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Security Protection of System Sharing Data with Improved CP-ABE Encryption Algorithm under Cloud Computing Environment

Security Protection of System Sharing Data with Improved CP-ABE Encryption Algorithm under Cloud Computing Environment

Multi-source User Attribute Inference based on Hierarchical Auto-encoder

Quick and accurate attack detection in recommender systems through user attributes

A Revocable Publish-Subscribe Scheme Using CP-ABE with Efficient Attribute and User Revocation Capability for Cloud Systems

User’s Centrality Analysis for Home Location Estimation

Modeling Side Information in Preference Relation based Restricted Boltzmann Machine for recommender systems

Inferring Missing Attributes of Users in Large-Scale Social networks

Transformation of Tweets’ Sentiment in Political Communication; The Inverted Opinion Phenomenon

Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Understand User Behaviors When Phishing Attacks Occur

Hybrid recommendation algorithm based on multi-attribute rating from online reviews

Factor Graph Model Based User Profile Matching Across Social Networks

Attribute-Enhanced De-anonymization of Online Social Networks

Progressive Image Restoration Based on CP-ABE With Constant-Size Ciphertext and Constant Bilinear Calculation

An Extensible Access Control Architecture for Software Defined Networks based on X.812

Friend circle identification in ego network based on hybrid method

Practical automatic information authoring system for information guidance

A Semi-Supervised Graph Attentive Network for Financial Fraud Detection

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Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Multifactorial Clustering

Differentially Private Obfuscation Mechanisms for Hiding Probability Distributions

The analytics of product-design requirements using dynamic internet data: application to Chinese smartphone market

Implicit User Trust Modeling Based on User Attributes and Behavior in Online Social Networks

A Parallel Community Detection in Multi-Modal Social Network With Apache Spark

Mobile APP User Attribute Prediction by Heterogeneous Information Network Modeling

From Zero-Shot Learning to Cold-Start Recommendation

Securing Heterogeneous Privacy Protection in Social Network Records based Encryption Scheme

User Identity De-anonymization Based on Attributes

Joint latent factors and attributes to discover interpretable preferences in recommendation

Attribute-based evaluation for recommender systems: incorporating user and item attributes in evaluation metrics

iDev: Enhancing Social Coding Security by Cross-platform User Identification Between GitHub and Stack Overflow

An on-demand cloud storage scheme based on context aware

How Do IT Users’ Attributes Influence Innovative Use of IT: The Mediating Role of Individual Absorptive Capacity

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