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Acid System sentence examples within β carotene linoleic

Spectroscopy NIR and MIR toward predicting simultaneous phenolic contents and antioxidant in red propolis by multivariate analysis.

Production of carotenoid sarcinaxanthin by Kocuria palustris isolated from Northeastern Brazil Caatinga soil and their antioxidant and photoprotective activities

Acid System sentence examples within Linoleic Acid System

Spectroscopy NIR and MIR toward predicting simultaneous phenolic contents and antioxidant in red propolis by multivariate analysis.

Influence of various factors (temperature, humidity, light) on the chemical composition and antioxidant activity of bisquis

Acid System sentence examples within Nucleic Acid System

Assessment of the Accuracy of DFT-Predicted Li+-Nucleic Acid Binding Energies.

Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Systems for Biosensors

Acid System sentence examples within Amino Acid System

Amino acid systems in the interpeduncular nucleus are altered in a sex-dependent manner during nicotine withdrawal.

Spontaneous emergence of membrane-forming protoamphiphiles from a lipid–amino acid mixture under wet–dry cycles†

Acid System sentence examples within Hydrochloric Acid System

Influence of ultrasound and extraction conditions on the intensity of extraction of anthocyanin pigment from berry raw materials

Separation of REE(III) and Am(III) by Extraction with Compounds of Zirconium and Dibutyl Phosphoric Acid from Solutions of Nitric and Hydrochloric Acids

Acid System sentence examples within Citric Acid System

A Paper‐Based Wearable Photodetector for Simultaneous UV Intensity and Dosage Measurement

Process and theoretical research on electroplating Cu–Sn alloys of low Sn

Acid System sentence examples within Oxalic Acid System

Enhanced degradation mechanism of tetracycline by MnO2 with the presence of organic acids.


Acid System sentence examples within Ascorbic Acid System

Ultra-fast leaching of critical metals from spent lithium-ion batteries cathode materials achieved by the synergy-coordination mechanism

Valorization of olive mill wastewater for the development of biobased polymer films with antioxidant properties using eco-friendly processes

Acid System sentence examples within Carboxylic Acid System

Research on Targeted Acidizing Technology in Long Horizontal Section of Carbonate Reservoir

Encapsulation of benzene carboxylic acids using cyclodextrins

Acid System sentence examples within Acetic Acid System

Structure Elucidation of Menthol-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent using Experimental and Computational Techniques.

Use of chelators and hydrofluoric acid for the improvement of well productivity

Acid System sentence examples within Formic Acid System

Degradation of organic pollutants by ZnMn2O4/organic acid system: Identification of active species

Comparative studies of structure, thermal decomposition mechanism and thermodynamic parameters of two kinds of silk fibroin films

Acid System sentence examples within Sulfuric Acid System

Process and Kinetics of Extracting Cobalt from Complex High-Silicon White Alloy by Sulfuric Acid Oxidation Leaching

Electrodeposition of Cu2+ in presence of Ni2+ in sulfuric acid system

Acid System sentence examples within Mixed Acid System

Pressure leaching of wolframite using a sulfuric-phosphoric acid mixture

Sustainable preparation of bifunctional cellulose nanocrystals via mixed H2SO4/formic acid hydrolysis.

Acid System sentence examples within Nitric Acid System

CFD Modeling of Single-Drop Hydrodynamics at Submerged Nozzles: Validation with TBP-Dodecane and Nitric Acid System and Parametric Analysis

Effect of DGA substituent structure on rare earth extraction in nitric acid media

Acid System sentence examples within Lewi Acid System

Addition of the Lewis Acid Zn(C6 F5 )2 Enables Organic Transistors with a Maximum Hole Mobility in Excess of 20 cm2 V-1 s-1.

Asymmetric synthesis of cyclopentanones through dual Lewis acid-catalysed [3+2]-cycloaddition of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes with ketenes.

Acid System sentence examples within Carbonic Acid System

Metabolic Acidosis in Patients with CKD: Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, and Treatment

JSR Special Section Oa Primer and Introduction

Acid System sentence examples within Emulsified Acid System

Experimental Evaluation of a New Nonaromatic Nonionic Surfactant for Deep Carbonate Stimulation

New Non-aromatic Non-ionic Surfactants to Form a Stabilized Emulsified Acid for Efficient HP/HT Stimulation

Acid System sentence examples within Aspartic Acid System

In situ co‐amorphisation in coated tablets – The combination of carvedilol with aspartic acid during immersion in an acidic medium

Macroscopic and microscopic properties of fibers after enzymatic deinking of mixed office waste paper

Acid System sentence examples within Retarded Acid System

Effect of carbon chain lengths of cationic surfactant on inhibition rate of acid-rock reaction


Acid System sentence examples within Fatty Acid System

Differential production of prostaglandins and prostacyclins by liver and head kidney cells from Atlantic salmon challenged with arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acids

Topical Delivery of Niacinamide: Influence of Binary and Ternary Solvent Systems

Acid System sentence examples within Conventional Acid System

Mitigation of High Temperature Challenges in Limestone Acidizing through the use of Chelating Agents

Evaluation of a control-released in-situ generated acid tablet for acid fracturing

Acid System sentence examples within Toluenesulfonic Acid System

Identification of phenylmethylene in alcohol-water solutions in the presence of pyridine and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrocarbomethoxylation of Cyclohexene Catalyzed by Pd(OAc)2-PPh3-p-Toluenesulfonic Acid. Some Aspects of Reaction Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Ligand Exchange between Palladium Complexes

Acid System sentence examples within Corrosive Acid System

Toward Developing Non-Corrosive Acid System for Complex Scales Removal

Dissolution of Sulfates and Sulfides Field Scales by Developed Scale Dissolver

Acid System sentence examples within Organic Acid System

Conjugate Acid-Base Interaction Driven Phase Transition at a 2D Air-Water Interface.

Transformation and immobilization of hexavalent chromium in the co-presence of biochar and organic acids: effects of biochar dose and reaction time

Acid System sentence examples within acid system exhibited

Preparation of N-I co-doped TiO2 supported on activated carbon photocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic reduction of Cr(Ⅵ) ions

Different supports of modified heteropolyacid for ultra-deep oxidative desulfurization: A newly easy shaped catalyst and the DFT cluster model study

Evaluation of oil-in-water microemulsion base ethoxylated surfactant under acid conditions

A Calibrated Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Simulating the Rotating Disk Apparatus

Experimental Study and Modeling of Vapor–Liquid Equilibria and Excess Molar Volumes in the Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid - Toluene (Cyclohexane, Hexane, Heptane) systems

A green and efficient acid system for carbonate reservoir stimulation

Effect of fiber on the rheological properties of gelled acid

Development of polyacid corrosion inhibitor with 2-vinylpyridine residue

A systematic study of asphaltic sludge and emulsion formation damage during acidizing process: Experimental and modeling approach

Indole Hydrazide Derivatives as Potential Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel in HCl Acid Medium: Experimental Study and Theoretical Calculations

Multistage Acid-fracturing Increases the Dolomite Production in High Temperature Deep Horizontal Well

Pre-acid system for improving the hydraulic fracturing effect in low-permeability tight gas reservoir

Effects of electrodialysis conditions on waste acid reclamation: Modelling and validation

Chelating Agents for Oilfield Stimulation: Lessons Learned and Future Outlook