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Treatment of the acidic effluent from a copper smelter by flotation tailings

Utilization of alkaline silicate wastes for removal of cadmium ions from aqueous solution: Comparative performances and removal mechanisms

WITHDRAWN: Weathering behaviour of bauxite residue with pH: experimental and geochemical modelling

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Mitigation of Drought Stress Effects on Pepper Seedlings by Exogenous Methylamine Application

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The use of mid-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for acid sulfate soil analysis.

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Critical loads of acidity and exceedances for 1138 lakes and ponds in the Canadian Arctic.

Ettringite and monosulfate formation to reduce alkalinity in reactions of alum-based water treatment residual with steel slag.

Leaching of ANC and Chromium from Concrete: Effect of Aging Simulated by Sample Carbonation

Assessment of zeolite and compost-zeolite mixture as permeable reactive materials for the removal of lead from a model acidic groundwater.

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Field evaluation of a new hydroxyapatite based binder for ex-situ solidification/stabilization of a heavy metal contaminated site soil around a Pb-Zn smelter

Co-digestion of organic and mineral wastes for enhanced biogas production: Reactor performance and evolution of microbial community and function.

Comparison of long-term stability under natural ageing between cement solidified and chelator-stabilised MSWI fly ash.


Response of neutrophilic Shewanella violacea to acid stress: growth rate, organic acid production, and gene expression

Influence of wood ash pre-treatment on leaching behaviour, liming and fertilising potential.

The Acid-Base Accounting (ABA) of Overburden Rock to Predict Acid Mine Water in Kasai Coal Mining, Indonesia

Cross-Layer Leaching of Coal Fly Ash and Mine Tailings to Control Acid Generation from Mine Wastes

Harvesting of blooming microalgae using green synthetized magnetic maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) nanoparticles for biofuel production

Formulation, optimization, and evaluation of raft-forming formulations containing Nizatidine

Acid–Base Accounting Tests in Combination with Humidity Cells Help to Predict Waste Rock Behavior

Behavior of metallic trace elements containing in stabilized and solidified oily petroleum sludge

In-vitro Gastric acid percent neutralizing potential of household remedies verses marketed antacid preparation: A case report

Experimental and geochemical modelling investigations on the weathering behaviour of bauxite residue: effect of pH

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Modelling long-term impacts of fertilization and liming on soil acidification at Rothamsted experimental station.

Preliminary assessment of revegetation potential through ryegrass growing on bauxite residue

Isolation of an acid producing Bacillus sp. EEEL02: Potential for bauxite residue neutralization

Effect of cement incorporation on the leaching characteristics of elements from fly ash and slag treated soils.

Self-emulsified waterborne epoxy hardener without acid neutralizers and its emulsifying and curing properties

Trends in surface water chemistry in afforested Welsh catchments recovering from acidification, 1991-2012.

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Prediction Potential Acid Mine Drainage of Epithermal High Sulfidation Deposits using Static Test

Rapid evaluation of leaching potential of heavy metals from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash.

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Diatoms as indicators of the multivariate environment of mountain lakes.

Alkanethiol Molecular Barriers for Controlling Small Molecule Release Kinetics from a Microgel-Based Reservoir Device.

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pH dependent leaching characterization of major and trace elements from fly ash and metakaolin geopolymers

Avaliação da qualidade físico-química, rotulagem e ocorrência de adulterações em amostras de leite UHT

In-situ solidification/stabilization of heavy metals contaminated site soil using a dry jet mixing method and new hydroxyapatite based binder.

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Insights into the design of inhibitors of the urease enzyme - a major target for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections.

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Acid Neutral 산성 중성

Acid Neutral 산성 중성
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