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Les arbres et les forêts peuvent-ils contribuer à l’amélioration de l’environnement sonore ?

[Can trees and forests help in improving environmental noise quality?]

Local 3D + VSP Project, Detailed Seismic Work on Cluster Wells

The effectiveness of the photobioacoustic complex in children with somatoform autonomic dysfunction suffering from frequent acute recurrent infections

Geomagnetic Effects of Remote Earthquakes

Acoustic waste water clarification practices

Experimental study of evolution for circular impinging micro- and macrojets


Protection against vibroacoustic impacts on example of high-tech research centre

Mechanism of antisurdant action of triazin-indole derivative at experimental acoustic trauma

Acoustic impact of the human skull on transcranial photoacoustic imaging.

Occupational Noise on Floating Storage and Offloading Vessels (FSO)

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Impact of optimized variable rotor speed and active blade twist control on helicopter blade–vortex interaction noise and environmental impact

A first approach to the optimization of landing and take-off operations through intelligent algorithms for compliance with the acoustic standards in multi-runway airports

A Review on Acoustic and Skid Resistance Solutions for Road Pavements

Assessment of Acoustic impact for the wind farm in Algeria

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Minimization of noise floor level of fiber-optic interferometric sensor array by adjustment of operational amplifier cascade parameters

Test campaign of a ducted wind turbine in real operating conditions

Environmental impacts of climate change adaptation of road pavements and mitigation options

Three-dimensional virtual reality-based subjective evaluation of road traffic noise heard in urban high-rise residential buildings

Direct noise computation of a generic vehicle model using a finite volume method

Acoustic Conditions Analysis of a Multi-Sensor Network for the Adaptation of the Anomalous Noise Event Detector

Using the ultrasound for optical study of sea water

Investigation of Acoustic Injection on the MPU6050 Accelerometer

Environmental Noise around Hospital Areas: A Case Study

Initial Analysis of Helicopter Impact on Hospital Helipads

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Вопросы безопасности диагностического ультразвука в офтальмологии

Wind-turbine Blade Inspection Using Impact-Sounding Module and Acoustic Analysis

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Acoustic Impact 음향 충격

Acoustic Impact 음향 충격
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