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GLEAM: Galaxy Line Emission & Absorption Modeling

Biopharmaceutics Applications of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Absorption Modeling and Simulation in Regulatory Submissions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for New Drugs.

Biorelevant dissolution testing and physiologically based absorption modeling to predict in vivo performance of supersaturating drug delivery systems.

Integrated computer-aided formulation design: A case study of andrographolide/ cyclodextrin ternary formulation

Comparison of FMM, FEM and FDTD for Absorption Modeling of Nanostructured Solar Cells and Photodetectors

Prediction of ARA/PPI Drug-Drug Interactions at the Drug Discovery and Development Interface.

Absorption modeling with FMM, FEM and FDT

A practical approach to modeling the impact of amorphous drug nanoparticles on the oral absorption of poorly soluble drugs.

Physiologically based absorption modeling to predict bioequivalence of controlled release and immediate release oral products

PBPK Absorption Modeling: Establishing the In Vitro–In Vivo Link—Industry Perspective

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Absorption Modeling 흡수 모델링

Absorption Modeling 흡수 모델링
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