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Acoustic Devices sentence examples within surface acoustic wave

One-dimensional surface phononic crystal ring resonator and its application in gas sensing

Tunable Duplexers: Downlink Band Isolation Requirements for LTE User Equipment

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Novel Acoustic Devices

Modulation of out-of-plane reflected waves by using acoustic metasurfaces with tapered corrugated holes

Acoustic energy harvesting for low-frequency airborne sound based on compound Mie resonances

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Different Acoustic Devices

Automated Applications of Acoustics for Stored Product Insect Detection, Monitoring, and Management

An Overview of Next-Generation Underwater Target Detection and Tracking: An Integrated Underwater Architecture

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Underwater Acoustic Devices

Transmission and rainbow trapping of acoustic waves in a fluid medium using gradient-index superlattices

Characterization of an underwater metamaterial made of aluminum honeycomb panels at low frequencies.

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within New Acoustic Devices

Low-frequency sound absorption of a tunable multilayer composite structure

Multiple crossing points of Lamb wave propagating in a magneto-electro-elastic composite plate

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Flexible Acoustic Devices

Observation of frequency band-switchable topological edge modes using a 2 bit coding acoustic topological insulator

Flexible piezoelectric micro ultrasonic transducer array integrated on various flexible substrates

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Multifunctional Acoustic Devices

Conformally Mapped Multifunctional Acoustic Metamaterial Lens for Spectral Sound Guiding and Talbot Effect

Thermally controlled topological states for elastic waves

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Promising Acoustic Devices

Broadband acoustic vortex beam generator based on coupled resonances

Acoustic rat-race coupler and its applications in non-reciprocal systems.

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Efficient Acoustic Devices

Highly Efficient Acoustic Metagrating with Strongly Coupled Surface Grooves

Highly efficient acoustic refractive metasurfaces by harnessing near field coupling

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Reciprocal Acoustic Devices

Lithium Niobate Acoustoelectric Platforms for Integrated Non-Reciprocal RF MEMS Devices

Space-time modulated programmable metamaterial beam for nonreciprocal control of flexural waves (Conference Presentation)

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Nonreciprocal Acoustic Devices

Acoustic Metagrating Circulators: Nonreciprocal, Robust, and Tunable Manipulation with Unitary Efficiency

Acoustic radiation pressure for nonreciprocal transmission and switch effects

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Tunable Acoustic Devices

Harnessing post-buckling deformation to tune sound absorption in soft Helmholtz absorbers

Designing a tunable acoustic resonator based on defect modes, stimulated by selectively biased PZT rods in a 2D phononic crystal

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Microwave Acoustic Devices

Microwave Acoustic Devices: Recent Advances and Outlook

Removal of Stress Hillocks from Platinum-Alumina Electrodes Used in High-temperature SAW Devices

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Performance Acoustic Devices

Phonon heat conduction in Al1-xScxN thin films

Bandgaps in One-Dimensional Phononic Crystal Plate with A Ferroelectric Inversion Layer

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within Designing Acoustic Devices

Broadband topological valley-projected edge-states transport in composite structure phononic crystal* * Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61775050) and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, China (Grant No. PA2019GDZC0098).

Acoustic coherent perfect absorber and laser modes via the non-Hermitian dopant in the zero index metamaterials

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within acoustic devices offer

A Traveling Wave Thermoacoustic Engine—Design and Test

Thermoacoustic energy conversion in a square duct

Acoustic Devices sentence examples within acoustic devices made

Influence of gold electrode layers on the SH waves propagation in sandwich structures based on Au/PMN-0.33PT/Au and Au/PZT-5H/Au: Numerical implementation

Bandgaps in One-Dimensional Phononic Crystal Plate with A Ferroelectric Inversion Layer

Advances in coherent coupling between magnons and acoustic phonons

Experimental study of smog microphysical and optical vertical structure in the Silesian Beskids, Poland

Thermal Characterization of Ferroelectric Aluminum Scandium Nitride Acoustic Resonators

Remote whispering metamaterial for non-radiative transceiving of ultra-weak sound

Introduction to thermoacoustic Stirling engines: First steps and praxis

Solid-state Thermoacoustics: Theory, Formulation, and Device Optimization

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Listen But Do Not Touch: Using a Smartphone Acoustic Device to Investigate Bat Activity, with Implications for Community-Based Monitoring

Design of one-dimensional acoustic metamaterials using machine learning and cell concatenation

Low-frequency sampling rates are effective to record bottlenose dolphins

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Acoustic-driven droplet evaporation: beyond the role of droplet-gas relative velocity

Multiple zero-group velocity resonances in elastic layered structures

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Nanotechnology and Acoustics in Medicine and Biology.

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Embedded System for Measuring Frequency Response of Audible and Ultrasonic Devices

The required acoustic parameters simplification of invisibility cloaks and concentrators using the impedance-tunable coordinate transformation

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Understanding frazil ice: The contribution of laboratory studies

Proposed Methodology to Quantify the Amount of Methane Seepage by Understanding the Correlation Between Methane Plumes and Originating Seeps

Impact of microstructures and viscous liquid loading on electromechanical coupling factor and surface wave transference in a prestressed piezoelectric smart material layered structure

Reporting Excellent Transverse Piezoelectric and Electro-Optic Effects in Transparent Rhombohedral PMN-PT Single Crystal by Engineered Domains.

Multi-physics coupling in thermoacoustic devices: A review

Ventilative meta-window with broadband low-frequency acoustic insulation

Non-reciprocal Acoustics

Highly Enhanced Electro-acoustic Properties of YAlN/Sapphire Based Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Next Generation of Microelectromechanical Systems

Theory and experiment for 3D porous graphene foam thermoacoustic transducer

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Polymeric composites for powder-based additive manufacturing : materials and applications

Optical characterization of RF sputtered AlN thin film for acoustic and optoelectronics devices

Automated electronic approaches for detecting disease vectors mosquitoes through the wing-beat frequency

Extreme acoustic anisotropy in crystals visualized by diffraction tensor

Highly confined radial contour modes in phononic crystal plate based on pillars with cap layers

The fabrication of AlN by hydride vapor phase epitaxy

Super High-Frequency Scandium Aluminum Nitride Crystalline Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators

Extraordinary nonlinear transmission modulation in a doubly-resonant optomechanical structure (Conference Presentation)

Experimental Investigation of the oscillating flow dynamics at the exit of regenerator meshes with different configurations

Sound regulation of coupled Helmholtz and Fabry-Pérot resonances in labyrinth cavity structures.

Nonlinear dynamics of coupled transverse-rotational waves in granular chains.

Inverse design method for acoustic metamaterials

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Acoustic Kerr nonlinearity of wave propagation in a planar nanoelectromechanical waveguide

Effects of initial stresses on the electromechanical coupling coefficient of SH wave propagation in multilayered PZT-5H structures

Global thermoacoustic oscillations in a thermally driven pulse tube

Developing A 3D Printable Electret Material For Sensing Applications

Acoustic tunable metamaterials based on anisotropic unit cells

Numerical simulation of the effect of plate spacing on heat transfer characteristics within a parallel-plate heat exchanger in a standing wave thermoacoustic system

On the transference of Love-type waves in pre-stressed PZT-5H material stick on SiO2 material with irregularity

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Acoustic flow meter performance assurance outside the limits of measurement

More Acoustic Devices 음향기기 sentence examples

Recent advances in micro-ultrasound

Fabrication and Characterization of 3D Printed Thin Plates for Acoustic Metamaterials Applications

Ultrathin broadband acoustic reflection metasurface based on meta-molecule clusters

Switching between deterministic and accidental Dirac degeneracy by rotating scatterers and the multi-channel topological transport of sound

Step Stress Accelerated Life Testing methods for lifetime predictions of SAW and BAW filters

Nonlinear Acoustic Dynamics in Nanoelectromechanical Waveguides

Recent advances in nanomaterial-enabled acoustic devices for audible sound generation and detection.

An Overview of High Frequency Acoustic Sensors—QCMs, SAWs and FBARs—Chemical and Biochemical Applications †

Broadband acoustic converging and asymmetric converging based on thermoacoustic phased arrays

Buckling prognosis for thin elastic shallow shells

Design of simple refrigerating device for multiparametric analysis of the thermoacoustic cooling phenomenon

Optimal thermoacoustic energy extraction via temporal phase control and traveling wave generation

Low-loss waveguides on Y-cut thin film lithium niobate: towards acousto-optic applications.

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