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Estimation of dynamically changing navigation parameters of the group of autonomous vehicles

Aircraft ground operations: steps towards automation

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UWB Base Station Cluster Localization for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Guidance

A Flexible Distributed Control Strategy for Teams of Vehicles Moving within Severe Obstacle Scenarios

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A Comparison of Trajectory Planning and Control Frameworks for Cooperative Autonomous Driving

An Analytical Model for Performance Analysis of an Active Signaling-based TDMA MAC Protocol for Vehicular Networks

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Traffic state estimation by backward moving observers: An application and validation under an incident

Fuel efficiency standards’ roles in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants

Vehicles Moving sentence examples within vehicles moving acros

A Spatial Searching Method for Planning Under Time-Dependent Constraints for Eco-Driving in Signalized Traffic Intersection

Traffic management and networking for autonomous vehicular highway systems

Low Cost Data Acquisition System for Road-Vehicle Interaction Using Arduino Board

IoV based intelligent vehicle tracker using FoG computing with supervised machine learning techniques

Post-Crash Detection and Traffic Analysis

Robust Adaptive Beam Tracking for Mobile Millimetre Wave Communications

A Distributed Model Predictive Control Strategy for Constrained Multi-Vehicle Systems Moving in Unknown Environments

The investigation of eco-driving possibilities in passenger car used in urban traffic

Assuring Learning-Enabled Components in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Study on Preventing Data Collision by Enhanced Safety or Alert Message Broadcasting Strategy in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET)

Prevention of injuries in concurrent collision of vehicles in AIC technological pro-cesses

Generating Trips and Assigning Route to a SUMO Network Through the Origin–Destination Matrix: A Case Study of Mobility Routing Model for VANETs

Estimation of Urban Traffic State With Probe Vehicles

Relationship between the Dynamic Parameters of a Structure’s Vibration Process and the Loading Model Moving on a Bridge

An indirect bridge frequency identification method using dynamic responses of high-speed railway vehicles


Cable-Stayed Bridge Loads Caused by Traffic Congestion on the Deck Measured with Bridge Monitoring System

Airborne LiDAR for Detection and Characterization of Urban Objects and Traffic Dynamics

Providing interlayer adhesion of dissimilar layers of top road surfaces

A Region-and-Trajectory Movement Matching for Multiple Turn-counts at Road Intersection on Edge Device

Vehicle fleet characterization study in the city of Madrid and its application as a support tool in urban transport and air quality policy development

Robust adaptive sliding mode control of underactuated autonomous underwater vehicles with uncertain dynamics

Maneuverability of Tracked Vehicle at the Border of Traction Between Tracks and Ground

Sound Radiation from Vehicles on the Right-Angle Bend of the Road

Mobility and Terrain-aware Data Delivery in Urban Vehicular Networks

Joint Optimization of UAV Trajectory and Radio Resource Allocation for Drive-Thru Vehicular Networks

Prediction-based next-hop forwarding strategy in vehicular ad-hoc networks

Study on braking process of vehicles at the signalized intersection based on car-following theory

Assessing pedestrian safety across modalities via a simulated vehicle time-to-arrival task.

Detection of Microrelief Objects to Impede the Movement of Vehicles in Terrain

An Improved CF-MAC Protocol for VANET

A novel cost/benefit approach for reducing frequency of deviant driving speeds in expressways

Route Optimization in logistics distribution based on Particle Swarm Optimization

DC-DC Converter and Rectifier with Resonator for Solar and Wireless Charging in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Prediction of Mining Railcar Remaining Useful Life

$$H_\infty $$H∞ tracking adaptive fuzzy integral sliding mode control for a train of self-balancing vehicles

An Improved CF-MAC Protocol for VANET

RESP: Relay Suitability-based Routing Protocol for Video Streaming in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Design of Various Dynamical-Based Trajectory Tracking Control Strategies for Multi-Vehicle Platooning Problem

Concept and implementation of adaptive road lighting concurrent with vehicles

Experimental Investigations: Dynamic Analysis of a Beam Under the Moving Mass to Characterize the Crack Presence

Modelling the major stream delay due to U-turns

Numerical investigation of the drag force reduction for homogeneous column of vehicles

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Vehicles Moving 車両の移動の概要

Vehicles Moving 車両の移動
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