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System for an acoustic detection, localisation and classification

Analysis of machine learning algorithms for audio event classification using Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients

Acoustic Events sentence examples within Identify Acoustic Events

Strategies for Recording the Full Seismic Wavefield

A Modular System for Continuous Recording of Acoustic Emission for Laboratory Studies of Rock Destruction Processes

Acoustic Events sentence examples within Repeated Acoustic Events

A Computational Model of the Underlying Mechanisms of Temporal Coding in the Auditory Cortex

The Role of Adaptation in Generating Monotonic Rate Codes in Auditory Cortex

Acoustic Events sentence examples within Relative Acoustic Events

Identification of voiced stop consonants produced by acoustically driven vocal tract modulations

A model of speech production based on the acoustic relativity of the vocal tract

Acoustic Events sentence examples within Novel Acoustic Events

An Incremental Class-Learning Approach with Acoustic Novelty Detection for Acoustic Event Recognition

Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Acoustic Event Classification

Acoustic Events sentence examples within Similar Acoustic Events

Exploring the distribution of statistical feature parameters for natural sound textures

Assessment of Arrow-of-Time Metrics for the Characterization of Underwater Explosions

Acoustic Events sentence examples within Hidden Acoustic Events

Feature Extraction Method for Hidden Information in Audio Streams Based on HM-EMD

Audio Information Camouflage Detection for Social Networks

Acoustic Events sentence examples within acoustic events often

On The Usefulness of Self-Attention for Automatic Speech Recognition with Transformers

Automatic environmental soundscape classification of continuous field recordings around Lake George, NY

Acoustic Events sentence examples within acoustic events associated

Investigation of thermoacoustic instability in sequential combustor during first stage lean blow-off

Prototypical System to Detect Anxiety Manifestations by Acoustic Patterns in Patients with Dementia

Acoustic Events sentence examples within acoustic events within

Assessing the potential of acoustic indices for protected area monitoring in the Serra do Cipó National Park, Brazil

: Demonstration of Acoustic Sensing Techniques for Fuel-Distribution System Condition Monitoring : Final Report on Project F07-AR07

Learning Target Template for Acoustic Event Detection From Low-SNR Training Data

Crack-Length Estimation for Structural Health Monitoring Using the High-Frequency Resonances Excited by the Energy Release during Fatigue-Crack Growth

Improving Speaker Recognition with Quality Indicators

Acoustic Emission Techniques for Evaluating Damage Modes in CFRP Hybrid Joints

Acoustic signatures and bubble entrainment mechanisms of a drop impacting a water surface with surfactant

Fatigue damage monitoring and analysis of aged asphalt concrete using acoustic emission technique

Using Audio Events to Extend a Multi-modal Public Speaking Database with Reinterpreted Emotional Annotations

Ecoacoustics and Multispecies Semiosis: Naming, Semantics, Semiotic Characteristics, and Competencies

Bionic optimization of MFCC features based on speaker fast recognition

Dynamic selective auditory attention detection using RNN and reinforcement learning

Deep learning based characterization of nanoindentation induced acoustic events

A Multi-Resolution CRNN-Based Approach for Semi-Supervised Sound Event Detection in DCASE 2020 Challenge

An analysis of Sound Event Detection under acoustic degradation using multi-resolution systems

Research and assessment of the rock burst hazardous of the Kola Peninsula mineral deposits by seismic-acoustic monitoring data

Acoustic complexity indices reveal the acoustic communities of the old-growth Mediterranean forest of Sasso Fratino Integral Natural Reserve (Central Italy)

Identifying Acoustic Wave Sources on the Sun. I. Two-dimensional Waves in a Simulated Photosphere

Learning Audio Sequence Representations for Acoustic Event Classification

Dynamic selective auditory attention detection using RNN and reinforcement learning

Polyphonic training set synthesis improves self-supervised urban sound classification.

Neural markers of speech comprehension: measuring EEG tracking of linguistic speech representations, controlling the speech acoustics

Per-Channel Energy Normalization: Why and How

Characterization of Spoken English Vowels Using Tree Structures

The importance of ongoing observations in educational spaces to understand and reflect changing acoustical environments

Segmentation and characterization of acoustic event spectrograms using singular value decomposition

Expanded VAD Guided Subdivision of Cardiopulmonary Sounds

Acoustic Scene Classification Based on Additive Margin Softmax

Sound learning–based event detection for acoustic surveillance sensors

A Multiscale Approach to Investigate the Biosemiotic Complexity of Two Acoustic Communities in Primary Forests with High Ecosystem Integrity Recorded with 3D Sound Technologies

Damage progression study in fibre reinforced concrete using acoustic emission technique

Acoustic codes from a rural sanctuary: How ecoacoustic events operate across a landscape scale

Supervised model for Cochleagram feature based fundamental heart sound identification

Identifying Patterns of Human and Bird Activities Using Bioacoustic Data

Joint Analysis of Acoustic Events and Scenes Based on Multitask Learning

Naïve 3-Day-Old Domestic Chicks (Gallus gallus) Are Attracted to Discrete Acoustic Patterns Characterizing Natural Vocalizations

A Study of the Trigger Effect in a Rock Burst-Hazard Rock Massif by Laser Interferometry

Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network With Soft Labels in Imbalanced Acoustic Event Detection

Encoding of Auditory Temporal Gestalt in the Human Brain

Semi-supervised Acoustic Event Detection Based on Tri-training

Challenges in Audio Processing of Terrorist-Related Data

Teacher-student Training for Acoustic Event Detection Using Audioset

The Analysis of Conditions of Geodynamic Process Activation and Manifestation of Technogenic Seismicity on Underground Mines of the Far East Region

Marine Mammal Species Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks and a Novel Acoustic Representation

17.2 A 142nW Voice and Acoustic Activity Detection Chip for mm-Scale Sensor Nodes Using Time-Interleaved Mixer-Based Frequency Scanning

Auditory Thalamostriatal and Corticostriatal Pathways Convey Complementary Information about Sound Features

Robust Acoustic Event Classification using Fusion Fisher Vector features


MRI-Related FDA Adverse Event Reports: A 10-Year Review.

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