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A conjoint analysis of the acute and critical care experiential learning preferences of Baccalaureate student nurses.

Teleconsultation for the Pharmaceutical Care of HIV Outpatients in Receipt of Home Antiretrovirals Delivery: Clinical, Economic, and Patient-Perceived Quality Analysis.

A Multivalued Test and Diagnostic Strategy Optimization Method for Aircraft System Fault Diagnosis

Measuring Intention to buy Air freshener product based on Brand Name, Packaging, Product Quality, Price, and Advertising in Indonesia

LCJoin: Set Containment Join via List Crosscutting

A unifying view of explicit and implicit feature maps of graph kernels

FreshJoin: An Efficient and Adaptive Algorithm for Set Containment Join

Farmed fish as a functional food: Perception of fish fortification and the influence of origin – Insights from Portugal

An Improved Random Forest Algorithm Based on Attribute Compatibility

ResumeVis: Interactive Correlation Explorer of Resumes

Health‐Related Quality of Life and Cognitive Functioning in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients

How Do Type 2 Diabetes Patients Value Urban Integrated Primary Care in China? Results of a Discrete Choice Experiment

Towards complex product line variability modelling: Mining relationships from non-boolean descriptions

RelGAN: Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation via Relative Attributes

Contrastive Antichains in Hierarchies

Genetic Algorithm Based Pre-Processing Strategy for High Dimensional Micro-Array Gene Classification: Application of Nature Inspired Intelligence

A revocable storage CP-ABE scheme with constant ciphertext length in cloud storage.

Public attitudes to animal welfare and landholder resource limitations: implications for total grazing pressure management in the southern rangelands of Australia

Exploring the Variability of Interconnected Product Families with Relational Concept Analysis

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Valued Attributes 価値のある属性
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