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Epidemiology and costs of severe acute respiratory infection and influenza hospitalizations in adults with diabetes in India.

Improving NSAIDs Prescription in Emergency Services Unit by a Point-of-Care-Based Renal Function Evaluation.

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Cardiac arrhythmias, electrolyte abnormalities and serum cardiac glycoside concentrations in yellow oleander (Cascabela thevetia) poisoning – a prospective study

Efficacy of Brief Lifestyle Change in conjunction with Dental Care (Brief-LCDC) Programs on glycemic and periodontal status among DM patients

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Sensitivity of fluorine-18-fluoromethylcholine PET/CT to prostate-specific antigen over different plasma levels: a retrospective study in a cohort of 192 patients with prostate cancer

Oncologic Safety of Endoscopic Resection Based on Lymph Node Metastasis in Ulcerative Early Gastric Cancer.

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Emergency Department Grief Support: A Multidisciplinary Intervention to Provide Bereavement Support After Death in the Emergency Department.

Resectable lung lesions malignancy assessment and cancer detection by ultra-deep sequencing of targeted gene mutations in plasma cell-free DNA

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Transcatheter Patent Foramen Ovale Closure Is Effective in Alleviating Migraine in a 5-Year Follow-Up

Decision Regret Related to Urinary Diversion Choice Among Cystectomy Patients.

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The risk factors for long-term survival outcome in solitary hepatocellular carcinoma up to 2 cm: propensity score matching analysis in a population cohort with a high rate of HBV infection.

Impact of in vitro fertilization-preimplantation genetic testing (IVF-PGT) funding policy on clinical outcome: An issue that stems beyond effectiveness of treatment.

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Benchmarking Complications Associated with Esophagectomy

Perioperative Complications of Inpatient and Outpatient Single-Level Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy: A Comparative Retrospective Study.

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The effect of midazolam as premedication on the quality of postoperative recovery after laparotomy: a randomized clinical trial

Revision surgery for refractory cubital tunnel syndrome: A systematic review.

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The use of nasal over-the-counter agents in the evaluated Polish population. The underrated role of the pharmacist in patient education on medical treatment in patients with allergic rhinitis

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Comparison of persistence and adherence between fixed-dose combinations and two-pill combinations in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes

Notes from the Field: Administration of Expired Injectable Influenza Vaccines Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System — United States, July 2018–March 2019

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Improving NSAIDs Prescription in Emergency Services Unit by a Point-of-Care-Based Renal Function Evaluation.

The Effect of Standardizing Autologous Prime Techniques in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass.

Assessment of cerebral infarction after transient cerebral ischemic attack by ABCD2 score combined with the position of intracranial vascular stenosis

Anatomical Assessment of Cerebral Venous System by 3D phase contrast MR Venography

Influence of antidepressant therapy on sick leave in primary care: ADAS, a comparative observational study

Aggressive Hydration for the Prevention of Post-ERCP Pancreatitis: Effective When Combined With Rectal NSAIDs?

Safe Placement of Ommaya Reservoirs in Thrombocytopenic Patients: One Institutions Experience

Is Local Resection of Anal Canal Tumors Feasible with Transanal Endoscopic Surgery?

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Levamisole-induced vasculopathy: A systematic review.

Incidence and determinants of mortality among adult HIV infected patients on second-line antiretroviral treatment in Amhara region, Ethiopia: a retrospective follow up study

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Study of Surgical Site Infections in Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Long-term follow-up after single-incision laparoscopic surgery

Validation of the Liver Disease Quality of Life Instrument 1.0 in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B: A Prospective Study

Increasing Incidence of Hypertension in Females

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Validation of endovascular and open thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair in Ontario health administrative databases.

Influence of Training of Orthopaedic Surgeons on Clinical Outcome after Total Hip Arthroplasty in a High Volume Endoprosthetic Centre.

Added value of histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient maps for differentiating triple-negative breast cancer from other subtypes of breast cancer on standard MRI

Cytoplasmic Cyclin E Expression Predicts for Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer.

Mannose Receptor-positive Macrophage Infiltration Correlates with Prostate Cancer Onset and Metastatic Castration-resistant Disease.

Validity and reliability of Turkish version of the Brief Pain Inventory-Short Form for patients with chronic nonmalignant pain.

Mitochondrial mutations associated with cardiac angina

573. Enterococcal Bacteremia in a Tertiary Care Center in Mexico: A Retrospective Analysis Focus on Vancomycin-Resistant E. faecium and Ampicillin-Resistant E. faecalis

Association of Chronic Active Multiple Sclerosis Lesions With Disability In Vivo.

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Preoperative Administration of Olive Oil Reduces Chylothorax After Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy.

Variation analysis of tousled like kinase 1 gene in patients with sporadic premature ovarian insufficiency

Cost Efficacy of &agr;‐Galactosidase A Enzyme Screening for Fabry Disease

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Selective epidurography for the assessment of epidural catheter placement after esophagectomy.

Prognostic relevance of serum lactate kinetics should be approached with caution

Attitudes and Behavior of Patients with Gynecologic Malignancy Towards Sexual Issues: a Single-institutional Survey

Differences in Characteristics and Comorbidity of Cluster Headache According to the Presence of Migraine

Efficacy of adjuvant chemotherapy after resection of pulmonary metastasis from colorectal cancer: a propensity score-matched analysis.

3-dimensional ultrasound-guided percutaneous nephrolithotomy: total free versus partial fluoroscopy

Risk factors of postoperative low back pain for low-grade isthmic spondylolisthesis: a retrospective study

Abstract 4582: Mannose receptor positive macrophage infiltrate correlates with prostate cancer onset and metastatic castration-resistant disease

Genetic alterations of driver genes as independent prognostic factors for disease-free survival in patients with resected non-small cell lung cancer.

Hospitalised adults with pneumonia are frequently misclassified as another diagnosis.

Length of Stay and ICU Stay Are Increased With Repair of Traumatic Superior Mesenteric Vein Injury.

Analysis of Phenotypic Variables and Differentiation Between Untypical Crohn’s Disease and Untypical Intestinal Tuberculosis

Usefulness of serum lipase for early diagnosis of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis

Cycle length criteria for His-bundle capture are capable of determining pacing types misclassified by output criteria.

130 Trust the patient not the doctor: non-motor symptoms and quality of life in cervical dystonia

Abstract CT227: KEYNOTE-495/KeyImPaCT: Phase II biomarker-directed precision oncology study of pembrolizumab-based combination therapy for non-small cell lung cancer

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