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Modeling the Influence of Visual Density on Cluster Perception in Scatterplots Using Topology

Identifying Driver Interactions via Conditional Behavior Prediction

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Identifying Patterns of ALS Progression from Sparse Longitudinal Data

AutoGraph: Autonomous Graph-Based Clustering of Small-Molecule Conformations

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A Probabilistic Machine Learning Approach to Scheduling Parallel Loops With Bayesian Optimization

An experimentally validated fading model for THz wireless systems

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Use of multiple LIDAR-derived digital terrain indices and machine learning for high-resolution national-scale soil moisture mapping of the Swedish forest landscape

Evaluating aleatoric and epistemic uncertainties of time series deep learning models for soil moisture predictions

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Modeling the Influence of Visual Density on Cluster Perception in Scatterplots Using Topology

A statistical model for describing and simulating microbial community profiles

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Virtual Rhesus Labyrinth Model Predicts Responses to Electrical Stimulation Delivered by a Vestibular Prosthesis

Exoplanet Imitators: A Test of Stellar Activity Behavior in Radial Velocity Signals

Novel Physics-Based Small-Signal Modeling and Characterization for Advanced RF Bulk FinFETs

Density functional theory analysis of perovskite at ambient temperature

An integrated model of energy-efficient timetabling of the urban rail transit system with multiple interconnected lines

Efficacy of simple continuum models for diverse granular intrusions.

High-Fidelity Prediction of Megapixel Longitudinal Phase-Space Images of Electron Beams Using Encoder-Decoder Neural Networks

A Geant4-DNA Evaluation of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage on a Human Fibroblast

Modeling cardiac muscle fibers in ventricular and atrial electrophysiology simulations

Model-free adaptive control for the heading angle of a UAV

New constraints on the Al25(p,γ) reaction and its influence on the flux of cosmic γ rays from classical nova explosions

On mean field homogenization schemes for short fiber reinforced composites: Unified formulation, application and benchmark

Formation pathways and sources of size-segregated nitrate aerosols in a megacity identified by dual isotopes

Towards Better Wind Resource Modeling in Complex Terrain: A k-Nearest Neighbors Approach

Cooperative Policy Learning with Pre-trained Heterogeneous Observation Representations

Thermal image processing for feature extraction from encapsulated phase change materials

Sustainable casting processes through simulation-driven optimization

MBPI: Mixed behaviors and preference interaction for session-based recommendation

Four‐dimensional dose calculations for dynamic tumour tracking with a gimbal‐mounted linear accelerator

Optimization of scintillator-reflector optical interfaces for the LUT Davis model.

A multi-dimensional non-uniform corrosion model for bioabsorbable metallic vascular stents.

A Scalability Study of the Ice-sheet and Sea-level System Model (ISSM, Version 4.18)

Prospects and Challenges of 4H-SiC Thyristors in Protection of HB-MMC-VSC-HVDC Converters

A study of real-time simulation of liver of virtual surgical robot based on biologically position-based dynamic model

Chaos theory for prognostic purposes in multiple sclerosis

General isotropic micropolar fluid model in smoothed particle hydrodynamics.

Improvement in the spatial resolution of heavy ion beam probe measurements through application of ion optics.

Fine-scale leaf chlorophyll distribution across a deciduous forest through two-step model inversion from Sentinel-2 data

Comprehensive theoretical framework for the analysis of microgap thermionic energy conversion under constant heat inputs

In situ Analysis of the Fate and behavior of Inorganic Nanomaterials in Biological System by Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Probe Techniques

Topology optimization with precise evolving boundaries based on IGA and untrimming techniques

Genome-Scale Profiling Reveals Noncoding Loci Carry Higher Proportions of Concordant Data

Only a matter of style

Mathematical modeling of transmission dynamics of COVID-19

A Flexible Approach to Autotuning Multi-Pass Machine Learning Compilers

A Physics-Based Compact Model for CBRAM Retention Behaviors Based on Atom Transport Dynamics and Percolation Theory

Designing radiation transport tests: Simulation-driven uncertainty-quantification of the COAX temperature diagnostic

An empirical quantitative model describing simultaneously temperature and concentration effects on protein solutions viscosity.

Kinetics of the pyrolysis process of phthalonitrile resin

A computational model of feedback-mediated hematopoietic stem cell differentiation in vitro

Effective coal seam surface modeling with an improved anisotropy-based, multiscale interpolation method

The Mechanical Effect of the Periodontal Ligament on Bone Strain Regimes in a Validated Finite Element Model of a Macaque Mandible

Efficient thread/page/parallelism autotuning for NUMA systems

Optimal methodology for explicit solvation prediction of band edges of transition metal oxide photocatalysts

Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease through Personalized Medicine and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Many-body effects at the origin of structural transitions in B2O3.

A Monte Carlo detector response model for the IRIS PET preclinical scanner.

Induction Motor Modeling for Development of a Secure In-Phase Motor Bus Transfer Scheme

Analyzing the Smart Water Core-flooding Data in Carbonates by Modelling the Oil Breakthrough Time Using a Novel Reactive Transport Model

Phase Equilibria Modeling with Systematically Coarse-Grained Models-A Comparative Study on State Point Transferability.

A Deep Learning Model for Wireless Channel Quality Prediction

An image-guided computational approach to inversely determine in vivo material properties and model flow-structure interactions of fish fins

The Effect of Distant Encounters on Black Hole Binaries in Globular Clusters: Systematic Increase of In-cluster Mergers in the LISA band

Beyond Volumetric Albedo — A Surface Optimization Framework for Non-Line-Of-Sight Imaging

Numerical Analysis of Nonlocal Optical Response of Metallic Nanoshells

Resolution modeling in projection space using a factorized multi-block detector response function for PET image reconstruction.

Scenario Planning for Sea Level Rise via Reinforcement Learning

Adapting the thermal-based two-source energy balance model toestimate energy fluxes in a complex tree-grass ecosystem