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Associations of Genetic Variations in ABCA1 and Lifestyle Factors with Coronary Artery Disease in a Southern Chinese Population with Dyslipidemia: A Nested Case-Control Study

Special features of pulmonary tuberculosis among smokers: A case control study

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Added Value of Radiomics on Mammography for Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Feasibility Study.

Oncologic Outcomes of Adjuvant versus Salvage Radiotherapy after Prostatectomy

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Survival according to recurrence patterns after resection for transplantable hepatocellular carcinoma in HBV endemic area: Appraisal of liver transplantation strategy.

Sonological Evaluation of Malignant Nodules of Thyroid - A Study of 173 Cases

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Implementing a Comprehensive HCV Clinic within an HIV Clinic: A Model of Care for HCV Micro-elimination.

Implementing a Comprehensive Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Clinic Within a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Clinic: A Model of Care for HCV Microelimination

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Tumors of the scapula: A retrospective analysis identifying predictors of malignancy.

Single-Isocenter Multitarget Stereotactic Radiosurgery is Safe and Effective in the Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastases

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Evaluating the Correlation and Performance of PROMIS to SRS Questionnaires in Adult and Pediatric Spinal Deformity Patients.

Evaluating the Correlation and Performance of PROMIS to SRS Questionnaires in Adult and Pediatric Spinal Deformity Patients.

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Long-term outcome of low-cost glaucoma drainage device (Aurolab aqueous drainage implant) compared with Ahmed glaucoma valve

IDDF2019-ABS-0104 Gastrointestinal cytomegaloviral infection in immunocompetent patients is associated with more severe illnesses and has a higher mortality rate compared to infection in immunocompromised patients

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Diagnostic yield and clinical utility of a comprehensive gene panel for hereditary tumor syndromes

Resting vector volume measured before ileostomy reversal may be a predictor of major fecal incontinence in patients with mid or low rectal cancer: a longitudinal cohort study using a prospective clinical database

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Performance Status Is a Risk Factor for Depression before the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Patients

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Tivozanib versus sorafenib in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (TIVO-3): a phase 3, multicentre, randomised, controlled, open-label study.

Oncologic Outcomes of Adjuvant versus Salvage Radiotherapy after Prostatectomy

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Clinical Features and Advantages of a Novel Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Method

Significant Radiation Dose Reduction Using a Novel Angiography Platform in Patients Undergoing Cryoballoon Pulmonary Vein Isolation

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Correlation of CT Angiography and 99mTechnetium-Labeled Red Blood Cell Scintigraphy to Catheter Angiography for Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Single Institution Experience.

Atrial Septal Defect Size and Rims on Transesophageal Echocardiogram.

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Appendix or Ileum - Which is the Best Material for Mitrofanoff Channel Formation in Adults?

Enoxaparin Dosing for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Low Body Weight Patients

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[Meta-analysis on safety and efficacy of dual antiplatelet therapy combining with proton pump inhibitors for patients after percutaneous coronary intervention].

Artificial Intelligence Estimates the Importance of Baseline Factors in Predicting Response to Anti-PD1 in Metastatic Melanoma

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Sarcopenia predicts poor postoperative outcome in elderly patients with lung cancer

Live Attenuated and Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness

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CA 19-9 levels in patients with acute pancreatitis due to gallstone and metabolic/toxic reasons.

Use of Patient and Disease Characteristics as Predictive Indicators of Rituximab Infusion-Related Reactions in Adult Malignant Hematology Patients at an Academic Medical Center.

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Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology of gall bladder mass and mural thickening: a radio-pathological correlation

Reliability of Platelet Indices for Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism; a Brief Report

Effect of Hemodiafiltration on Self-Reported Sleep Duration: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Clinical Outcomes of Inside-Out Meniscal Repair According to Anatomic Zone of the Meniscal Tear

Prediction Tools for Psychiatric Adverse Effects After Levetiracetam Prescription

Outcomes of early versus delayed initiation of extracorporeal life support in cardiac surgery

Long-term results of intensity-modulated radiotherapy with three dose-fractionation regimens for localized prostate cancer

216 The deleterious survival impact of positive lymph nodes in cervical cancer: implications of the new FIGO staging system

Risk factors for conservative treatment failure in acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (OVCFs)

Delayed two-stage breast reconstruction: The impact of radiotherapy.

Real-World Safety of an Implantable Continuous Glucose Sensor Over Multiple Cycles of Use: A Post-Market Registry Study

Effects of Variant Histology on the Oncologic Outcomes of Patients With Upper Urinary Tract Carcinoma After Radical Nephroureterectomy: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis.

Including body composition in MELD scores improves mortality prediction among patients awaiting liver transplantation.

Bleeding risk of transbronchial cryobiopsy compared to transbronchial forceps biopsy in interstitial lung disease – a prospective, randomized, multicentre cross-over trial

Cannabis Use Based on Urine Drug Screens in Pregnancy and Its Association With Infant Birth Weight.

Intensive versus moderate statin therapy and early graft occlusion after coronary bypass surgery: The Aggressive Cholesterol Therapy to Inhibit Vein Graft Events randomized clinical trial

Effect of intrathecal catheterisation on incidence of postdural puncture headache after accidental dural puncture in non-obstetric patients

Predictive value of serum myostatin for the severity and clinical outcome of heart failure.

Cognitive Decline in Asymptomatic Middle Cerebral Artery Stenosis Patients with Moderate and Poor Collaterals: A 2-Year Follow-Up Study

Prolonged remission in SLE is possible by using reduced doses of prednisone: An observational study from the Lupus-Cruces and Lupus-Bordeaux inception cohorts.

Association of gait speed and grip strength with risk of cardiovascular events in patients on haemodialysis: a prospective study

Evaluation of different testing tools for the identification of non-gonococcal Neisseria spp. isolated from Lebanese male semen: a strong and significant association with infertility.

Intrauterine administration of peripheral mononuclear cells in recurrent implantation failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Efficiency of Dexamethasone for Treatment of Vasogenic Edema in Brain Metastasis Patients: A Radiographic Approach

Is Panoramic Imaging Equivalent to Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for Classifying Impacted Lower Third Molars?

Prognostic significance of castrate testosterone levels for patients with intermediate and high risk prostate cancer

Dress and address in hospital psychiatry: an issue?

Babesiosis Surveillance - United States, 2011-2015.

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A randomized controlled trial of cold snare polyppectomy and hot snare polypectomy for colorectal 4-9 mm polyps

Value of the Filtration Fraction Assessed by Dynamic 99mTc-Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid Renal Scintigraphy After Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition for the Diagnosis of Renovascular Hypertension

Safety and efficacy of percutaneous nephrolithotomy in patients with a single functioning kidney compared to patients with bilateral functioning kidneys

248. Thirty-Day Mortality Among Patients with Candidemia Diagnosed by T2Candida Assay Alone: Influence of Risk Factors and Candida Species

Risk Factors of Hypoglycemic Encephalopathy and Prolonged Hypoglycemia in Patients With Severe Hypoglycemia

Clinically Meaningful Improvement After Treatment of Cartilage Defects of the Knee With Osteochondral Grafts

Тотальная артропластика и передняя шейная дискэктомия с фиксацией: отдаленные результаты рандомизированного клинического исследования

Management of cervical spine epidural abscess: a systematic review

Satisfaction with Information Provision and Health-related Quality of Life in Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients: A Cross-sectional Population-based Study.

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