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Compact Adaptively Secure ABE for NC1 from k-Lin

Compact Adaptively Secure ABE for \mathsf NC^1 from k-Lin

Abe Scheme sentence examples within Existing Abe Scheme

A conditional access system with revocation for mobile pay-TV systems revisited

Survey of Attribute-Based Encryption in Cloud Environment

Abe Scheme sentence examples within Authority Abe Scheme

Multi-Authority Non-Monotonic KP-ABE With Cryptographic Reverse Firewall

Towards a distributed ABE based approach to protect privacy on online social networks

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Efficient Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Online/Offline Encryption with User Revocation

(Dual) server-aided revocable attribute-based encryption with decryption key exposure resistance

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Unbounded Dynamic Predicate Compositions in Attribute-Based Encryption

Efficient Attribute-Based Encryption with Privacy-Preserving Key Generation and Its Application in Industrial Cloud

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A Keyword-Searchable ABE Scheme From Lattice in Cloud Storage Environment

Lightweight Distributed Attribute Based Keyword Search System for Internet of Things

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Compact Adaptively Secure ABE for NC1 from k-Lin

Compact Adaptively Secure ABE for \mathsf NC^1 from k-Lin

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Constant Size CP-ABE with Scalable Revocation for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices

Fine-grained data access control with attribute-hiding policy for cloud-based IoT

Analysis of Ciphertext Policy Hidden Attribute-Based Encryption and Its Improved Method

Dynamic Policy Attribute Based Encryption and its Application in Generic Construction of Multi-Keyword Search

Policy-based Revolutionary Ciphertext-policy Attributes-based Encryption

Enhancement of a Lightweight Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme for the Internet of Things

Revisiting BGG+14 ABE with weakness analysis

Secure Online/Offline Attribute-Based Encryption for IoT Users in Cloud Computing

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Dynamic Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage

A Study on Lightweight Anonymous CP-ABE Access Control for Secure Data Protection in Cloud Environment

Modern Family: A Revocable Hybrid Encryption Scheme Based on Attribute-Based Encryption, Symmetric Searchable Encryption and SGX

Revocable attribute-based encryption with decryption key exposure resistance and ciphertext delegation

A new verifiable outsourced ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption for big data privacy and access control in cloud

Attribute-based encryption with adaptive policy

White-Box Traceable Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption in Multi-Domain Environment

A Flexible Secure Key Delegation Mechanism for CP-ABE with Hidden Access Structure

Attribute-Based Encryption with Publicly Verifiable Outsourced Decryption

Flexible and Efficient Blockchain-Based ABE Scheme With Multi-Authority for Medical on Demand in Telemedicine System

Generic attribute revocation systems for attribute-based encryption in cloud storage

Decentralized, Revocable and Verifiable Attribute-Based Encryption in Hybrid Cloud System

Forward-Secure Data Outsourcing Based on Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption

Secure and Efficient Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme From Lattices

EduRSS: A Blockchain-Based Educational Records Secure Storage and Sharing Scheme

Outsourcing scheme of ABE encryption secure against malicious adversary

An Attribute Revocable CP-ABE Scheme

Traceable-then-revocable ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption scheme

Traceable CP-ABE for Outsourced Big Data in Cloud Storage

Secure Sharing Model Based on Block Chain in Medical Cloud (Short Paper)

Efficient CCA2 Secure Flexible and Publicly-Verifiable Fine-Grained Access Control in Fog Computing

Fine-grained access control of EHRs in cloud using CP-ABE with user revocation

Privacy-Preserving Broker-ABE Scheme for Multiple Cloud-Assisted Cyber Physical Systems

Generic Construction of ElGamal-Type Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes with Revocability and Dual-Policy

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A Scalable Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Data Storage and Access in Cloud

Formal Analysis of a Private Access Control Protocol to a Cloud Storage

Ciphertext Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Circuits from LWE Assumption

Ciphertext Outdate Attacks on the Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme With Time Encodings

Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption for Resource-Constrained Users in Edge Computing

A Dispersed Multi-Value Attribute-Based Encryption With Mediated Obfuscation

Forward and backward secure fuzzy encryption for data sharing in cloud computing

A revocable storage CP-ABE scheme with constant ciphertext length in cloud storage.

Key-policy attribute-based encryption against continual auxiliary input leakage

Fast, Compact, and Expressive Attribute-Based Encryption

Survey on Revocation in Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption

Efficient and Secure Data Storage CP-ABE Analysis Algorithm

Constant Size Ciphertext Distributed CP-ABE Scheme With Privacy Protection and Fully Hiding Access Structure

An Efficient Attribute Based Encryption Scheme in Smart Grid

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Abe Scheme 아베 계획

Abe Scheme 아베 계획
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