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Functional comparison of MERS-coronavirus lineages reveals increased replicative fitness of the recombinant lineage 5

Cone photoreceptor reflectance variation in the northern tree shrew and thirteen-lined ground squirrel

Stress distribution and patient satisfaction in flexible and cast metal removable partial dentures: Finite element analysis and randomized pilot study.

Comparison of macaque and human L- and M-cone driven electroretinograms.

Human upper-airway respiratory airflow: In vivo comparison of computational fluid dynamics simulations and hyperpolarized 129Xe phase contrast MRI velocimetry

Assessment of the evolutionary consequence of putative driver mutations in colorectal cancer with spatial multiomic data

Comparison of cubosomes and hexosomes for the delivery of phenytoin to the brain.

Single amino acid insertion allows functional transduction of murine hepatocytes with human liver tropic AAV capsids

Preliminary Evaluations of [11C]Verubulin: Implications for Microtubule Imaging With PET

The enhancing antifungal effect of AD1 aptamer-functionalized amphotericin B-loaded PLGA-PEG nanoparticles with a low-frequency and low-intensity ultrasound exposure on C.albicans biofilm through targeted effect

Quantile-specific heritability of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, and relevance to rs1024611-disease interactions.

Feature Robustness and Diagnostic Capabilities of Convolutional Neural Networks Against Radiomics Features in Computed Tomography Imaging.

In situ evaluation of spatiotemporal distribution of doxorubicin from Drug-eluting Beads in a tissue mimicking phantom.

Dual Role of Interleukin-10 in Murine NZB/W F1 Lupus

Comparison of Site Localization Techniques for Brain Stimulation

Comparison of cytosine base editors and development of the BEable-GPS database for targeting pathogenic SNVs

Abstract 1133: ImmunoPET and T cell labeling for in vivo monitoring of immunotherapy: Development of CD8 Fab2’ and Fab tracers for immunoPET and direct labeling of T cells for in vivo tracking

CAIX-targeting radiotracers for hypoxia imaging in head and neck cancer models

TE1PA as innovating chelator for 64Cu immuno-TEP imaging: a comparative in vivo study with DOTA/NOTA by conjugation on 9E7.4 mAb in a syngeneic multiple myeloma model.

Assessment of nanomaterial-induced hepatotoxicity using a 3D human primary multi-cellular microtissue exposed repeatedly over 21 days - the suitability of the in vitro system as an in vivo surrogate

Comparison of invasive and non-invasive aortic wave intensity and wave power analyses in sheep.

Comparison of high and low molar activity TSPO tracer [18F]F-DPA in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Tight junction, mucin, and inflammasome‐related molecules are differentially expressed in eosinophilic, mixed, and neutrophilic experimental asthma in mice

Human pollution exposure correlates with accelerated ultrastructural degradation of hair fibers

Mitral valve modelling and three-dimensional printing for planning and simulation of mitral valve repair

Substitution of lysine for isoleucine at the center of the nonpolar face of the antimicrobial peptide, piscidin-1, leads to an increase in the rapidity of bactericidal activity and a reduction in toxicity

Comparative analysis of bone regeneration behavior using recombinant human BMP-2 versus plasmid DNA of BMP-2.

118. Prospective animal study of 5 FDA-approved cervical artificial discs

Development of Small-diameter Polyester Vascular Grafts Coated with Silk Fibroin Sponge

LncRNA UCA1 facilitated cell growth and invasion through the miR-206/CLOCK axis in glioma

Osteogenic potential of induced pluripotent stem cells from human adipose-derived stem cells

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