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A Multimodal Interface for Virtual Character Animation Based on Live Performance and Natural Language Processing

Voice Controlled Home Automation

A study of the facilitation of cross-cultural understanding and intercultural sensitivity using speech-enabled language translation technology

A Method of Acquiring Accurate Information from Fuzzy Demand

Alexa Lied to Me: Skill-based Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Virtual Assistants

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Improving Usability Perception of Error-Prone AI Speakers: Elaborated Feedback Mitigates Negative Consequences of Errors

Privacy preserving speech analysis using emotion filtering at the edge: poster abstract

Speech-driven embodied entrainment character system with a voice back-channel

Automatic Lock of Cursor Movement: Implications for an Efficient Eye-Gaze Input Method for Drag and Menu Selection

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Gesture and Voice controlled Home Automation for Differently Challenged People

Emotion Filtering at the Edge

Development of an Embodied Group Entrainmacent Response System to Express Interaction-Activated Communication

Designing Visual Interfaces to Support Voice Input: The case of a TV application to request help in daily life tasks

Investigating Smartphone-based Pan and Zoom in 3D Data Spaces in Augmented Reality

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Automated Classroom Lecture Note Generation Using Natural Language Processing and Image Processing Techniques

More Voice Input 音声入力 sentence examples

Speakup - A Mobile Application to Train and Overcome Stuttering

Multimodal Web Based Video Annotator with Real-Time Human Pose Estimation

Young Children and Voice Search: What We Know From Human-Computer Interaction Research

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Design and Implementation of VR Multi-Dimensional Intelligent Tourism Information System

Enhancing Student Comprehension of Lecture Content in a Foreign Language

Pronunciation Error Detection in Voice Input for Correct Word Suggestion

Development of Voice Commands in Digital Signage for Improved Indoor Navigation Using Google Assistant SDK

Braille text entry on smartwatches: an evaluation of methods for composing the Braille cell

Effect of Two Common Head-Mounted Augmented Reality Systems on Muscle Force and Blink Rate of Electric Utility Power Plant Operators

Changes and Differences in Mental Status of Nurses: Using Mind Monitoring System by Voice

The Catcher in the Field: A Fieldprint based Spoofing Detection for Text-Independent Speaker Verification

Using voice input for improving the efficiency of surveying plant disease severity

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