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Variable Transformation sentence examples within probability density function

A complete probabilistic solution for a stochastic Milne problem of radiative transfer using KLE-RVT technique

A probabilistic analysis of a Beverton-Holt type discrete model: Theoretical and computing analysis.

Variable Transformation sentence examples within heat conduction equation

On thermoelastic problem of a thermosensitive functionally graded rectangular plate with instantaneous point heat source

Uncoupled thermoelastic problem of a functionally graded thermosensitive rectangular plate with convective heating

Variable Transformation sentence examples within + 1 dimensional

Multiple rogue wave, breather wave and interaction solutions of a generalized (3 + 1)-dimensional variable-coefficient nonlinear wave equation

Invariant analysis, exact solutions and conservation laws of (2+1)-dimensional time fractional Navier–Stokes equations

Variable Transformation sentence examples within second order differential

Passivity Analysis of Markov Jump Inertial Neural Networks Subject to Reaction-Diffusion

Passivity-based synchronization for Markov switched neural networks with time delays and the inertial term

Variable Transformation sentence examples within first order differential

Exponential Stabilization of Inertial Memristive Neural Networks With Multiple Time Delays

Research on CNN Coal and Rock Recognition Method Based on Hyperspectral Data

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Random Variable Transformation

A full probabilistic solution of a stochastic red blood cells model using RVT technique

Propagation of dust acoustic waves in multi-components plasma with random parameters

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Suitable Variable Transformation

Sensor Arrangement in Monostatic Subsurface Radar Imaging

Passivity Analysis of Markov Jump Inertial Neural Networks Subject to Reaction-Diffusion

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Wave Variable Transformation

Explicit Travelling Wave Solutions to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Arise in Mathematical Physics and Engineering

A high-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation with the weak non-local nonlinearity and its optical solitons

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Dependent Variable Transformation

Painlevé Analysis, Soliton Molecule, and Lump Solution of the Higher-Order Boussinesq Equation

D’Alembert wave and soliton molecule of the modified Nizhnik–Novikov–Veselov equation

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Normal Variable Transformation

Research on CNN Coal and Rock Recognition Method Based on Hyperspectral Data

Research on the Processing of Coal Mine Water Source Data by Optimizing BP Neural Network Algorithm With Sparrow Search Algorithm

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Novel Variable Transformation

PI Consensus Error Transformation for Adaptive Cooperative Control of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems

A Novel Alternative Optimization Method for Joint Power and Trajectory Design in UAV-Enabled Wireless Network

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Proper Variable Transformation

Path Tracking Control of Autonomous Vehicles via Adaptive Iterative Learning Control

Exponential Synchronization of Inertial Memristor-Based Neural Networks with Time Delay Using Average Impulsive Interval Approach

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Appropriate Variable Transformation

Energy-Efficiency Maximization of MIMO System with Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer

Passivity Analysis for Memristor-Based Inertial Neural Networks With Discrete and Distributed Delays

Variable Transformation sentence examples within Using Variable Transformation

Orbital Stability of Peakons for a Generalized Camassa-Holm Equation

Isochronous cosmological solutions of the Friedmann–Robertson–Walker model

Variable Transformation sentence examples within variable transformation technique

A full probabilistic solution of a stochastic red blood cells model using RVT technique

Single Link Manipulator Trajectory Tracking using Nonlinear Control Algorithm

Variable Transformation sentence examples within variable transformation method

Novel Finite-Time Reliable Control Design for Memristor-Based Inertial Neural Networks With Mixed Time-Varying Delays

Synchronization criteria of delayed inertial neural networks with generally Markovian jumping

On kinetic electrostatic plasma waves carrying orbital angular momentum

Outer Approximations of Minkowski Operations on Complex Sets via Sum-of-Squares Optimization

Modular transformations of elliptic Feynman integrals

Equivalent-input-disturbance-based robust control of drilling trajectory with weight-on-bit uncertainty in directional drilling.

Analytical solutions for the generalized sine-Gordon equation with variable coefficients

Probabilistic response of a fractional-order hybrid vibration energy harvester driven by random excitation.

Delay-Dependent Criteria for Global Exponential Stability of Time-Varying Delayed Fuzzy Inertial Neural Networks

An introduction to model implied instrumental variables using two stage least squares (MIIV-2SLS) in structural equation models (SEMs).


Coupled finite-element/topology optimization of continua using the Newton-Raphson method

Estimation of marginal effects for models with alternative variable transformations

Solitary wave solutions and integrability for generalized nonlocal complex modified Korteweg-de Vries (cmKdV) equations

Special Functions-Based Fixed-Time Estimation and Stabilization for Dynamic Systems

Analytical solutions for sediment concentration in waves based on linear diffusivity

Dc-MMC for the interconnection of HVDC grids with different line topologies

A note on confidence intervals for the restricted mean survival time based on transformations in small sample size.

An efficient algorithm for finding all solutions of nonlinear equations using parallelogram LP test

Methodological Variation in Empirical Corporate Finance

Cost-Efficient Deployment of Storage Unit in Residential Energy Systems

Time fractional heat transfer analysis in thermally sensitive functionally graded thick hollow cylinder with internal heat source and its thermal stresses

A high-order accurate finite difference scheme for the KdV equation with time-periodic boundary forcing

Numerical analysis of large deflection of the cantilever beam subjected to a force pointing at a fixed point

A new entropy-variable-based discretization method for minimum entropy moment approximations of linear kinetic equations

Methodological Variation in Empirical Corporate Finance

Modeling a Symmetrically-Notched Continuum Neurosurgical Robot With Non-Constant Curvature and Superelastic Property

A Linearization to the Sum of Linear Ratios Programming Problem

Stochastic dynamics of a piezoelectric energy harvester with fractional damping under Gaussian colored noise excitation

Stability analysis of a high-order finite-difference scheme for the Korteweg–de Vries equation with non-homogeneous boundaries

Stochastic P-bifurcations of a noisy nonlinear system with fractional derivative element

Finite-Time $\mathcal {L}_{2}$-$\mathcal {L}_{\infty }$ Synchronization for Semi-Markov Jump Inertial Neural Networks Using Sampled Data

Fixed-Time Synchronization of Second-Order MNNs in Quaternion Field

Power Allocation Optimization for NOMA based Visible Light Communications

Model reduction for multi-scale transport problems using model-form preserving least-squares projections with variable transformation

Economic Value of Energy Storages in Unit Commitment With Renewables and Its Implication on Storage Sizing

Stochastic bifurcation analysis of a friction-damped system with impact and fractional derivative damping

Small Symmetrical Deformation of Thin Torus with Circular Cross-Section

On multi-level multi-objective linear fractional programming problem with interval parameters

Comment on: “On the computation of eigenvalues of the anharmonic Coulombic potential”

Exponential synchronization of inertial reaction-diffusion coupled neural networks with proportional delay via periodically intermittent control


Rogue Wave and Multiple Lump Solutions of the (2+1)-Dimensional Benjamin-Ono Equation in Fluid Mechanics

Robust dissipativity analysis for delayed memristor-based inertial neural network

Topology optimization via sequential integer programming and Canonical relaxation algorithm

A Robust Adaptive Identification of Sinusoidal Signal With Unknown Frequency

Temperature prediction by a fractional heat conduction model for the bi-layered spherical tissue in the hyperthermia experiment

Design of Robust Fractional Predictive Control using Global Optimization Approach

A spectral collocation method for stochastic Volterra integro-differential equations and its error analysis

The Viscoelastic Seismic Model: Existence, Uniqueness and Differentiability with Respect to Parameters

What is driving global obesity trends? Globalization or “modernization”?

The MIAmaxent R package: Variable transformation and model selection for species distribution models

Optimization and evaluation of a monthly air temperature and precipitation gridded dataset with a 0.025° spatial resolution in China during 1951–2011

A unified procedure for free transverse vibration of rectangular and annular sectorial plates

Implementation of Transformational Leadership of Study Program Chairperson and its Impact on Lecturers Achievement Motivation

A New Technique Based on Voronoi Tessellation to Assess the Space-Dependence of Categorical Variables

A Singularity Cancelation Transformation for Entire-Domain Analysis of 2-D Structures With High-Precision Integration

Gaya kepemimpinan transformasional dan transaksional terhadap prestasi kerja pegawai pada dinas pertanian kabupaten buru selatan

Families of Travelling Waves Solutions for Fractional-Order Extended Shallow Water Wave Equations, Using an Innovative Analytical Method

Jamming-Immune Receiver Design for MIMO-NOMA Systems Using Optimal Manifold Filtering

Condition monitoring for three-phase inverters with the Derivative-free nonlinear Kalman Filter

Lax pair, infinitely-many conservation laws and soliton solutions for a set of the time-dependent Whitham-Broer-Kaup equations for the shallow water

Synchronization in Networks of Linear Systems With Three Time Scales

Quadrotor UAV Control for Transportation of Cable Suspended Payload


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