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High speed rail as urban generator? An analysis of land use change around European stations

Toward Accessibility-Based Planning

Improvements in high-speed rail network environmental evaluation and planning: An assessment of accessibility gains and landscape connectivity costs in Spain

Impacts of high-speed rail on the inequality of intercity accessibility: A case study of Liaoning Province, China

Subway Expansion and the Rise in the Spatial Disparity of Consumer Amenities

Publishing accessible content on OJS and beyond

Transnational Accessibility between Residential Areas Based on Multimodal Transport System

Modelling car ownership dynamics based on irregularly spaced panel data

Towards Accessible Remote Work

Equity analysis of dynamic bike-and-ride accessibility in the Netherlands

Accessibility in an educational software system: Experiences and Design Tips


Framework para construir plataformas de Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OCW y MOOC) orientadas a la Accesibilidad y Usabilidad

Disability rating system reform in Korea: focusing on improving of the service delivery system for people with disabilities

Do Bus Rapid Transit Systems Improve Accessibility to Job Opportunities for the Poor? The Case of Lima, Peru

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Accessibility Improvement 접근성 개선

Accessibility Improvement 접근성 개선
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