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Reduced order modeling for glottal airflow estimation using a Kalman smoother

Realtime Drilling Geomechanics Aids Safe Drilling through Unstable Shales and Channel Sands of Wara Formations, Minagish Field, West Kuwait

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Monte Carlo simulations of neutrino and charged lepton propagation in the Earth with nuPyProp

Nonconservative Distributed Control Over Real-Time Network Links

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A methodology for optimizing modeling configuration in the numerical modeling of oil concentrations in underwater blowouts: a North Sea case study

Thermal Properties of 3D-Printed Sand Molds

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Accurate Multi-Objective Low-Rank and Sparse Model for Hyperspectral Image Denoising Method

Smith control of SCR system based on sliding mode control

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Quantitative evaluation of the feasibility of sampling the ice plumes at Enceladus for biomarkers of extraterrestrial life

Denoising proton therapy Monte Carlo dose distributions in multiple tumor sites: A comparative neural networks architecture study.

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Variable identification for power plant efficiency

Rational Design of Nonbonded Point Charge Models for Highly Charged Metal Cations with Lennard-Jones 12-6 Potential

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Improving optimal chatter control of slender cutting tool through more accurate tuned mass damper modeling

Numerical modeling of masonry wall under underground waves

Accurate Modeling sentence examples within accurate modeling technique

Platelet adhesion potential estimation in a normal and diseased coronary artery model: effects of shear stress magnitude versus shear stress history.

Predicting the Performance of Undeveloped Multi-Fractured Marcellus Gas Wells Using an Analytical Flow-Cell Model (FCM)

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Evaluation of multilayer perceptron neural networks and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems for the mass transfer modeling of Echium amoenum Fisch. & C. A. Mey.

Prediction of bioaccessible lead in urban and suburban soils with Vis-NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy.

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A Vaccination Simulator for COVID-19: Effective and Sterilizing Immunization Cases.

A Vaccination Simulator for COVID-19: Effective and Sterilizing Immunization Cases.

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Improvement of the Railway Power Flow Controller’s Performance Using Sliding Mode Control Method

Quantifying soil carbon in temperate peatlands using a mid-IR soil spectral library

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Modeling of Semiconductor Substrates for RF Applications: Part II—Parameter Impact on Harmonic Distortion

NeuroMeter: An Integrated Power, Area, and Timing Modeling Framework for Machine Learning Accelerators Industry Track Paper

High-Resolution EEG Source Localization in Segmentation-Free Head Models Based on Finite-Difference Method and Matching Pursuit Algorithm

Machine learning-based approaches for modeling thermophysical properties of hybrid nanofluids: A comprehensive review

Analytical Modeling of Power Supply Induced Jitter in CMOS Inverters due to Periodic Fluctuations

Chaos Induced Coyote Algorithm (CICA) for Extracting the Parameters in a Single, Double, and Three Diode Model of a Mono-Crystalline, Polycrystalline, and a Thin-Film Solar PV Cell

Aerosol transmittance for clear-sky solar irradiance models: Review and validation of an accurate universal parameterization

Modeling and characterization of mine pit backfilling/reclamation materials around Gyel’A’ and Kantoma areas of Plateau state using integrated method

Employing Sliding Mode Control on a Two-Phase Voltage Regulator Module

Characterization, Modeling, and Compensation of the Dynamic Self-Biasing Behavior of GaN HEMT-Based Power Amplifiers

On the inverse kinetic energy cascade in premixed isotropic turbulent flames

Accurate Computation of Mutual Inductance of Non Coaxial Pancake Coils

Lexical Semantic Recognition

Thickness Dependence and Anisotropy of Capped Diamond Thermal Conductivity on Cooling of Pulse-Operated GaN HEMTs

Accurate Modeling of Excitonic Coupling in Cyanine Dye Cy3.

Experimental and numerical investigation of the cylinder-dome transition region of a pressure vessel

Implementation and validation of finite element model of skull deformation and failure response during uniaxial compression.

Development of a Lower Limb Finite Element Musculoskeletal Gait Simulation Framework Driven Solely by Inertial Measurement Unit Sensors

Computational Analysis of Spoken Language in Acute Psychosis and Mania

Modeling expression ranks for noise-tolerant differential expression analysis of scRNA-seq data.

Design and Self-Consistent Schrodinger-Poisson Model Simulation of Ultra-Thin Si-Channel Nanowire FET

Application of artificial intelligence in groundwater ecosystem protection: a case study of Semnan/Sorkheh plain, Iran

Prediction of fracture and dilatancy in granite using acoustic emission signal cloud

Retrieval and validation of forest background reflectivity from daily Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) data across European forests

Integrated preprocessing techniques with linear stochastic approaches in groundwater level forecasting

The simulation of high compressive stress and extrusion phenomenon for concrete face slabs in CFRDs under strong seismic loads

Simulation of Spatial Correlation of Polarization Characteristics for Meteor Radio Reflections

A numerical approach for simulating two-dimensional dense-snow avalanches in global coordinate systems

Fast-Transient Radiation-Hardened Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator for Space Applications

Improving Aleatoric Uncertainty Quantification in Multi-Annotated Medical ImageSegmentation with Normalizing Flows

The role of vapor-liquid equilibria during the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: A modeling study

Calderón’s Method with a Spatial Prior for 2-D EIT Imaging of Ventilation and Perfusion

Accurate buoyancy and drag force models to predict particle segregation in vibrofluidized beds.

Thermal conductivity modeling of monodispersed microspheres using discrete element method

Plasma Sheath Modelling for Computational Aerothermodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics

Implementation of visco-pseudo-elastic dampers for vibration reduction of sandwich shells using a large deformation FE technique

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Wave Propagation over Different Types of Terrains and Environments Using the Parabolic Equation Solved by Higher Order Approximation of the Finite Difference Method

A Process-Based Model with Temperature, Water, and Lab-derived Data Improves Predictions of Daily Mosquito Density

A Computationally Efficient Shallow Water Model for Mixed Cohesive and Non-Cohesive Sediment Transport in the Yangtze Estuary

On the Individual Droplet Growth Modeling and Heat Transfer Analysis in Dropwise Condensation

Accurate Modeling 정확한 모델링

Accurate Modeling 정확한 모델링
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