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1 Mice sentence examples within collagen induced arthritis


Eosinophils attenuate arthritis by inducing M2 macrophage polarization via inhibiting the IκB/P38 MAPK signaling pathway.

1 Mice sentence examples within 8 week old

Hepatotoxicity of a Cannabidiol-Rich Cannabis Extract in the Mouse Model

1136-P: Chemical Pancreatectomy as a Revolutionary Therapy for Chronic Pancreatitis and Prevention of Type 3C Diabetes

1 Mice sentence examples within high fat diet

High-fat diet improves tolerance to myocardial ischemia by delaying normalization of intracellular PH at reperfusion.

Impacts of the late adulthood diet-induced obesity onset on behavior, immune function, redox state and life span of male and female mice

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1 Mice sentence examples within 20 mg kg


The negative allosteric modulator of mGluR5, MPEP, potentiates the rewarding properties of cocaine in priming-induced reinstatement of CPP.

1 Mice sentence examples within 100 mg kg

1553. Human-Simulated Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Cefiderocol and Meropenem Are Conserved in Murine Models of Thigh Infection With or Without Iron Overload

1544. Efficacy of Human-Simulated Cefiderocol Exposure Against Gram-Negative Bacteria in an Iron-Overloaded Murine Thigh Infection Model

1 Mice sentence examples within amyloid precursor protein

Treadmill Exercise Decreases Aβ Deposition and Counteracts Cognitive Decline in APP/PS1 Mice, Possibly via Hippocampal Microglia Modifications

Iron accumulation in microglia triggers a cascade of events that leads to altered metabolism and compromised function in APP/PS1 mice

1 Mice sentence examples within short term memory

BIN1 recovers tauopathy-induced long-term memory deficits in mice and interacts with Tau through Thr348 phosphorylation

Increasing cerebral blood flow improves cognition into late stages in Alzheimer’s disease mice

1 Mice sentence examples within 3 month old

Inhibition of Rac1-dependent forgetting alleviates memory deficits in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease

Role of monocarboxylate transporter 4 in Alzheimer disease.

1 Mice sentence examples within 40 mg kg

[The role of hypothalamus polycomb gene methylation in bisphenol A exposure during pregnancy and premature puberty in female offspring].

726-P: Impaired Glucose Tolerance Blunts Exercise-Training Induced Improvements in Aerobic Exercise Capacity

1 Mice sentence examples within 10 mg kg

Chemotherapeutic agent doxorubicin alters uterine gene expression in response to estrogen in ovariectomized CD-1 adult mice†.

JWH133, a Cannabinoid receptor-2 agonist, attenuates neurological deficits and brain oedema after experimental Intracerebral Haemorrhage in mice

1 Mice sentence examples within 150 mg kg

Brain renin-angiotensin system blockade with orally active aminopeptidase A inhibitor prevents cardiac dysfunction after myocardial infarction in mice.

Abstract 3888: Intracranial evaluation of the in vivo pharmacokinetics, brain distribution, and efficacy of rucaparib inBRCA-mutant, triple-negative breast cancer

1 Mice sentence examples within blood brain barrier

The Amazon rain forest plant Uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw) and its specific proanthocyanidin constituents are potent inhibitors and reducers of both brain plaques and tangles

miR-124 regulates cerebromicrovascular function in APP/PS1 transgenic mice via C1ql3

1 Mice sentence examples within 20 µg kg

CT-1 (Cardiotrophin-1)-Gal-3 (Galectin-3) Axis in Cardiac Fibrosis and Inflammation: Mechanistic Insights and Clinical Implications

Subchronic Exposure to Di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate and Diisononyl Phthalate During Adulthood Has Immediate and Long-Term Reproductive Consequences in Female Mice

1 Mice sentence examples within control treatment corn

Prenatal exposure to bisphenol A, E and S induces transgenerational effects on female reproductive functions in mice.

Prenatal exposure to bisphenol A, E and S induces transgenerational effects on male reproductive functions in mice.

1 Mice sentence examples within 6 wild type

Human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K(HML-2) RNA causes neurodegeneration through Toll-like receptors

Developmental Accretion of Docosahexaenoic Acid Is Independent of Fatty Acid Transporter Expression in Brain and Lung Tissues of C57BL/6 and Fat1 Mice.

1 Mice sentence examples within 50 mg kg

Intranasal Glyphosate-Based Herbicide Administration Alters the Redox Balance and the Cholinergic System in the Mouse Brain

(+)-Sesamin attenuates chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced depressive-like behaviors and memory deficits via suppression of neuroinflammation.

1 Mice sentence examples within transgenic mouse model

NVP-BEZ235 (Dactolisib) Has Protective Effects in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Novel Mouse Tauopathy Model for Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Evaluation of Long-Term Effects on Cognition and Biomarker Levels After Therapeutic Inhibition of Tau Phosphorylation

1 Mice sentence examples within μg kg day

Exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate transgenerationally alters anxiety-like behavior and amygdala gene expression in adult male and female mice

Bisphenol S alters development of the male mouse mammary gland and sensitizes it to a peripubertal estrogen challenge.

1 Mice sentence examples within 7 month old

Electroacupuncture Improves Synaptic Function in SAMP8 Mice Probably via Inhibition of the AMPK/eEF2K/eEF2 Signaling Pathway

Albiflorin ameliorates memory deficits in APP/PS1 transgenic mice via ameliorating mitochondrial dysfunction

1 Mice sentence examples within week old male


Calcification of the cavernosal bodies may be responsible for development of erectile dysfunction in uremic apolipoprotein E deficient (apoE-/-) mice.

1 Mice sentence examples within 200 mg kg

Enhanced Survival in Mice Exposed to Ionizing Radiation by Combination of Gamma-Tocotrienol and Simvastatin.

Microbiota Facilitates the Formation of the Aminated Metabolite of Tea Polyphenols Which Trap Deleterious Reactive Endogenous Metabolites (P06-022-19).

1 Mice sentence examples within 75 mg kg

Adenosine and NMDA Receptors Modulate Neuroprotection-Induced NMDA Preconditioning in Mice

Differential effects of genistein and 8-prenylgenistein on reproductive tissues in immature female mice

1 Mice sentence examples within mg kg body

Effect on the offspring of pregnant females CD-1 mice treated with a single thallium(I) application.

1 Mice sentence examples within bovine collagen type

Photopheresis efficacy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: a pre-clinical proof of concept

1 Mice sentence examples within 500 mg kg

Comparative disposition of dimethylaminoethanol and choline in rats and mice following oral or intravenous administration.

1 Mice sentence examples within mg kg day

Ovarian follicle resilience in mice orally dosed with methoxychlor: Are reproductive impacts possible in mammals as ecological receptors?

1 Mice sentence examples within kg body weight

Fluoxetine-induced alteration of murine gut microbial community structure: evidence for a microbial endocrinology-based mechanism of action responsible for fluoxetine-induced side effects

1 Mice sentence examples within µg kg day

Alterations in oocytes and early zygotes following oral exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in young adult female mice.

1 Mice sentence examples within Group 1 Mice

Evaluation of immuno-modulating effect of recombinant heat shock protein 40 of Brucella abortus in mice

Emu Oil reduces disease severity in a mouse model of chronic ulcerative colitis

1 Mice sentence examples within 1 mice received

Attenuation of neuroinflammation reverses Adriamycin-induced cognitive impairments

Biodistribution and Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Gold Nanoparticles in Mice with Interspecies Extrapolation

1 Mice sentence examples within 1 mice displayed

1726-P: MDA5, a Janus-Faced dsRNA Sensor in Coxsackievirus-Accelerated Autoimmune Diabetes

Metallothionein 1 negatively regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and is differentially expressed in conditions of beta cell compensation and failure in mice and humans

1 Mice sentence examples within 1 mice compared

Infectious cDNA clones of two strains of Mayaro virus for studies on viral pathogenesis and vaccine development.

TLR5 is a new reporter for triple‐negative breast cancer indicated by radioimmunoimaging and fluorescent staining

1 Mice sentence examples within 1 mice showed

Metabolism and disposition of arsenic species from controlled dosing with sodium arsenite in adult and neonatal rhesus monkeys. VI. Toxicokinetic studies following oral administration.