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Increased haplotype diversity of Emys orbicularis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Reptilia: Emydidae) in northern Iran

Behavior of fluorine coatings on steel bridges at different temperatures upon exposure to a direct heat source

Gun violence in Australia, 2002-2016: a cohort study.

Study on risk assessment and numerical simulation method of subsea manifold system

Assessing the Damage Mechanism in Reinforced Concrete Beams under Repetitive Low Velocity Impact Loading

The Effect of Space Travel on Bone Metabolism: Considerations on Today’s Major Challenges and Advances in Pharmacology

Key performance indicators for environmental contamination caused by offshore oil spills

Assessing of the forensic reports documented by forensic medicine polyclinic of Adiyaman education and research hospital in 2017-2018

Self-Inflicted Traumatic Bilateral Upper Extremity Amputation as a Suicidal Gesture?

Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Diesel Pollution in Antarctica and a Review on Remediation Techniques

Dispersion scenarios of radioactive antimony in a macro-tidal continent-ocean transition system

Insights into the potential effects of released engineered nanomaterials from polymer nanocomposites: environmental issues and future activities for risk assessment and management


Protective Barrier Wall Response to Sequential Blast and Fire Events

Evaluation of the Utility of Vial Packaging to Reduce Occupational Exposure to Antineoplastic Drugs in Preventing Breakages and Scattering.

Health and Safety Among Commercial Marine Fisheries in Québec: Navigating Through Haddon Matrix to Better Understand Accidents Causation

Novel seismic–progressive collapse resilient super-tall building system

Finite element analysis of alternative load paths to prevent disproportionate collapse in platform-type CLT floor systems

Multiple drugs

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Accidental Events 우발적 사건

Accidental Events 우발적 사건
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