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Asymmetries of financial openness in an optimal growth model

A Panel VAR Analysis of Macro-Financial Imbalances in the EU

The Twin Deficit Hypothesis in the MENA Region: Do Geopolitics Matter?

Current Account Deficit and Automotive Sector Nexus in Turkey: an Input-Output Analysis

What macroeconomic conditions lead financial crises?

Global Imbalances: The Role of Institutions, Financial Development and FDI in the Context of Financial Crises

The Effects of Current Account Deficits on Economic Growth: Evidence from Kenya

The twin deficits and economic growth in selected African countries

On public debt and twin imbalances in the South Asian region

Concluding Remarks on Economic Policy

The Consolidation of Dollar Hegemony After the Collapse of Bretton Woods: Bringing Power Back in

‘Not a good time’: Assessing the economic impact of COVID‐19 in Africa using a macro‐micro simulation approach

Debt and financial market contagion

Is the Fiscal Deficit of ASEAN Alarming? Evidence from Fiscal Deficit Consequences and Contribution towards Sustainable Economic Growth

A New Era of International Economic Policy

Real Convergence in EU: Is There a Difference Between the Effects of the Pandemic and the Global Economic Crisis?

Large Current Account Deficits and Neglected Vulnerabilities

Trade Integration and Liberalization: Possible Solutions to Keep Food Supply Chains Alive

Triple Deficits and Economic Growth in Kenya

When a Trade Deficit Provides a Surplus: How Semi-finished and Finished Product Imports Yield Gains When Sold

Re-examining the twin deficit hypothesis for major South Asian economies

Determinants of Sovereign Ratings in Emerging Countries with Panel Probit Analysis

American hegemony: intellectual property rights, dollar centrality, and infrastructural power

The Role of IMF-Turkey Relationship on Strategic Investment Decision

Bhutan’s Business Infrastructure Policy and Industrial Parks

Debt patterns of the peripheral economies of Europe: from the increased growth post-implementation of the Euro to the Great Recession

Sustainability of current account deficits: Evidence from Egypt using an asymmetric ARDL model

Home Prices and Global Imbalances: Which Drives Which?

Credit, Capital and Crises: a GDP-at-Risk Approach

Sudden Stops in a Currency Union – Some Lessons from the Euro Area

Current Account Imbalances or Too Much Bank Debt as the Main Driver of Gross Capital Inflows? Spain During the Great Financial Crisis

The Twin Deficits Hypothesis: An Empirical Examination

Domestic Amplifiers of External Shocks: Growth Accelerations and Reversals in Emerging Market and Developing Economies

Revisiting the twin deficits hypothesis: new evidence from nonlinear tests

Effective Trade Costs and the Current Account: An Empirical Analysis

Intertemporal sustainability of current account imbalances: New evidence from the OECD countries

Why will Trump lose the trade war?

European imbalances and shifts of global value chains to the Central European periphery: role of institutions

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Los retos de la economía externa: Importaciones, exportaciones, inversión extranjera, tasa de interés, tipo de cambio / The economic policy challenges: Imports, exports, foreign investment, interest rate, exchange rate

Fiscal stance, foreign capital inflows and the behavior of current account in the Asian countries

The Euro at Twenty: Follies of Youth?

Financialization and Demand Regimes in Advanced Economies

An Analysis of Export Financing of Indian Handicraft Industry

Introduction: Europeanization and financial crisis in the Baltic Sea region: implications, perceptions and conclusions ten years after the collapse

Public Investment in Bolivia: Prospects and Implications

Tax and spending shocks in the open economy: are the deficits twins?

Turkey: An Empirical Assessment of the Determinants of the Current Account Balance

International Capital Flow Reversals

The US Economy, Global Imbalances and Recent Development: A Critical Review

Testing for the Feldstein-Horioka hypothesis in Asia using wavelet analysis

Tax and Spending Shocks in the Open Economy: Are the Deficits Twins?

The effect of intervening variable towards twin deficit in Indonesia: the application of path analysis

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