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Morphology, localization, and postnatal development of dural macrophages.

All-in-One Silk Fibroin Sponge as the Vitrification Cryodevice of Rat Pancreatic Islets and the VEGF-Embedded Scaffold for Subrenal Transplantation.

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Lymphatic-specific intracellular modulation of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling improves lymphatic growth and function

Investigating lymphangiogenesis in vitro and in vivo using engineered human lymphatic vessel networks

Vessel Network sentence examples within Collateral Vessel Network

Predictors of neoangiogenesis after indirect revascularisation in moyamoya disease: a 10-year follow-up study

[Clinical findings of a patient with hemiballism after superficial temporal artery-middle cerebral artery anastomosis for idiopathic middle cerebral artery stenosis].

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Vessel Network sentence examples within Retinal Vessel Network

Automatic Retinal Vascular Network Detection using Multi-Thresholding Approach based on Otsu

Reliability of Manual Vascular Segmentation for Retinal Fractal Dimension using Peek Retina tm

Vessel Network sentence examples within Rudimentary Vessel Network

How to Pare a Pair: Topology Control and Pruning in Intertwined Complex Networks

How to Pare a Pair: Topology Control and Pruning in Intertwined Complex Networks

Vessel Network sentence examples within vessel network analysi

Hierarchical imaging and computational analysis of three-dimensional vascular network architecture in the entire postnatal and adult mouse brain.

Scalable robust graph and feature extraction for arbitrary vessel networks in large volumetric datasets

Vessel Network sentence examples within vessel network formation

Pressure-driven spreadable deferoxamine-laden hydrogels for vascularized skin flaps.

Engineered resveratrol-loaded fibrous scaffolds promotes functional cardiac repair and regeneration through Thioredoxin-1 mediated VEGF pathway.

Angiogenesis Is Differentially Modulated by Platelet-Derived Products

3D Bioprinting of prevascularised implants for the repair of critically-sized bone defects.

Mathematical modeling of intraplaque neovascularization and hemorrhage in a carotid atherosclerotic plaque

Lamina cribrosa vessel and collagen beam networks are distinct

The Preparation of Chicken Ex Ovo Embryos and Chorioallantoic Membrane Vessels as In Vivo Model for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging and Microbubble-Mediated Drug Delivery Studies.

Association networks in the Dutch offshore beam trawl fleet: their predictors and relationship to vessel performance

Human Blood Vessel Organoids Penetrate Human Cerebral Organoids and Form a Vessel-Like System

Automatic segmentation, feature extraction and comparison of healthy and stroke cerebral vasculature

High-resolution functional photoacoustic monitoring of vascular dynamics in human fingers

Vascular Fractality and Alimentation of Cancer

Blood Clotting Decreases Pulmonary Circulation during the Coronavirus Disease

From remodeling to quiescence: The transformation of the vascular network.

Mathematical Modeling of Intraplaque Neovascularization and Hemorrhage in a Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque

Fibroblast growth factor‐2/platelet‐derived growth factor enhances atherosclerotic plaque stability

Optical coherence tomography angiography in preclinical neuroimaging.

Modelling the transport of fluid through heterogeneous, whole tumours in silico

Engineering stem cell cardiac patch with microvascular features representative of native myocardium

CCN1 interlinks integrin and hippo pathway to autoregulate tip cell activity

Data on a novel liver bioscaffold (rDLS) generated from regenerative liver with activated extracellular matrix for functional liver regeneration

Elevated blood/lymphatic vessel ratio in pterygium and its relationship with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) distribution.

The Movement of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Its Relationship with Substances Behavior in Cerebrospinal and Interstitial Fluid

Senescent Cells with Augmented Cytokine Production for Microvascular Bioengineering and Tissue Repairs

Neovascularization and Intraplaque Hemorrhage in Atherosclerotic Plaque Destabilization-A Mathematical Model

Hemodynamic assessment of pulmonary hypertension in mice: a model-based analysis of the disease mechanism

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