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Integrated sedimentological and petrophysical rock-typing of the Messinian Abu Madi formation in South Batra gas field, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt

Multi-disciplinary approach to sedimentary facies analysis of Messinian Salinity Crisis tectono-sequences (South-Mansoura Area, Nile Delta): Incised-valley fill geological model reconstruction and petroleum geology–reservoir element delineation

Abu Madi sentence examples within abu madi reservoir

Assessing hydrocarbon prospects in Abu Madi formation using well logging data in El-Qara field, Nile Delta Basin, Egypt

Permeability Prediction Using Hydraulic Flow Units: Baltim North Gas Field, Nile Delta, Egypt

Well log-aided source rock potential, basin modeling, and seismic attributes: Petroleum geology case study of Pliocene discovery at South Mansoura Area (Nile Delta)

Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Miocene-Pliocene sequence in the Monaga-1 Well, Nile Delta, Egypt

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Abu Madi 아부 마디

Abu Madi 아부 마디
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