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Analysis of risk factors of radiation-induced lung toxicity in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with postoperative radiotherapy

Initial report on feasibility of PET/CT-based image-guided moderate hypofractionated thoracic irradiation in node-positive non-small cell lung Cancer patients with poor prognostic factors and strongly diminished lung function: a retrospective analysis

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Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction Is a Possible Independent Risk Factor of Radiation Pneumonitis in Locally Advanced Lung Cancer Patients

Outcomes of gefitinib therapy for disease recurrence in medically inoperable stage I lung adenocarcinoma patients with active EGFR mutations receiving stereotactic body radiotherapy: a single-institute retrospective study

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Low-altitude contour mapping of radiation fields using UAS swarm

Monte Carlo modeling of a holder for irradiation of dosimeters in beta radiation beams.

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P49. Treatment preferences for patients with metastatic spine disease with indeterminate spinal instability neoplastic scores (SINS 7-12)

Dramatic polarization in genitourinary expert opinions regarding the clinical utility of positron emission tomography (PET) imaging in prostate cancer

Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals AK2 as potential biomarker for late normal tissue radiotoxicity

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Quantitative analysis of macular retinal thickness and volume in patients with different degrees of Parkinson’s disease

Measurement of radiative gas and particle emissions in biomass flames

Effects of radiotherapy on wound healing

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The effect of light, phenylalanine and methyl jasmonate, alone or in combination, on growth and secondary metabolism in cell suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera.

Quantitative Measurement of Iron-Silicides by EPMA Using the Fe Lα and Lβ X-ray Lines: A New Twist to an Old Approach.

Analysis of national skin cancer expenditures in the United States Medicare population, 2013

Radiotherapy-Induced Changes in the Systemic Immune and Inflammation Parameters of Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Computational fluid radiative dynamics of the Galileo Jupiter entry

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2 Radiation 2 방사선

2 Radiation 2 방사선
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