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Variable Viscosity sentence examples within variable thermal conductivity

MHD radiative Carreau-nanofluid stream through a plumb stretching sheet with the influence of binary chemical reaction and Arrhenius activation energy

Unsteady flow analysis of Maxwell fluid with temperature dependent variable properties and quadratic thermo-solutal convection influence

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within pressure gradient parameter

Unsteady mixed convection flow of variable viscosity nanofluid in a micro-channel filled with a porous medium

Modeling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ferrofluid (Fe3O4–H2O) Flow in a Microchannel Filled with a Porous Medium

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within steady two dimensional

Analysis of heat absorption on natural convection flow along a vertical wavy surface with viscous dissipation under variable viscosity

Darcy–Forchheimer couple stress hybrid nanofluids flow with variable fluid properties

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Variable Viscosity sentence examples within skin friction coefficient

The influence of variable electrical conductivity on non-Darcian Casson nanofluid flow with first and second-order slip conditions

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within Dependent Variable Viscosity

Thermodynamic analysis of a variable viscosity reactive hydromagnetic couette flow within parallel plates

Rheological analysis on non-Newtonian wire coating

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within variable viscosity parameter

Unsteady flow of three-dimensional Maxwell nanofluid with variables properties over a stretching surface

Effects of Temperature Dependent Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of a Micropolar Fluid over a Stretching Surface with Radiation

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within variable viscosity effect

Influence of heat carry on magnetohydrodynamics oscillatory flow for variable viscosity Carreau fluid through a porous medium

Variable Viscosity Effect on Boundary Layer Flow Along Continuously Moving Plate with the Thermal Boundary Condition of the Third Kind

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within variable viscosity coefficient

Analysis of Schwarz waveform relaxation for the coupled Ekman boundary layer problem with continuously variable coefficients

Boundary-Domain Integral Equations equivalent to an exterior mixed BVP for the variable-viscosity compressible Stokes PDEs

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within variable viscosity result

Impact of variable liquid properties on Peristaltic mechanism of convectively heated Jeffrey fluid in a slippery elastic tube

Peristaltic mechanism of a Rabinowitsch fluid in an inclined channel with complaint wall and variable liquid properties

Variable Viscosity sentence examples within variable viscosity condition

The Viscosity of Oil Influence on the Working Characteristics of Electric Submersible Pump under Variable Speed

Inclination angle effect of tribological performance for hydrostatic bearing having tilting oil pad under variable viscosity conditions

Thin Film Blood Based Casson Hybrid Nanofluid Flow with Variable Viscosity

Extraction and Stabilization of Betalains from Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) Wastes Using Deep Eutectic Solvents

Determining the bound water content of montmorillonite from molecular simulations

A novel application of Lobatto IIIA solver for numerical treatment of mixed convection nanofluidic model

Gyrotactic microorganisms mixed convection flow of nanofluid over a vertically surfaced saturated porous media

Optimal Control for a Nonlocal Model of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows

Modeling of Nonlinear Variable Viscosity on Peristaltic Transport of Fluid with Slip Boundary Conditions: Application to Bile Flow in Duct

Steady Marangoni instabilities in variable-viscosity liquid layer in the presence of insoluble surfactant

Non-linear Rayleigh-Benard Magnetoconvection in Temperature-sensitive Newtonian Liquids with Variable Heat Source

Influence of Heat Transfer on Magnetohydrodynamics Oscillatory Flow for Bingham Fluid with Variable Viscosity Through a Porous channel

Mixed convection MHD flows of Ag, Cu, TiO$$_{2}$$ and Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ nanofluids over in unsteady stretching sheet in the presence of heat generation along with radiation$${\setminus }$$absorption effects

Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid Flow due to an Unsteady Stretching Sheet with Thermal Radiation, Porous Medium, and Variable Heat Flux

Mathematical Analysis of Thermal Energy Distribution in a Hybridized Mixed Convective Flow

High-order conservative formulation of viscous terms for variable viscosity flows

The Effect of Variable Viscosity on Unsteady Free Convective Fluid Flow over a Stretching Surface in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Viscous Dissipation

Analysis of unsteady magnetohydrodynamic radiative thin liquid film flow, heat and mass transfer over a stretching sheet with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity

Semi-analytical treatment of Hall current effect on peristaltic flow of Jeffery nanofluid

Concentration Dependence of the Viscosity Activation Energy of Aqueous Ethylene Glycol Mixtures

Effects of variable viscosity and rotation modulation on ferroconvection

Mixed convection peristalsis of hybrid nanomaterial flow in thermally active symmetric channel

Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamics Slip Flow of Powell-Eyring Fluid with Microorganisms Over an Inclined Permeable Stretching Sheet

Unsteady squeezing second order of nanofluid flow through an infinite channel

Transportation of modified nanofluid flow with time dependent viscosity over a Riga plate: Exponentially stretching

Influence of the Thermophysical Model on the CFD Analysis of Oil-Cooled Transformer Windings

Flow and heat transportation in peristalsis of graphene-Fe 3 O 4 /H 2 O hybrid nanofluid with variable effective viscosity


Influence of Temperature and Concentration on MHD Oscillatory Flow for Bingham Fluid with Variable Viscosity Through an inclined channel

Viscosity correction in convective heat transfer correlation of non-Newtonian fluid pipe flow: Revisited

Comments on: Short-term outcome of botulinum neurotoxin A injection with or without sodium hyaluronate in the treatment of infantile esotropia - A prospective interventional study

Influence Of Rotation, Variable Viscosity And Temperature On Peristaltic Transport In An Asymmetric Channel

A comparative study of three dimensional flow of Casson–Williamson nanofluids past a riga plate: Spectral quasi-linearization approach

Mathematical Modelling of Power Law Fluid Flow Through a Pipe and Its Rheology

Analytical Study on Couple Stress Fluid in an inclined Channel

Intelligent numerical computing paradigm for heat transfer effects in a Bodewadt flow

Effects of Generative/Destructive Chemical Reaction on Mass Transport in Williamson Liquid with Variable Thermophysical Properties

Impact of heat and mass transfer on the peristaltic mechanism of Jeffery fluid in a non-uniform porous channel with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity

Analysis of mixed convection in water boundary layer flows over a moving vertical plate with variable viscosity and Prandtl number

Influence of Variable Transport Properties on Nonlinear Radioactive Jeffrey Fluid Flow Over a Disk: Utilization of Generalized Differential Quadrature Method

Bio-fluid flow analysis based on heat transfer and variable viscosity

The dynamic simulation and experiment of bearing capacity of multi oil cushion static bearing with double rectangular cavities

Influence of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity, hydrodynamic and thermal slips on magnetohydrodynamic micropolar flow: a numerical study

Endoscopic submucosal dissection: macromolecules or high-pressure injection or both?

Modeling tissue growth with the Stokes equation

Characterization of Biomimetic Peristaltic Pumping System Based on Flexible Silicone Soft Robotic Actuators as an Alternative for Technical Pumps

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Peristaltic motion of non-newtonian fluid with variable liquid properties in a convectively heated nonuniform tube: rabinowitsch fluid model

Influence of Composition Dependent Diffusion Coefficient, Viscosity and Relaxation Time on Evaporative Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni Instabilities Induced by Solvent Evaporation in a Polymer Solution

Large-scale simulation of mantle convection based on a new matrix-free approach

Variable viscoelasticity handshake manipulator for physical human–robot interaction using artificial muscle and MR brake

Combine Impacts of Electrokinetic Variable Viscosity and Partial Slip on Peristaltic MHD Flow Through a Micro-channel

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Peristaltic mechanism of Bingham liquid in a convectively heated porous tube in the presence of variable liquid properties

Heat transfer enhancement in the boundary layer flow of hybrid nanofluids due to variable viscosity and natural convection

Effects of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Micropolar Fluid Flow Due to a Stretching Cylinder in Presence of Magnetic Field

Hot oil carrying characteristic about hydrostatic bearing oil film of heavy vertical lathe in high speed

Radiative heat transfer in Powell–Eyring nanofluid with peristalsis

Non-similar solution of Casson nanofluid with variable viscosity and variable thermal conductivity

Simulation of particle migration during viscosity measurement of solid-bearing slag using a spindle rotational type viscometer

MRLift: a Semi-active Lower Back Support Exoskeleton based on MR Fluid and Force Retention Technology

On Two-Dimensional Variable Viscosity Fluid Motion with Body Forcefor Intermediate Peclet Number Via von-Mises Coordinates

An adaptive variational finite difference framework for efficient symmetric octree viscosity

Effect of Variable Viscosity on Natural Convection Flow Between Vertical Parallel Plates in the Presence of Heat Generation/Absorption

Effect of variable liquid properties on peristaltic transport of Rabinowitsch liquid in convectively heated complaint porous channel

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Peristaltic Flow of a Jeffery Fluid with Heat Transfer in an Inclined Porous Tube under the Influence of Slip and Variable Viscosity

Analytical Solution of Lift for Thin Film Flow for Phan Thien Tanner Fluid

Suction/injection effects on an unsteady MHD Casson thin film flow with slip and uniform thickness over a stretching sheet along variable flow properties

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Large eddy simulation of turbulent heat transfer in a non-isothermal channel: Effects of temperature-dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity

On Plane Motion of Incompressible Variable Viscosity Fluids with Moderate Peclet Number in Presence of Body Force Via Von-Mises Coordinates

Numerical study of unsteady flow and heat transfer CNT-based MHD nanofluid with variable viscosity over a permeable shrinking surface

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