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27 Contrast induced acute kidney injury – a five year review

276 Baseline renal autophagy-related protein p62 expression level predicts 24-week treatment effectiveness in lupus nephritis

273 Mixed germ tumor with yolk SAC tumor and mature teratoma – case report and literature review

SUN-016 27-Hydroxycholesterol a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator: Profiling 27-Hydroxycholesterol Effects on Estrogen Receptor Activity in Mice

271 Frequency of neonatal lupus in reference centers in the management of pregnancy and autoimmune diseases

277 Body mass index at time of diagnosis is predictive of future disease activity in SLE

27Al MAS NMR investigations on Al23Te77 glass: Observation of 5- coordinated Al and its influence on electrical switching

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27 Mixed venous oxygen levels in pulmonary hypertension is associated with right heart multi-parametric assessment

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27 CIED advisories: impact and effect on pacing clinic and patient care

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Abstract 27 초록 27

Abstract 27 초록 27
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