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ECB quantitative easing, euro depreciation and supply chains: Industry-level estimates for Germany, Italy and Greece. New prospects for a Minskyan big bank?


The effects of inequality in the 1997–98 Asian crisis and the 2008–09 global tsunami: The case of five Asian economies

Current account imbalances and the Euro Area. Controversies and policy lessons

Global Imbalances: The Role of Institutions, Financial Development and FDI in the Context of Financial Crises

On public debt and twin imbalances in the South Asian region

Target 2 determinants: The role of Balance of Payments imbalances in the long run


Propagation of the Effects of China’s Changing Economic Development Model to the Rest of the World

Democratic Disruption in the Age of Social Media: Between Marketized and Structural Conceptions of Human Rights Law

Explaining global imbalances: the role of central-bank intervention and the rise of sovereign wealth funds

W. Max Corden (1927

Designing QE in a Fiscally Sound Monetary Union

Behavioural​ equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignments: Evidence from large emerging markets

Persistent current account imbalances: Are they good or bad for regional and global growth?

A Tale of Two Surplus Countries: China and Germany

Exchange Rate Misalignment and Capital Flight from Botswana: A Cointegration Approach with Risk Thresholds

Revisiting external imbalances: Insights from sectoral accounts

The Measurement of External Accounts

Current Account Imbalances or Too Much Bank Debt as the Main Driver of Gross Capital Inflows? Spain During the Great Financial Crisis

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Boom-Bust Capital Flow Cycles

Current Account Imbalances and the Euro Area. Alternative Views

European imbalances and shifts of global value chains to the Central European periphery: role of institutions

Fiscal stance, foreign capital inflows and the behavior of current account in the Asian countries

A Requiem for “Blame it on Beijing�?: Interpreting Rotating Global Current Account Surpluses

The Nature of Capitalist Money and the Financial Links Between Debt-Led and Export-Led Growth Regimes

Rising Income Inequalities – the Causes of and Consequences for Long-term Growth

Auto-centered development and indigenous technics: Slaheddine el-Amami and Tunisian delinking

Rebalancing a lopsided global economy

Exchange Rate Misalignment and Capital Flight from Botswana: A Cointegration Approach with Risk Thresholds

Heterogeneous Effects of Competitiveness Shocks on Macroeconomic Performance Across Euro Area Countries

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Account Imbalances 계정 잔액

Account Imbalances 계정 잔액
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