir Fibers in Construction

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Acoustic Insulation 방음

Acoustic Insulation 방음
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